*HUGE* Halloween Home Decor Haul PART ONE | Avelina De Moray

*HUGE* Halloween Home Decor Haul PART ONE | Avelina De Moray

hey everyone! welcome to my channel .happy
October, the month of Halloween it is approaching I thought I’d better get my
act together and actually film my halloween haul n the month of Hallowee,n
so it is on before …..Halloween because last year I got my blood tutorial on a
few days late….my bad!!!! if you guys have kids you understand why
shit is always late okay so as you know I was in LA recently for two weeks and
as an Australian living in a country that doesn’t really celebrate Halloween
they’re starting to slowly embrace it but by embrace it I mean having one
small little Halloween section in an entire storm so kind of a letdown I was
so excited to find out that I was traveling to LA around the Halloween
season because all the stores went nuts and I’m so excited to show you what I
bought I’m gonna start with some of the serious decor because there are a few
strange items in here you know you know what I’m talking about if you follow me
on Instagram I post stories like this about 50 stories a day so if you
followed me while I was in LA you would know what my husband bought anyway let’s
get started with something serious the first thing I want to show you this is
gorgeous the size of this I saw it and I fell in love I’m like I need this on my
wall not necessarily exactly Halloween themed but Gothic nonetheless and I have
to have it it’s just lovely so this was from I will tell you because I know this
was from Halloween time Burbank Los Angeles and I bought a lot of really
cool things from this store and that is a Halloween based store that is open all
year round which i think is really cool we just don’t have the Halloween culture
here where a shop could sustain itself and be open all year round the next is
this lovely cute little signs situation thingy I’ve got a lot of science I need
sit luckily a good a big house but I need to figure out where they are going
so this just stood out to me the colors that we just had the happy Halloween
I think it’s really cute don’t know where I’m going to put
yeah but that was nice continuing with the theme of science I have this sign
here as soon as I saw it I’m like yeah which parking only violators will have a
spell cast on them that’s pretty cool and this I can tell you because I
remember was from Michelson another sign this was one one selected feeling lucky
psychic predict the future knowing the past so he bought this for the recording
studio that we’re working on and the thing that I keep noticing with all the
signs that have seen is that they’re very authentic like they’re not just
squares like in Australia they’ll just do squares or rectangles where here they
they cut shapes out and they they put the little witches broom on top there’s
just the attention to detail is impeccable so this is just solid wood
another lovely addition to our ever-growing side collection ok now I
want to show you the two ridiculous things that one turned out not so
ridiculous I actually ended up liking and it goes really well with another
item that I purchased but his first ridiculous thing and again I don’t
really you ready for it giant toad I mean the only thing that
makes this Halloweeny is that it was found in the Halloween section in one of
the stores and it’s kind of creepy but apart from that I’m like why why and the
kids hate it that is scared of it so yeah that’s the first creepy thing that
fun but the next thing I cannot throw because I will break it is it was
Frankenstein it was just white plaster they had other massive massive plaster
heads and they’re just white yeah Mon sprayed that silver chorim but it
actually works quite well next to the next thing that I will show you which
was a lantern I forgot to turn my phone on silent whoops this has the label on
it this was from Ross Ross’s I think it’s just Ross the name Ross I fell in
love with this I need to do a little shout
out to jewel cher I hope I’m saying her Instagram name correctly she’s a lovely
mother she just had a new baby I love following her style anyway I guess it’s
her and said hey you’ve just got she’s got photos of decor every single day
like constantly shopping I can relate to that I’m like girl where do I need to go
tell me and she sent me to all these stores so really this Halloween haul
wouldn’t have kind of happened without her so big thank you it’s here how
lovely is it like it’s solid metal again if this was in Australia that would just
be plastic and it’s got a little yeah a little back section there so you can pop
to you like candies in I did try that beanie issue I have with this is cause
this metal it’s obviously a conductor so it it really heats up so I’m gonna put
it away from the kids away from anything that might catch fire I’m really clumsy
wish it like that so these two together can I remind you we were visiting
America okay so Australians you have a suitcase limit of 23 kilos this guy is
easily 4 or 5 kilos and this isn’t heavy this is like because it’s hollow it but
it’s big and you couldn’t put anything inside it so we left Sydney with one
suitcase one had new smaller suitcase packed inside my suitcase but we came we
came home with six we came home with six suitcases for were on the brink of being
oversized so full really large suitcases and then two of the largest hand
luggages possibly put on the plane without you know getting in trouble okay
continuing on how cool is this also from Michaels which and famous hell
yeah I just saw that and I thought this is going to make me look so much cooler
