HUGE Home Decor Haul + House Update!

HUGE Home Decor Haul + House Update!

(light music) – Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Raven. Welcome, bigetty-back
to another vigitty-vlog, vliggity-vlog, today, I
wanna actually start off this vlog with a bit of a haul, a home-decor haul if you will. I feel like a lot of that
is gonna be happening on my channel, let me know
in the comments down below if you like hauls, do
you care about the things that I’m buying, let me know,
because I don’t wanna bore you with hauls if you don’t like hauls. But today I did some damage. I have no self-control when
it comes to home decor, especially when it’s on sale. So my followers, y’all
were letting me know that Hobby Lobby was having a sale which they’re kind of
like always having a sale. But they were having like
75% off certain home decor, 40% off this, 50% off that so
I had to go to Hobby Lobby. That is what I just got done doing. I also just picked up Ziya from school, she is upstairs playing in the playroom if you hear any background noise. But uh, yeah, I went to Hobby Lobby, I went to Ross, and I
went to the Dollar Tree. I literally got one, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine bags of stuff, plus two big items that don’t fit in bags. Oh and I went to At Home. Hobby Lobby, Ross, Dollar Tree, At Home. I’m gonna show you the
random stuff that I got from the Dollar Tree first. Paint brushes for my DYI artwork that I’m thinking about doing later. These were obviously a dollar and a dollar which is cheaper than what they are at like Michael’s or whatever. This is a good tip for
all the mommies out there, I got Ziya a bunch of coloring books but mostly like actual,
educational homeschool type books. Learning your letters,
learning your numbers, alphabet again, and more numbers. These are a dollar each
at the dollar store and I kind of flicked through each one and it has actually some
really good activities in here. Also got two little things of stickers to kind of like use as rewards as we’re going through these pages. Got a dry erase, eraser
’cause we have the markers for her white board, we
don’t have any erasers, so I got that. Got this little scrubby, cleany thing, I just needed this for the house. Oh also for the homeschooling stuff they have a lot of flash
cards at the dollar store so I got these Winnie the Pooh, Pooh’s Number Match Game. Also for Ziya I got her
three little nail polishes, hot pink, purple and light pink. I got these for her because I used to have a pretty impressive nail polish collection but then I started only
getting my nails done and the nail salon. And all of my old nail polishes dried up so I really don’t have
any good nail polish. And lately Ziya has been asking me to paint her nails so I just got her her own little collection. Of course I will not be letting her access this without parental supervision because who knows what would happen. Got these little rubber bands that I needed for Ziya’s hair and I needed some more nail clippers. I usually never go to The Dollar Tree because it’s kind of like, not close by, but sometimes it is worth the drive if you just need like little basic stuff like for around the house. Might as well go to The Dollar Tree, get it for a dollar rather than $5, $8 at Target or whatever. So I think I will start taking the time to actually go there more often. And then for Ross, I really went in there to get stuff for Ziya because
everybody’s always talking about how you gotta go to
Ross for kid’s clothes. Ross, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, all those discount stores or whatever. But I don’t know if it’s just me. Normally when I go into those stores the selection is very slim
for the kids’ clothes. And I really wasn’t able
to find that much today. I did find three dresses. This one which I think
is really cute for Ziya, it’s like a little
off-the-shoulder number I think. And then this two-pack of dresses. One of ’em has like rainbow unicorns on it which Ziya loves and
this one is really cute it’s just like hearts and polka dots. And this was 9.99 for a two-pack so that was a super-good deal. So I mean I definitely agree that Ross and TJ Maxx they have really good deals but it’s like hard to
find a lot of good stuff. I just happened to pass by
these skull shot glasses. Why did you buy skull shot glasses, Raven? I don’t know, well I do know. It’s because they were
only $4 for a pack of six. I don’t have self control, that’s why. I just (claps hands) my hand grabbed it, it was in my cart, next thing
I knew I was checking out. Now I’m home and I have
six skull shot glasses. But it was only $4, so I mean, and they’re actually really cool. Like these are cool shot glasses. C’mon now, and I don’t
have any shot glasses and when I do on rare occasions have friends over or host a little, a little pre-game, a
little shindig at my place, I never have shot glasses. So I was like you know what,
I got a real house now, I need to have real shot glasses. So, I got those, they were a good deal. I wasn’t able to find
