I love these new innovations – wait til you see the tweezers!

I love these new innovations – wait til you see the tweezers!

hi everyone and welcome to hedgehog
hollow we dress minecraft with Shalini and we’re super excited because they’ve
got some great products there’s a shrink washing machine in the product showcase
they’ve got the shaker elements and a really cool tweezer that I think I might
be converting out the ones I already have so let’s go and have a look at it
thank you so much Alexandra for introducing us so beautifully and we are
really excited to have you here at thank you for dropping in so I’m just trying
to make sure that I’m controlling my enough information so this is shalini
methyl from tress my craft and I know there are a few products which you guys
have already seen on a lot of videos but I know you know Hedgehog is always the
special video for me there I know a lot of my Indian friends and none of my us
friends really follow only one channel and that’s edge so let’s you know show
you everything what we have special so what I would like to do I would like to
start with the product which is an the new product showcase so that you get the
first glimpse of those products you have been really wanting to see so let’s go
to the wall so I believe this has been the most popular ball and it is very
very difficult to find a spot you know when you are actually here at this wall
you will never find an empty spot because people have been looking for
this product crazily yes what is it it’s a shaker element slices now let me show
you what does it how it works and what exactly it looks like so to start with
let me show you this cute little penguins which is like typically my
favorite so if you want to see them they are very very cute in a shaker elements
which you can actually use making your cards for your shaker elements for your
shaker tags for your shaker anything so it’s just not doesn’t have
to be a card it doesn’t have to be a charge it can be absolutely everything
but you know what to enhance the beauty of this shaker slices I’ve got so many
products to show you so let’s see them okay so here if you see is a product
called flower pulse why we call them flower pearls because typically they’re
used for flowers and in the Centers of them just to make sure that you get a
stamen beauty in them but not only that now I want to show you an example and
show you how the second elements are used so here is something which is very
very cute and very adorable and I give you a quick tutorial on them how
actually made them so what we have taken is they have taken our ball which is a
plastic ball you know emptied out from in between taken one piece of our mini
Eicher this little guy miniature and we have actually made it fit in between and
what we have ten we have taken a flour pearl in white color we have taken
another flour pearl in a pink color and we actually mix it up the quantity what
you like then what we have done we have taken this little cute cute cute ice
creams look at this one such cute ice cream and we have actually
mixed them up and not only that much I had some more thing to mix it up that’s
our little cute sequence so you know you can actually create such beautiful
products so if you are into kids crafts you do something very quick you have a
channel where you want to do something of 59 seconds you have a channel where
you just want to do something which is very very quick so this is something
really for you also not that much I want to actually show you a few more examples
few more inspiration this is another card so if you see we have a watermelon
here and a small watermelon slices here we have strawberry and we have
strawberry here we have orange here and we have some strong orange slices here
we have actually typically got everything for you so if you are a fruit
lover we have a watermelon we have strawberries we have orange we have Kiwi
we have fruit salad we have fruit mixes oh my god we have actually everything
not only that much if you like teddy bears we have teddy bears if you like
rainbows we have rainbows we have actually 20 of them so you can pick up
what you like we have a lot of color range they come in mixes they come in
sizes and look at this cute tray which has been completely made using these
cute little miniatures and every one is different you have endless possibilities
with them you can actually use them for sticking anywhere you can actually
decorate your scrapbooks you can decorate your planners you can decorate
typically everything with the shaker elements and also I want to talk about
our shaker things so what we have here is we have a new mix in which if you see
first of all look at the sequence jar what we have we are not selling our
sequence in the plastic bags because I know once you have used them you have to
actually typically discard them and trash the plastic bags so to overcome
that problem we are giving little cute jars once they get empty you
can use them for your embellishments for your breads for your metal things I know
I have so many metal things which has been lying around on the table or in my
room and sometimes when I’m stepping in my room oh my god I come to know that
there’s something breaking in my leg and I know that was an embellishment
so you have a place to store your embellishment not only that much you can
keep your glitters in them you can keep your spices in them you can keep your
jewelry in them isn’t that good and create about it so let’s see what we
have for you we have this new premixes which is actually having some sequins
and some orange slices so this is one which is with the orange slices and we
call them actually the orange shake and this one we have is called carnival
candy sequins so what we have is the most popular one has been the carnival
candy I know the color is so cute and it reminds me of you know going to a circus
and you know having some fun with the family so this is really a cute one we
have a lot of premixes and you must visit trust my crafts calm to see what
all we have for you so no matter what age you are no matter well card maker no
