I Got My DREAM Furniture! (Home Decor Update)

I Got My DREAM Furniture! (Home Decor Update)

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  1. I honestly didn't have any expectations of when we would get a house update due to the fact that it's a new home, 2019 was a BIG travel year for you, you are SUPER picky with your style (so i knew you wasn't going to rush anything to get views) *which i LOVE btw*, and like you said it's your FOREVER home so those things take time! Take your time raven we'll be here..😊
    Btw: i totally knew ziya's room wasn't done..you didn't sound sure sure in it…lol..

  2. Go on houzz.com to check out interior designers in ur area. They even have idea inspiration u can add to 'idea books'. They sell stuff too (furniture, decor, home improvement stuff, lighting, etc.)

    It's called a 'curio cabinet'.

  3. Raven! Sis, look! I’m here for this series. I love your eye for design and detain. AND I love that you show the whole process and the tweaks and adjustments.

  4. For the amount of money you spent on this house you'd be remiss to not do big girl decor! So, sound bougie, IT'S OK! ❤

  5. I love your home it’s stunning it’s really coming together. Have you looked on Desi Perkins channel she’s just finished her new home it’s so beautiful you can get some inspiration from her home as she’s got a lot of her furniture from the places you’ve mention too 😊

  6. I really hope you invest in a designer at some point because finding these pieces you want is their job and they have links to things we don’t

  7. I love this idea of showing us the progresses of the various rooms! You bought some lovely pieces for the open space, I love oak… Your new office desk is stunning, I probably wouldn't have bought it due to the glass surface: while it's amazing, it will always be dirty and you'll have to constantly clean it… Years ago my mum had an office table like that and despite being the most clean person I ever met, after a couple of years she switched to a wooden desk because it was impossible to keep it really spotless and it frustrated her a lot (she's a perfectionist and hated to have fingerprints or cloudy halos on the glass) 😅😂😂

  8. I don’t know why, but I just had flashbacks to your set up before you graduated! It’s crazy to think I’ve been watching you for that long! Always wishing you and your fam the best. It’s been an inspiration to watch you grow and flourish 💕

  9. All you meant was AIN'T NO SKIMPING in THIS house 😂. Everything is an investment not only in the home but in your comfort and happiness within the home. Congrats on everything, Raven!

  10. I don't like the idea of your office table being against the wall, and your back facing the sofa💁🏽💁🏽😳, you should face the sofa, especially for your clients who may come over💁🏽💁🏽

  11. Hey! I haven’t watched your channel more than a couple of weeks, but I just wanted to ask you: Did you buy the house or are you renting? I’m asking because some people really get in tough spots as renters because the landlord decides to sell the house or something, and the people living there only have a few weeks/months to move out… you seem like a lovely person, and I wouldn’t wish that on you, so unless you own the house, I’d be careful about the “forever home”-mentality 😊

  12. I completely get you. I've done in the past, some DIYs that were cute but then I realize, I'm grown and I should invest in things that will last and not all this "affordable temporary stuff" because after a while it honestly just looks "TACKY" to me. I have the mindset now of buying things I love when I can afford them and not just a bunch of "affordable" place fillers. I don't think it's bougie its just plain smart. Invest in timeless pieces because you simply save money in the long run.

  13. To see you before you had ziya until now … the grow was beyond amazing. Us Virgos are very strong will and will make a way to get where we need to.

  14. My mom is an Interior Designer in LA, but she has done a few properties in Austin. She is always looking for more out here since we have family in the area and I now live here as well! She usually does properties in the Westlake area, but has done homes all over the city.

  15. Ziya is literally 3 im sure she doesn’t care about DIY or “Invested Decor” I just feel like stuff like this is why these kids are out of control now opening up their minds to believe they should be a certain way, “making decisions” like she’s going to like anything that looks fun as a three year old should . And parents wonder why they cant tell their kid shit as they get older because they’ve been trained and taught to be basically a little adult early . I love the upgrades absolutely ijs as far as the process.
    Just my opinion and thoughts .

  16. You should invest in good pieces especially when you purchase a home. Quality furniture and pieces will keep you from constantly having to replace things. Love your ideas. Will love to see the final design.

  17. Yup, it definitely takes time trying to decorate a new home! I followed Missy Lynn’s whole home/home decor journey as well. It takes time but in the end, it’ll be perfect! 💗🏡

  18. Loved this video! I love home decor & those RH pieces are incredible and fit the room so nicely. For the artwork piece above the side table & some inspiration, you should check out McGee&Co or studio McGee. They have amazing style and beautiful pieces. They have a youtube channel too. I think your style matches theirs plus it’s very grownup/permanent home look. The best of luck with your home process! Keep sharing!

  19. “Big girl house, and big girl things” love the motto! Nice decor . I love the color scheme. Love me some Rihanna & I Love that table in your bedroom. I enjoyed watching this video.

  20. I love it! I think the new idea for Ziya’s bedroom is soo much better! All the color schemes and everything are giving me life!!! It’s probably the Virgo in us🙌🏾✨ ♍️

  21. Your home is beautiful Raven and I love the color scheme and great furniture and accessories, you should use the clouds and lights in Ziyas room over to her mirror area, or in the corner over the teepee, soo enjoying your home decorating series! ☺❤💪

  22. U should talk to mr Kate wi doing your house because she is amazing talented and affordable she makes sure things are nice cool cute are good quality looks good and lasts long and affordable and it's less work for you and she can do exactly what you want but with a suprise

  23. Omg I’m soooooooo excited for that OFFICE!!!!! Our taste is similar af. Should I mail my adoption papers to your P.O. Box??? 👀 let me know! love youu 😂💕💖🌸

  24. Now everyone can shut up, Ray is planning to do a pink wall. It just will be in her office instead of Ziya's room. There y'all got y'all pink wall, now letitgo

  25. I love that you said modern farmhouse glam ….. I’ve been trying to pin point my style and I think you hit the nail on the head with that 👌🏾

  26. Honestly you should’ve just went with Ziya’s original plan. She told you she wanted all pink and a butterfly bed. She literally described North West’s room. She knows what she’s doing lol

  27. You were talking so fast sheesh. I agree this is a home you made an investment in so cheap furniture just to get buy would not work. Good to your point why not make the investment in an interior designer? I’ve been watching several people struggle on how to design/decorate their homes and it looks stressful. Designers offer so many services, even if you wanted to do your thing they offer services to source the items for you and they get discounts on the upscale stuff. All that stress on a child’s room where she will grow to like other things was a lot. Picking wallpaper is hard, designers can source that as well. If you had a designer they would have been there from the ground up, getting random pieces with no direction may not end out well or reason why it’s taking so long.

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