that much stuff for Ziya in terms of clothing
but I did randomly find some stuff for me in the
teenager, junior section. I got three pairs of shorts just because it’s freakin’ hot outside
and usually I wear hoodies and leggings every day. But it’s too hot for leggins so I needed some more little shorts
to like run to Target in. These were all like 4.99 each, so like $5. Hopefully the fit me
even though I got them from the freaking kids’ section
and they’re a size small. They almost look like they’re
gonna be a little too baggy but hopefully they fit. I didn’t try ’em on because
I hate trying things on. Comment down below if you
hate trying things on. All right, now Hobby Lobby. My main mission when I
went into Hobby Lobby was to get decor items and
fake plants for my kitchen. I have 10 spaces up at
the top of my cabinet that need like some sort
of something in there because it has the glass doors,
it has the lights in there so that’s where you’re
supposed to like to put stuff on display or whatever. And they’re pretty much
empty so I was like, let me find some stuff to
put up in those cabinets. Plants were 50% off as well. So I got this little fake plant and this little pot for like $8. Normally it’s like $16,ghot it half-off so that is a good deal ’cause fake plants can be really expensive. And I always try to look for ones that actually look pretty real. These are normally $10 so
I got them for $5 each. I also got this fake
plant which I really like. I think it looks pretty real. I like how the leaves look. Sometimes they look
really, really plasticy and really just like tacky and fake but I feel like this
one looks pretty legit. So I also got these two vases. They’re like ceramic, big,
heavy, hefty ceramic vases. White with like this natural
color around the top. And I got these to go in here like that. Maybe, possibly, mmm, I don’t know, it looked good in the store at the time. Maybe I won’t do that, I’m not sure. Anyway, I knew I wanted these vases because they were on like super clearance. The original price, I don’t even know. What was the original, oh,
the original price of these were $60, six zero dollars
and I got them for $15 which is a really good discount for like these big, heavy ceramic stuff. If y’all ever try to buy stuff like this you know that it can be pricey. And I think these will be really perfect to go up in the cabinets. Then I got some other random things to also go up in the cabinets. I was having trouble
like picking stuff out. They had a lot to choose
from in terms of like jars, vases, baskets, plates,
bowls, statues, glass things, ceramic things, I like
this, oh look who it is. Anyways I really like this just because I do wanna bring in
like these natural tones like not everything has
to be black and white. Like I kinda like a mixture
of like different textures and tones and stuff like this. So I got this, it was not
on sale, it was like $30 for a jar and a basket but you know, whatever, it was cute. I don’t know, eh, I might
end up returning this I just kinda want to see how it would look because it looks cute on the shelf. And like the idea behind it I think. Like you put this, and
like you put a plant or something inside of it,
we’ll see how it looks. I did get one piece of wall decor which is what was actually
like on promotion today. It’s just this black
frame with white paper. And it’s got this like
handwriting that says, share the good, it spoke to me, I just really felt like, it felt like me. It felt like it meant something to me. It’s a nice remember for me to have, especially with what I do for a living like share the good, you know. I didn’t realize how
much of a Christian store Hobby Lobby was because almost all of their wall decorations, like anything that has any type of
words, texts, quotes on it, almost all of it was
like very Jesus, Jesus, hashtag, blessed, Bible scripture. As for me and this
home, we serve the Lord. Like every single thing
was like a Christian quote. Which there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s just not like my thing, it’s not what I would
personally hang in my house. So I was having trouble finding like anything that wasn’t
revolving around religion, you know, so I found
this and this was like one of the only things that wasn’t. These to ceramic vases were
also on super clearance. I got them for $8, they’re originally $35. I actually thought that
they were gonna be cheaper than $8 for some reason,
I read the price wrong, but when I got up to the register I was like, I’m already up here, like I really don’t
wanna, like, I just, uh, I’ll just get it, $8 is
not that bad of a deal for these really like,
these are heavy, hefty like ceramic vases, so. I just got ’em, I’m not sure yet if I like the brown little design that’s going across the bottom. I had the idea to take some black paint and just paint over it with black. Or kind of like paint my own design on it just because they were pretty cheap. I just thought these would also be good to go up in the cabinets. Then I randomly stumbled