when I feel my youtube videos and I love that the straw is hard and it’s like
Charlie Halloween themed like an orange stripes I just saw that it’s real good
quality it was pendulous really enjoying that I’m gonna
keep that right there so I can stay hydrated let’s continue along with the
drinking utensils oh okay I’m back next up also from Michaels was this lovely
purple one can you see that that’s a skull inside hopefully that is being picked up by the
camera but I just love that and you know I love things that are purple and it
goes through all of my nails which are bloody okay next on the cups this was $5
I can’t remember where this just but I’m actually I think it might also be
Michaels I just loved the two-toned glass to kind of teal blue and fading to
rain again it’s not showing up crazy world yeah I will show it to you on a
white background better super cute okay next up in this epic Halloween haul are
these lovely skull candelabras I got to cuz I like symmetry and I sometimes buy
two of everything all the time it’s a bit of a problem I might need help
these got smashed to pieces on the way here I tried my best to pack all the
breakables within clothing and blankets that I get the SI blanket um you can see
that’s totally fucked but bun did a really good job of super
gluing it back together there’s a few things that we bought that was super
fragile that like just got smashed to smithereens I think it was just in one
suitcase and I totally blame the people from United Airlines because there was a
little ticket saying they searched our bag so all of the broken things were
isolated to that one case not happy United Airlines also we did not lock the
bag it was one of the bags we bought on the last day literally the day that we
left and we didn’t have time to set up the I mean it only takes a second let’s
rephrase we couldn’t be bothered setting up the little pet code with the
numbers but when we got it back it was locked and guess what they set the code
to based on what was within this suitcase I guess six-six-six
and you must be wondering well how did you know what the code I swear bond is
like he knows how to do so much stuff it’s ridiculous like in another life he
must have been like an archaeologist that you know puts together bones from
tiny fragments because he’s really good at this ship and the kids are forever
breaking things but yeah he did that thing that they always do in like
Ocean’s Twelve but I listened to the safe something he hears the click like
dude you’re crazy anyway he heard it and it lined up to
666 a bigger story for you now if you’ve seen my house you know I already have a
lot of candelabra so I really didn’t need any more and this one this story
behind it is bittersweet because it’s not exactly the one that I wanted so
this was from a shop called Marshalls which I didn’t know at the time but is
apparently like a really big discount store where a lot of they buy stuff from
other stores that don’t sell so that they’re only one offs if I had have
known that I will put a picture of the candelabra see that one big it’s really
big it was only $30 I didn’t like I thought it was something they would have
in stock all the time so I didn’t purchase it I’m like I’ll just come back
that was gone so instead I got this little teeny tiny version but it’s still
cute I like it it was also Burke on one of the arms you can see here is it means
typically back together but you know if I didn’t tell you that you wouldn’t know
that and just don’t buy a ridiculous amount of Halloween shit when you travel
internationally you’ll be fine okay the next item was from Russ I really
enjoyed their selection of house to cool they had a lot of details at the blanket
that I bought was from there I really should have done this whole postal
errand you’ll figure it out that’s fine so this is just a lovely mirror I
thought for sure this was gonna get smashed
fingerprints all over it so it’s just very antiquey looking and it had a skull
attached to the front of the mirror which kind of makes Sameera itself quite
impractical but I just liked it as a piece of audit book yeah I’ll find
somewhere to have that all right the next item I want to share with you is
this little skeleton coffin if you’ve watched the video that I put on well it
is today but it won’t be by the time this video goes on the Halloween
shopping video part one at Michael’s you will see me get really excited over this
I think I will film a little video of how these guys look at night because
they’re so different you know you don’t get the ambience at all during the day
and you know I’m all about ambience all myths so this is just a little skeleton
dude and I I would say perspex I’m not going to say that’s glass either way I
did think that was going to break but it didn’t and the LED candle inside has a
nice little go giving it a people realism Oh cup of tea times one cup of
tea who destroy he knows when I’m filming any destroy
hmm watch me feel expensive lounge okay this next thing was also from Ross they
had so much cool stuff if you’re in America and there is a row store near
you I highly recommend going so the sign was 399 again so very authentic poison
consumed at your own risk one initially hung this above our kitchen it’s a bit
of a joke because I burn everything it’s just cool it spoke to me things speak to
me I buy them I guess about anything really jewelry shoes clothing nail
accessories the next item we would like to show you
today is this red bats heart bottle 100% glass 100% pure
I like that voice I should do the whole video like you love it okay yes this one
