I Learned How To Be An Interior Designer | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

I Learned How To Be An Interior Designer | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

I’m Lucie Fink. I’m a video producer at Refinery29, but
every so often I like to try other people’s jobs. Today I’m working with my mom and her business partner, Lori, to see if I have what it takes to redesign my own bedroom. This is Lucie For Hire. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so what better way to celebrate than by spending some quality time with my mom, learning how to do her job. Hi, my name’s Deborah. I’m a stager designer and real estate agent. And I have a company that goes into homes that are probably about to be sold, and we do a very quick makeover. So for Lucie’s and Michael’s project today,
they’re staying in their apartment at least another year. And they don’t want to invest a lot in total
redesign. So we’re really just gonna make it prettier. We’re gonna add some color and some spice, and give them a really pretty space. When we first moved into this space, we didn’t put too much thought into designing the bedroom. A lot of the pieces came from my and Michael’s previous apartments and even though they didn’t necessarily
flow together, we figured we’d do a redesign at some point in the future. With a little help from my mom and her business partner, Lori, it was time to redo our bedroom once and for all. My first challenge was to evaluate the space. We’ll take a little trip around the room
and see what’s absolutely necessary to stay, and what you could do without. We did a walk through of the room and talked about what was and wasn’t working. I loved this when I got it but it started
to rip. It’s now torn open. Yeah, it’s going. The rug had begun to look musty, the corner was cluttered up with boxes and bags. That whole — This whole corner. is disappearing. And the picture hanging over our bed was pretty, but didn’t exactly add a spark of inspiration or creativity to the space. So we kind of know what we’re doing. Or we know what we’re — Undoing. undoing. So what do we do next? We look for inspiration. Alright. Let’s go look. My second challenge was to gather inspiration. Inspiration can come from anywhere. We like to look through magazines, tear out our favorite pages. Also tear out things we don’t like so we
don’t go there. We sat in my living room and scattered tons of magazines and pictures in front of us. We looked for colors that inspired us. I think blue should be our color. I live with a boy so it’s not gonna be pink,
and I really like the bright blues and all different shades of blue. And before long, we felt like we had a pretty good idea of what we were going for. This inspiration process is vital when it
comes to designing a room. Let’s go shopping! You want to go shopping now? No, we have to measure first, right? We have to measure, yeah. My next challenge was measuring and shopping. We have to make sure we purchase things that are actually going to fit in the space. So here’s where it gets fun. We went all around the room with a tape measure and a notepad, marking down how much space was available. We measured the carpet space, the bed frame, and more. And then we left to shop. One amazing idea that my mom had early on was that we should get a decorative painter to paint with a stencil on our closet doors. So while we were out shopping, the artist
came over and made a major transformation. The closet doors were big and boring before, so we decided to bring a little pattern into the room. She used a neutral, almost copper color, and we asked her to fade it in and out of it, so that it would have some depth and life. And when it was done we could not believe how just one wall could transform an entire room. Then we returned for the final challenge:
putting it all together. And remember, the final part is the fun part. We began by clearing out the old stuff, rolling up the rug, taking off the bedding, and removing the dresser. And then we started bringing in the new stuff. Our new white dresser, new bedspread, and a lamp. Let there be light! We changed up the headboard by throwing a blanket over it, very innovative, and then made a decision about what to hang over the bed. We tried out a couple different options, all
of them were my mom’s paintings. You like it? Yeah. Should we look at the other alternative? Sure. And ultimately settled on a set of three. This is better. Yeah. I think so too. I’m glad we tried it. The colors that we picked for the room were very intentional. The blues on the edges of the paintings picked up the blue color of the lamp. Many of the accent pieces echo the neutral and copper feel of the closet stencil. The bedding is mostly white with pops of blue. Our rug has a blue pattern on it that works
nicely with the lamp, and also feels similar to the design of the stencil. We brought in a full length mirror to lean
up against the wall, and placed a little puff on the floor that works nicely with the patterns and colors. Wow. We hung up a set of three copper diamond mirrors, bringing out that copper accent again, and also amplifying the light in the
room as mirrors tend to do. Michael came home in the middle of our project. So thankfully we commissioned his help to hang up a very heavy picture. And after a few finishing touches, we were done. It’s amazing! Okay. Thank you! Tempted to jump on the bed. Don’t you dare. Walking in afterwards felt like we were entering an entirely new space. It was brighter, more colorful, more creative, and it even felt bigger. I’m so grateful to have had the chance to
work with my mom, and see how she makes her magic happen. If I learned anything from her, it’s that
making something beautiful doesn’t need to be expensive. Get crafty, mix and match, and don’t be
afraid to make bold design decisions. So if anybody’s interested in being a designer, start with your own space. It’s the creativity and the mix between
things you love, things you make, and things you purchase. Hope you like our new space and we’ll see
you next time on Lucie For Hire. You love it? I’m digging it. And Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there! Thank you guys! Hey Youtube, thanks for watching my bedroom redesign video. Comment below and let us know what you think. Click here for another video on Refinery29, here to subscribe to our Youtube channel, and right here for my personal Youtube channel. Bye!

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  1. Wow! Now I know where you get your beautiful looks! Your mama is so pretty! I want to see Lucie be a babysitter for a day!

    – Loves and Kisses, Amelie From Bartow! 😘😘 ❤️❤️

  2. Maybe its just me, and my taste. but:

    It is too much. Your living room, especially if too small, should be beautiful, have around 3 colors not 50 different colors that dont match. you should not hang up 4 different paintings, and especially not a painting where there is a tv. it distracts too much..

    +the idea of having a closet with that pattern is beautiful, but.. the colors do not match. its like putting together a shark and a gold fish.. A minimalistic look would have been so much better than doing 10+ different colors.

  3. i am definitely gonna take the advice about the colors and try something for me bedroom! thanks, Lucy! Loved it! and Happy Mother
    s day!

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  7. I hate the paintings and way you layed a blanket against the headboard (just lazy) idk what that was?

  8. Can Not Believe! To be honest with ya I did not like that closet redesign at the first place cuz it’s kinda weird and boring to me. Same to other things like that bedhead and that blanket coving the head, to me it’s just a piece of boring. But i can’t believe all those pieces put together made your bedroom a 7-star hotel room! I guess I’m just not that kind of material.

  9. i think that extra cloths closet is not doing the apce any good. Besides, how many cloths do you need?

    I also think the paintings above the bed makes the room smaller since the headboard is so high

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    5 Days of giving, 5 Days of following the Torah, 5 Days of socializing with strangers. Hope you deliver! xoxo 💋

  11. why can’t men like pink? and why can’t women like blue? how are you gonna assign a gender to a color? it doesn’t make sense to me.

  12. Your room looks great! Pattern mixing within the same color scheme is totally in and I love how you applied it! I do have a question about how to create hidden storage space or storage spaces in creative places. We have a itty bitty apartment and I am looking for ideas on how to create storage space for things like winter clothes, craft supplies, and cycling gear without making what is supposed to be my "homey space" look like a storage unit!! Any ideas?

  13. It is so great and creative. I like it sooo much! How to design my space if i live in a dormitory and i have only book shelf and bed? I want to do something but dont know what to do


    NO PHONE!!!!! 📱📱📱📱📱

    p.s but you can use those handsets ☎

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  19. Your mother is an interior designer AND she paints??
    That’s honestly so cute i bet creativity was so welcome for you growing up i’m so jealous

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