upon the knob section, I guess you would call
it the knob section. Drawer pulls, you know,
cabinet knobs, whatever. And Ziya’s bathroom upstairs doesn’t have any knobs on it. And I’m kind of doing like a girly theme in her bathroom so I got these two little crystal knobs. They’re just like clear glass knobs. And then I turned around and looked on the other side of that section and I noticed that they had these like purse hooks that
you screw onto the wall. So they’re just little individual hooks. Like you know how sometimes
you’ll see in the store like a piece of wood,
with like four or five of these hooks already screwed on and you just put the
whole thing on your wall. I don’t know what it’s called, like a purse hook, coat rack thing. I need some hooks to go in my closet just to have space to hang like purses and belts and stuff. But I just didn’t like
any of the pre-made, like I said, the one where
it’s like multiple things on a piece of wood, I
didn’t like any of ’em that I saw in any of the
stores that I went to. I went to like so many stores. They just, I don’t know, they were all giving me
like college dorm vibes. Anyhoo, since my closet is
like a nice custom closet and everything, I didn’t just wanna slap any ole thing on the wall in there. So I thought these would
be a more elevated approach to get individual little gold hooks that match with the other
hardware in the closet. So $20 total for this set of four which most of the ones that you buy like I keep saying, on the piece of wood, those are usually like $20 anyway. So it’s the same price but I feel like this will give me a
more sophisticated look. Actually I totally forgot that I did try to order some online because I didn’t like any of the ones that I saw in store. So I ordered these off of Amazon. But when they got here I was like ew, like what kind of shade of gold is this. Like it’s just super yellow gold. It just looks really,
really cheap in person. You see that, you see how this
is like a nice shade of gold. Last little random thing
I got from Hobby Lobby is this cloud pillow with
little eyelashes on it. Their pillows were 50%
off so I couldn’t resist and I just got this for
Ziya because I am planning on doing like a cloud,
sky, something like that theme in here room, so I
thought this would be cute on her bed with like a bunch
of other different pillows. And I got this metal basket caddy. It’s like actually a
really nice sturdy metal, got three rows to it. So I thought that this might
look good in my bathroom. I’m not sure yet, I have
to go put it in there and see how it looks. If now, I feel like there
are a couple other areas in the house that I could put it. I’ve been seeing this
a lot on like Pinterest and Instagram, people using
just like these little simple, ladder thing, like obviously
it’s not like a real ladder it’s just like a piece of metal. But I’ve been seeing them
just kind of leaning up against their wall and
like hang things from it and looks cute so I don’t
know if I can make it work but it was only $30 which was cheaper than I thought it would be. So I just went ahead and bought it. Uh, hi, it’s me from the
future editing this video. I don’t know why I just
said that $30 was cheap for a fake ladder, what
am I talking about. That’s not a good price
for that, whatever. I got you nail polish, stickers,
and some coloring books. – These aren’t nail
polish stickers though. – [Raven] No, not nail polish stickers, nail polish and stickers. Two separate things, these are
stickers for your workbooks if you concentrate and finish a page, maybe I’ll give you a sticker. That’s gonna be your
reward for doing the work. – I wanna put on nail polish. – Right now, maybe after bath
we’ll put on nail polish, how about that? Okie dokie, so this is what the cabinets are looking like now. That white vase that has the
brown design on the bottom, you can’t even see the bottom of the vase so it just looks like a white vase. So I think that’s fine. That plant was already there. This little bottle in a basket thing was a little too short, like
it just looked too low down so I actually put it
on top of a plastic cup that I had in my pantry,
just to like prop it up a little bit and it actually
worked out perfectly. I’m kind of trying to make
it somewhat symmetrical on both sides because it’s five and five. So like with these two matching plants, the two matching ceramic vases, just kinda even it out, but
then like this is different so I put the little basket,
I ended up putting up one of the little succulent
plants inside the basket and I actually think it looks really cute. So that’s kind of mirroring
the bottle in the basket over there, so it’s
still even but different. Might end up switching
out what order they’re in ’cause I kind of feel like it should be like white, brown, white, brown, white, you know what I mean, since
these are kinda like brown and that’s white, I don’t know. But so far I’m liking it. I showed it on Instagram
