I Can’t Get Vinyl to Stick to Canvas or Wood

I Can’t Get Vinyl to Stick to Canvas or Wood

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Jessica
with ExpressionsVinyl.com, and today we are going to talk about how to get vinyl to stick to canvas, burlap and even wood. There’s a few factors
in getting it to stick. Canvas, and burlap, and wood all have kind of rough surfaces, so if you have some kind of coating you can put over the top of it, to smooth out that surface, it works a lot better. You can just use acrylic paint. There’s some clear coat
here you can use, too, and I’ve got a few examples here that we’ll go through. You wanna watch your paint though ’cause some of the paints out today, the newer paints, have great technology for your walls ’cause they resist stains, but they’re also gonna resist vinyl. They’re gonna resist
anything sticking to them. So acrylic paints work great. Just watch your paint cans and see what it says. So I’ve got this piece here that you can kind of see. We’ve got one side that’s coated and one side’s that not, so we’re gonna show you
some examples of that. Okay, so we’ve got our canvas here, and this side has not
been coated with anything, and this side has been. So I’m gonna apply some vinyl to that so you can see how well it sticks to the coated side. So I’m gonna take off my transfer tape on the vinyl, and I am using the 651 Or-uh-cal vinyl in dark grey. It has a permanent adhesive that’s a little more aggressive to stick to this. So lay that down and rub it, and remember, this side has no coating, and this side has the clear coat. So, as you can see,
not sticking very well, but I’ll rub it down with my fingers, and this side, I’m gonna start, and I’m gonna press it down into the canvas, as I
peel off my transfer tape, and it’s sticking pretty
good to this side. Let’s see how it sticks
to our uncoated side. See, it’s already coming up. That’s right on the line. So I’m just gonna push
down with my fingers as I pull up the transfer tape. So this side over here that was coated, it’s sticking pretty good to. This side over here is giving me trouble, and this is the side that’s not coated, so if you paint it first, your canvas, or put a clear coat on it, that’s going to help give it a nice smooth surface for
your vinyl to stick to, and I will show you another one over here. This one we have painted this half, and this half we painted and put the acrylic
clear coat over the top, and it sticks really good to this side, and it sticks pretty good to this side to ’cause it’s been painted, and then I will show you on the burlap. So on the burlap, this
side has not been painted with anything, and this
side has been painted, and burlap is tricky to get it to stick to anyway, definitely not a long term. It’s not gonna stick for a long time. If it’s a temporary thing, you’re using it as a decoration inside your house, it’s
not gonna get touched, it’ll be fine, but if you’re gonna put it outside, it’s probably not gonna stick to your burlap very well. You could use heat transfer on it to get it to stick better. So this side has been painted, and you can kinda see that it’s coming up a little bit, and let’s see if we can get it to stick to this uncoated side. Oh, it’s coming up here. Yeah, that’s (laughs), you can see the little
fibers in the burlap just get stuck to it, and it doesn’t wanna stick down very good, but if you push down on the vinyl as you’re pulling up the transfer tape it should help. Oops, I missed that. So as you can see right here, it’s not really stuck down very good, but you can over with your finger, but definitely coating it with something is gonna help it stick
down a little bit more. Okay, and then I’ll show you on the deer we’ve got here. This is the rough wood down here and then the painted, and it’ll probably stick to both. If you have some rough
pieces on your wood, you’d want to sand those down, before you stick your vinyl to it, and with the wood it’s the same thing. If you paint it, it’s gonna give it a smoother surface to stick to, and if you paint it, you definitely wanna wait and make sure your paint is nice and cured before you stick your vinyl to it. So I would give it at least 24 hours, and longer if you have it for your paint to cure. You can see it’s gonna have a little bit harder time sticking to the undercoated, unpainted wood, but you
can get it to stick down, and after you get your vinyl on, you can also take your clear coat and spray it over the top of your vinyl so there’s a coat underneath and a coat over the top, and that will help it stick down also. So those are the tricks
and tips you can get to getting vinyl to stick to canvas and burlap. If you guys have any
questions let us know. Thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

53 thoughts on “I Can’t Get Vinyl to Stick to Canvas or Wood

  1. I had heard that you should not seal vinyl…but one of your last sentences says to do so. What is your opinion on the confusion?

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  6. didn't know that clear coat could be used over the top of vinyl, But said on this that is can. is that true

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  13. On canvas and burlap , I use iron on vinyl and have had great success…on wood I use a water base spray clear coat and regular vinyl and coat it after the vinyl is stuck on.

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  15. depending on the wood being used.. you can sand it down.. if you can get a light shine out of it, it will work. 220 grit and up..

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