How to Waterproof a Shower Bench Using Wedi (Step-by-Step)

Here’s today’s question: How do you waterproof
a shower bench? Well, in a prior video we showed you how to
frame a shower bench out of 2x4s. Today we’re going to waterproof it using Wedi. Okay, so I’m going to go ahead and put the
front of the bench in first because, since I have the thinset mixed up for the floor,
you actually want to thinset the top if you’re using a wood bench like this. You want to thinset that top piece of Wedi
because it’s a better idea to thinset it than it is to put a bunch of screws in it. It just kind of makes sense. This is a horizontal surface. You kind of want to protect this waterproofing. You know you can fill in over the sealant,
but really, ultimately, if I don’t have to puncture this, I think it would be better
just to thinset it. And really that’s Wedi’s recommendation is
to thinset the top of the bench. Any horizontal surface you want to kind of
thinset. What I normally would just like to do is just
sit this up and then cut this portion out; slide it down. You can measure down to your dado if you wanted
to. So we got about three inches. Just as long as that sits all the way down
unto the dado. So I got a little bit of gap there, but I
will be filling that with the joint sealant, so you don’t have to be 100% accurate. Any thinset you have in here, make sure that’s
all nice and cleaned out over there. And then go ahead and put a real generous
bead of this caulking in there and go up around that curb. Put a generous bead all the way around it. Okay, then I’m just going to mark where my
studs are, here, so I have a reference. Push that down into the thinset so you can
see it oozing out like that. As far as the first row, you want to stay
four inches and above. You don’t want to have the first screw down
too far because you don’t want to pull away any of the Wedi in this corner, so just keep
it up about four inches or so. And then after that, it’s like every eight
to twelve inches for spacing on it. And then even this little piece. I would just finger that joint or use a putty
knife just to get the excess out of here for now. So we’re going to be addressing this a little
bit later with some more caulking in these corners. From there we can thinset this piece down. We’ll just measure the front of the bench. We got twelve and three quarter; twelve and
three quarter. We have this slightly hanging over. I’m going to thinset this down first and use
my oscillating tool to square this off. So since this is plywood here, I’m going to
put like a damp sponge and wipe this off. And I’m going to go ahead and burr this into
the substrate. Go ahead and set this in place. Again, this is going to be pretty important
here. Just make sure that this is obviously sloping
towards the front of the shower. And we clearly are. We got a good quarter inch per foot there. And I’m just going to make sure that this
is level as well. You obviously don’t want to have any water
running against your outside edge here. And I’m going to go ahead and cut this off. Okay, and I do have a little bit of a gap
in between this board. I sure probably had this raise up a little
bit further, but I’m just going to fill this whole joint with the Wedi caulking and smear
it out. So this system has some flexibility. That little gap, I probably got a good eight
inch to a quarter inch gap here, but I’m just going to fill that with the sealant and make
sure that whole edge is sealed. So just know that this is a pretty flexible
system. And if you don’t have everything perfectly
in right, you can always make up the difference. And we’ll go ahead and dress this corner as
well. All right, I’m just going to use a 5-in-1
to fill this. Again, we’ll come back later and fill in the
rest of these holes, but just basically wanted to get the main part of the bench done. So what do you think? Was waterproofing the shower bench pretty
straightforward? We think it is when you use Wedi. It’s not the only option out there; we totally
get it. But it makes it rock solid in super fast,
and we love this method. So let us know your thoughts down in the comments. So as usual, if you want to check out Wedi
and learn more about it, you can do that over on Bathroom Repair Tutor. And if you are in fact remodeling your bathroom,
check out our step-by-step courses. They are phenomenal. They’ve helped a ton of people, and we’ll
help you remodel your bathroom step-by-step. All right. Thanks for watching today’s video. Take care. We’ll talk to you soon.

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