matter if you are a scrapbooker no matter you are a planner you can
actually give us the shaker elements for anything I literally mean it it’s
anything means any way okay I think I want to stop it here let me get this
okay a lot of people have asked about if we are selling these balls yes we are
these little balls we can actually create the you know keyrings with them
you can actually create the card with them I want to show you one example
which is really really very creative look at this fun one of our design team
has made this beautiful card and if you see this car what they what it has it
has a background ayat from tress my craft it has a small ball but she has
taken just a half of it not the full how small is done and she has taken a small
size she is filling some kind of a background in it and she has made a
little penguin second it isn’t that cute that’s lovely I know that’s so
thoughtful of the design team to actually make such beautiful card so let
me take you to something else which will give you more examples about the shaker
spices okay so look at this man
what they have done is they have taken a Micky face they have typically made a
Micky face and you know put in some Mickey’s life than that
isn’t that cute the matching one not only that much look at this one this is
actually my favorite you know there’s a background which has been created here
and there are some little clouds here and they have used some ice crystals
from just my craft and they have made a little penguin sense oh my god it
reminds me of a glacier it reminds me of why you know some zone which has a lot
of you know snowfall which has a lot of you know chilly weather and it’s so
beautiful to look at you can create this beautiful shaker element you can create
this beautiful card for yourself your family and your friends and they will
really have fun with it okay so we are there at the product which is another
focus of this season so let me show you first
this jewelry which is displayed and let me ask you a question if you can really
get it right so if I show you this jewelry do you think it’s glass do you
think it’s plastic or do you think it’s like paper and if I sell you something
it’s none of them it’s something else so let me show you what product res it so this is art shrink print plastic
sheets actually they are not in plastic they are actually shrink praying why
because they’re actually frosted in nature so if you use a sheet you know
the sheets are going to be in double the edge so you will have one side frosted
on one side glossy and what you can create with them whatever you see here
you can actually create all of them with this everything is completely made of
this sheets only you can actually make flowers with them you can put them on
goggles we can make the bracelets you can make the jewelry you can make
necklaces you can do hair accessories you can do your hair bands you can do
your bracelets anklets your face thing you can do absolutely anything with them
and I want to take you through a tour like you know where you can see this
little cute brooch that is also done with the same shrimp ring plastic and if
you see this little cute hanging that’s the same thing and can you see the
detailing send them oh my god that’s so beautiful and I want to pick one product
in my hand which is probably one of my favorites is this little cute
earing look at this one isn’t it so pretty and so natural I mean I can
literally wear at any time a day and I would just love to have it around all
time this is amazing and the creativity is endless with this products as you
know we have a lot of paper line with us so we manufacture paper but before I
jump into the paper and their designs I want to talk about the quality of the
paper so when you see dress my craft papers so you would find itself it’s
coming in a pod it’s not a pack because I know sometimes
you tend to lose your sheets if they’re not coming in a pound so ours is a paper
pair that’s one thing I want to talk about second thing is our papers are 240
grams yeah and when I convert them in pounds they’re actually 160 pounds I
know it’s hard to believe but it is what it is it is 160 pounds because this
paper is really thick why we have given it that thick paper because I know I’m a
scrapbook and myself and I’m a crafter myself and I know at times when you are
making a scrapbook and you need a cardstock sometimes you don’t find a
matching cardstock and it becomes very difficult for you to use a thinner paper
and create a scrapbook out of it especially when you are making a 3d
project you always need a base so we thought why not to solve this thing
and introduce a paper which is really thick so this one is really going to
solve your problem they come in a pack of 24 sheets so that means you get like
two designs each for 12 designs and you get a beautiful paper pad coming in 240
grams which makers so much of things easier and the scrapbooking and any kind
of silly project so let me take a flip through of the paper parrots that you
understand what kind of printing we have what kind of colors we have and what
kind of designs we have and you would know more about our paper parts what we
are offering you let’s start with something which is new for this eh-eh
yeah this is a creative Asian no one’s for 2020 for this January this is some
one of my favorite paper pads and I just love the color palette used in it now if
you see the paper part they are having all the details which is mention over
here and if you want you can use even this tiny stripes out of it we are
trying to give you as much as utility from the paper part now let me give you
a quick flip through of this paper pad isn’t it cute isn’t it pretty oh I know
I flipped a lot of papers all together okay so if you see the pilot using these
people they’re really great they’re absolutely perfect to create anything
and if I just want I might want to show you something which is here these are a
little cute projects done by a design team so look at this one so they have
created a miniature of a cake shop and if you see the miniature they have not
used any kind of background papers here no card stock has been used it’s just
