I Can’t Stop Staring | Wynwood Walls, Miami | vLog #1 with Persian Subtitle

I Can’t Stop Staring | Wynwood Walls, Miami | vLog #1 with Persian Subtitle

Oh… you are here! What’s up YouTube? Welcome to my first vlog ever! I’m super excited and actually I was heading
to Wynwood Walls to buy a cap for myself and I was thinking, Ok let’s just make a YouTube
vlog about it. It’s gonna be cool I think! So… stick around! So… today is not that sunny Miami kind of
sky… it’s not that humid! It’s perfect…for a vlog! So… I just realized that I’m missing something
here! Thank you so much. Have a good one! Ok finally we are here… I just got at Wynwood Walls. Let me just show you around here. First stop is gonna be the Wynwood Walls itself… We are gonna just check the gallery that they’ve
got over there. I’m gonna show you the latest grafitties that
they’ve had on the walls over here because they change them like over time! There we go… If you wanna buy stuff from here just take
it back home with you… There is “The Wynwood Walls Shop” in here. Right there! I think I’m gonna get this one. This one has been here like for a while now
but I mean most of them are kind of new. Just look how much detail this has on it. It’s like you’ve printed a picture on the
wall. Over there, there is one of their like indoor
art galleries. So, this whole thing is made out of trash. I mean no paint… no kind of color has been
used and it has been made within like two days Isn’t this cool?! Alright… so now let’s just take a walk on
the streets of Wynwood and see how it looks like A bicycle bar… so you have to actually…
cycle. How cute is this? In every inch… you see art! Look at there! And this is the scariest attraction in Miami! Look at there… there is a coffin in
there. This… where is it?… Here! “The Wynwood Market Place”! Ok… I did some research…so about twenty years
ago this neigborhood was full of empty buildings…shuttered factories… empty warehouses and forward
thinking of owners and land developers actually built what we see today! Artists from all over the world come here
to showcase their work and they use the walls and buildings as canvases for creating art! Oh my god… what a day! I just took the bus… I’m just gonna switch to the train and head
back home. Ok guys thank you so much for sticking around
I had so much fun today I mean thanks for watching make sure you subscribe. So… yeah… thanks for watching!

7 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Staring | Wynwood Walls, Miami | vLog #1 with Persian Subtitle

  1. Subber 15 and Liker 17 on your first video. You started with N30 and that got me. Here from Gabriel's Manila stop over. Keep going "nimo".

  2. Great job my buddy , really good for your first vlog the only thing I would say about it would be your microphone not loud enough 😊😊 all the best buddy, I sub and will be waiting for the next Vlog 😊

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