here also available in green fear death and magic pre-made person mixtures so
these were from Russ super cute so that one has a little sparkly kind of Raven
going on and it’s got a collection of LEDs that seem like this strung on a
copper wire so they kind of jingle about but you can’t really see because the
glass has this distressed look about it it this actually looks better during the
day the only thing I don’t like about this is when you know you know what
ambience and the lights are off this sticker is transparent so you can’t read
it anyway not to smile it’s all bonds dancing for me very good yes sir
that’s hot back pots 100% pure quite cute as well these have been sitting on
my bookshelf at the moment which has turned more into a display just for
cool-looking decor rather than housing books but four of the eight shelves do
have it that’s thank you the next item is this little skull looking dude who
hasn’t eyeball in the flower Rose this was totally smashed to pieces again for
now fix that a lot for me and again I’ve just been sitting this on my bookshelf I
just liked it really because of the eye hopefully you see it the eye within the
Rose so that was that was creepy and the kids
are really cute they asked me about it hey mom why does our eyes have not fall
thank you yeah I’m gonna break everything if it wasn’t broken it will
be soon next up and this is from Michaels you
saw me in that Halloween shopping hall get really excited about this pieces are
still dropping off it as we speak magic potions charms and poisons such as
a stack of books but this is actually porcelain porcelain ceramic something
incredibly breakable plaster it came in white or bronze
I put the bronze obviously so the ends all chipped up all of the corners broke
but it kind of gives it some realism that it didn’t have before I’m just glad
it’s still in one piece and the top also it looks quite nice
okay next up with these coffins I think for them to be displayed at full
potential they need to be sprayed a certain color so there were in the craft
section one thing along with your raw Frankenstein head which is now looking a
lot better now that he sprayed it so I’m sure this would be the same I don’t know
what color yet am i different Nadia hey Nadia it sent me a funny photo where she
had one of these that she bought for like last Halloween and I was showing on
my Instagram stories how they light up and she was like god damn I had no idea
there was a switch at the bottom and then it lit up I just bought it because
it was a cool Kaufmann and it does open up so you could take me please store
things inside of it I will show you what things look like at night happy
Halloween I was just really impressed with the laser etching on that
I love my lighting so I got that one I got trick or treat with some bats on it
they might even be cool to display jewelry and you know I could let them
open and up like that I will experiment around with that boots
out and the last one this how much was this this is five dollars shutout so
this one says trick-or-treat and again the artwork caught my attention
hopefully you’re seeing how lovely that is the spider the cat I really enjoy
silhouette artwork I haven’t really ever done it myself
I’d like to because this would have a screen printing really well you know
what you just made God works out of watercolor I don’t know what I’m gonna
do with it it doesn’t have hanging so I guess you just sit it on a table but I’m
totally loving that next up are these adorable signs that we bought actually
for our kids one each for their door so this is a little tricky to show so
warning do not feed the zone peace steals always asking about zombies and
vampires and monsters and skeletons and things like that he’s absolutely in love
with the movie series and wants to hide just think he said to all well he’s four
years old and this one says portion vampire dangers are in a dusk until dawn
they’re just thicker cardboard so you know they’re not made out of metal or
anything but it was 99 cents so who gets mixed up is this adorable throw rug that
I bought I don’t know I really I don’t know if I bought it for myself or pull
my it my dear old son London he’s in love with me I think it might be south
was his orange one we’ve got with bats on it that’s his blankie this is so so
so we try to get a good shot of it it has gorgeous spiderweb designs
so this was $12.99 from Russ and the other side is the most softest material
I’ve ever felt it just makes me want to snuggle in bed and do absolutely nothing
all day so I’m gonna put that away otherwise I will become very
unproductive but for $12.99 I was like god damn that is a bargain but you know
I’m not very good at math what I have realized is that a lot of 1299 s add up
to fucking lot you

51 thoughts on “*HUGE* Halloween Home Decor Haul PART ONE | Avelina De Moray

  1. That coffin clock is magnificent, I NEED it! I bought the coffin lamp too it was on sale at 50% and changed the candle for reddish string lights kinda gives it a nice lounge effect, here the link if you wanna see the result: https://www.facebook.com/makervablack/videos/10156539504231257/?t=3

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  19. A store called Christmas tree shop has alot of Halloween stuff. Idk weather they have them everywhere or not but here in Pennsylvania they do. You can also check their website. Idk where they ship since I can go into store. Also the bottles are called mercury glass( the pattern. They no longer use real mercury)

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