but I haven’t showed it on my channel yet, I got my new
chairs for my kitchen table. The table is from Z Gallerie
but I got the chairs from Restoration Hardware. Wood tones actually match
each other perfectly, like it looks like it’s a set. But it’s not a set, it is
from two different stores. This fabric is very, very durable and it’s actually known to
be very easy to like clean. So hopefully if anything does spill I’ll be able to clean it. Me and Ziya tend to sit
at the bar over there, as you can see, the bar is what really gets the most traffic. So this is not really like an every day eating situation, if I have my family over it’ll normally be bunch of adults sitting at this table who tend to hopefully not spill stuff. This plant I got from Hobby Lobby, I think it looks nice on this table. You can see kind of a
theme going on in my house with all of these neutral tones and really the only pop-up color is green from all of the plants. But I wanted to make sure that I did have a lot of plants in here. Okay, so here’s the idea
with the black ladder thingy. Now I’ve seen it to where
they liked drape towels over it to style it. Or I guess you could just leave it empty. I don’t know, I know
it’s like really random. It just seems very
random just to have like, a fake ladder just
chilling in your bathroom unless you’re actually
using it to hold towels then it seems little bit less random. But at the same time I
already have this other towel right here so it’s like
what, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just leave it here for 24 hours and just keep looking at it and decide if I hate it or not. And see if maybe there’s
another area of the house that I wanna put it in. Now for this basket thingy-magijy. I mean you guys sees, you see
where the vision is going. It matches the vibe but
does it fit the space. So my idea was actually put it in here where the toilet is, is it too big. I have this random towel hook right here, I don’t know why when
they built this house they put a towel thing
in the toilet closet. What’re you going to do with a towel? Why would you ever need a towel while you’re sitting on the toilet? I hope you, that just
doesn’t make sense to me, I really wanna take that off. But anyways, like I was saying, I had an idea to get
this so that I can store feminine products and
things and toilet paper here because when you’re in this room, using the potty, sometimes you like oh, I need a tampon, oh I need
another role of toilet paper. So right now I had some extra toilet paper in this closet over here
but that’s not very helpful when you’re on the toilet. See where I’m going with this? Maybe, like when I take
this bar off of here, I can put this right here instead. You know, the potty needs some love too. Need some decor in here. Now I am about to take off this random towel bar that’s in here. Oh. (upbeat music) All right so here is the
finished product of my toilet. I keep calling it a toilet closet, it’s actually called a water
closet, I’m pretty sure but let’s be honest, it’s
pretty much a toilet closet. So I have my little basket
thingy from At Home, with the two boxes from At Home, loaded up with some toilet paper. Put a candle there just
to be cute, honestly. And these boxes have tampons and other feminine products in there. And then I ended up hanging
the share the good print up here, I took the towel
bar off, unscrewed it, touched up the holes, painted over it and hung that up instead. And I also painted the
toilet paper holder. Went ahead and just
spray painted that black with the same spray paint that
I use for my light fixture in the entry way and for
the towel hooks in here. So I don’t know if I even
mentioned this before but these were just the
regular standard silver ones that came with the house and
I just spray painted them with that same matte-black spray paint. Carefully of course in
a well-ventilated area so I don’t have another allergic reaction. And yeah, so this is what
this area is looking like now except now I’m filling like this wall could use another piece of
art but then I’m thinking like this is just a
toilet, why am I putting so many things in here. But I don’t know, we’ll see. Over here I added these glass, what are these called, terrariums I think, just with the little
fake succulents in there. These were actually lined up in my kitchen on the window sill, you
probably didn’t even know that because the table was blocking it. So that wasn’t really a good place. So yeah I just think
it’s like a cute touch ’cause it ties in like
the golden brass color that’s on the light and
on the cabinet pulls. I had a different plant right here but I think these are cuter. Also wanted to show you guys that my mom did make me some labels
on her Cricut machine for my body wash, shampoo
and conditioner bottles that I had in my shower. A lot of you guys were recommending that I do this with like black lettering, and I think it turned out really cute. And I moved the ladder, didn’t
end up liking it right there. Mostly because I really just
wanna put art on the wall like some pretty large,
somethings right here, I’m not sure what but
I think art on the wall would be better than just that ladder. I ended up moving the
ladder into the powder room. I felt like it would possibly
just work better in here. I do plan on switching out this mirror for something with an actual frame, so like maybe a black frame,
possibly switching out the light fixture for something better. And then just like,
playing off of the floor, I actually kinda wanna do like wallpaper in here too or paint
the walls or something. I just wanna make this
bathroom like different. Oh wait, you know what I
just freakin’ realized? In my glam room where I
have all this freakin’ junk which by the way, glam
room video coming soon, you guys will see how I set
up and organize this room. But I realized that I
have this mirror in here. I mean I might be able to use this mirror for the powder room, I
think it’s the right size. Okay, wait, I kinda just propped it up on the sink just to kinda get an idea what it would look like. And that’s actually cute. (upbeat music) My mom helped me to go
ahead and hang the mirror and I think it looks really cute. It’s still simple but
I think it looks nice with the sink and with the floor. It’s kind of got that
old rustic, farmhouse, girly vibe, I don’t know,
I just think it looks nice and it definitely looks nicer than the old mirror that was in here. So it still needs some
work, I have not found the decorative towels that
I want for in here yet because I think if I am gonna
keep this ladder in here I need some decorative
towels draped on there. And I definitely need a
hand towel for right here. Making progress but
definitely still needs work, needs artwork and stuff on the walls. So I don’t know if you guys
noticed in my closet tour ’cause I didn’t really ever point it out but I did get like these gold. Like it has gold hardware
throughout the closet instead of like the standard silver. So these are gold and
also the rods are gold and all the little, like
all the metal stuff. So that’s why I thought these
hooks would match really well and they do match pretty good. A lot of you guys were asking me like where am I gonna put
my purses in my closet. I really don’t have a
lot of purses at all. I literally have like, two purses. But, behind the door over here. So there’s the mirror,
there’s the shoe dungeon, there’s like this little
space where the door opens which I’m already keeping my
little stepladder right here but I wanna put these
hooks going across the wall right there and then I can hang like, I do have like a couple
cross-body bags or whatever. Oh and for anybody who was
curious from the closet tour what the other side of the
shoe dungeon looked like, so that I didn’t show you guys. This is what it looks like,
so it’s like under the stairs and it’s just like empty space. So extra shelves for my shoes, my luggage, the few little bags that I do have which are mostly all just
like cheap cross-body bags. Extra hangars, boots that
I didn’t have a spot for. That’s what that looked like
in case you guys were curious. (drilling sound) (upbeat music) Okay so I guess I lied when I
said I only have two purses. Apparently I have eight of the same purse. Which is basically equivalent. I did not realize that I
clearly have an obsession with black, cross-body
bags but they fit perfectly on these hooks, two purses to
a hook, eight purses total. They’ll be kind of hidden behind the door. My only other like bag
type things are in here. I have this Adidas fanny pack and I have like this little wallet
and this little one. And that’s really all I had besides my main Luis Beton that I use every day. But yeah guys, that is pretty much every thing I wanted to update you guys on how the house is coming along. I’m sorry if this vlog kinda ended up being a little bit jumpy. I actually ended up
filming it over the course of like three days because I ended up going back to the store
to get some more stuff and I just wanted to get more stuff done for this vlog so I could show you guys like how things are coming along. Things are coming together
but it’s definitely kind of difficult to furnish a whole house without any actual
interior design knowledge or having a designer help you. So Loki I am still kinda
considering maybe hiring an actual professional to help
me tie everything together. Hopefully I’m doing a good job by myself. I think I’m doing a decent job but now I’ve gotta do like Ziya’s bedroom and I want her bedroom to be really cool. I have to do my bedroom. I still have to like zhush
up like all of the rooms. So, anyway, that’s my little
like house, decor update for you guys, just showing you guys how everything is coming along. Hope you guys are still
enjoying this series. I hope it’s not getting boring ’cause I do still have
a lot more to share. But yeah, that’s all I have for this vlog. Give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you guys
in my next one, bye.

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