the paper so this 240 gram paper really helps you
to create anything you can do mix media with them you can do the cards with them
you can do your journal talks with them you can do the shakers with them you can
actually with this paper part for anything absolutely so if you go through
our collections you will find each collection being very different for
other so this is a sweet treats paper pad which is like very pastel now if I
take you through its be mine collection which is absolutely perfect for a
Valentine for any kind of love team or for any kind of a project which is done
for the people who are either getting married or married or in love so this is
all about your left so let me just give you a quick flip through with this paper
pad as well look at this one the pilots we have used that gray is the greens the
Reds the Browns and you know so many colors coming all together in a pallet
look at this one this is so beautiful and see the inspirations we have with
the same paper pack look at this cute little 3d project isn’t so pretty I
think I’m in justly love with this one can you see the details in it some cakes
some desert and there is a coffee mug inside isn’t that very pretty so here we
are at the wall for our dyes as you can see we have different variations and
dyes what we carry I would like to give you in details because our flower
cutting guys we do carry like sentiment dyes we carry like world dies we carry
border dies be carry like basic shapes of the dies and we carry a lot more
other things which I mean which is quite unique and different why I am saying
they’re unique and different let me just talk about background a little bit so if
you see these are all background dyes and their various he was a design team
has shown so for example if this is a with the leafy one they have created a
beautiful shaker but it doesn’t look like a shaker because a very very thin
shaker created with just the glitter in it isn’t that great so you can actually
use the foreground of the dye you can use the background of the dye you can
actually use a dyes in this multiple ways and look at this Chevron one what
we have here this guy is really beautiful and it has been the most
popular die for this isn’t for us because people are really liking the way
it has been cut and the way it creates a perfect size of a card for you so here
what we have is a wide selection of dyes for you
Saphir a card maker looking for some pretty sentiments and smaller sizes we
have sentiments for you if you’re looking for some doilies we have it for
you if you are looking for another
sentiments for any scrapbooking be covered if you’re looking for leaves if
you’re looking for flowers if you’re looking for anything we probably have
everything for you if you are looking for something which is bigger in size so
these are just the petal dies you can really create big flowers with them also
if you’re going to work with shrink bring these guys are really going to
work wonders for you so if you need anything for your any requirement for
your card-making for your scrapbooking for your makes media offer your
shrimping we have it all for you since we are trying to make everything
available for you under one roof so we have recently started with our rice
papers if you see a rice paper springs they are really absolutely gorgeous to
use they come in 23 grammage so that you can perfectly use them for decoupage
mixed-media or any of your crafts where you need rice papers so if you see some
of the prints they’re really gorgeous and they’re very very different to be
used we have the backgrounds we have the four grounds we have everything
available in our release papers so we have a very wide selection of rice
papers available and talking about the product which has been very popular for
last one year and I believe lot of stores carry them already is our bone
folders they are nonstick bond folders and they don’t stick to any surface we
have various sizes available in them generally if you see this is the most
popular one and that’s the most popular one but if you see with our store we
have a pencil bone folder so I want to show you the pencil bone folder for
awhile so that you understand how it has different so if you see it’s like it
comes in a shape of a pencil and actually you can really score very well
and if you guys are book binders or if you guys are doing anything with the
leather jewelry or if you make any kind of leather bags and you
no there is one point of your leather bag which is not coming you can really
use it if you see we have introduced a new size of a bone folder which is
really a jumbo one so you can actually use it with rice papers you can use it
with your scrapbooking you can use it for anything we are trying to experiment
as much as we can with the bone folders so that you get all sizes whatever is
suitable because sometimes I may not like to use a pencil or I may not like
to use a longer one and I might something which is really broad so this
one is ready to hold and you know do your scrapbooking or your mixed-media or
your decoupage or your rice papers it’s just perfect so here comes the selection
of stencils we have a wide range of stencils as well I know it’s really not
possible for me to show you all the census designs but if you may we just
want to know that what kind of census we are producing so you may see they come
in a of course size and the price point on the stencils are really great they
come for $8.99 yes they come for $8.99 that’s a great huge saving so continuing
with the statement of that we are trying to make everything available under one
roof for you so that you don’t have to really rush around you know for finding
your products so if you’re making any albums with us or if you’re doing any
cards with us we have everything for you we have the score boards we have the
trimmers we have the cutters we have the bulletins we have punches just to talk
about one single punch if you look at this punch this one single punch can
actually cut three sizes for you so one point five two inches two point five you
don’t need three punches you just need one punch so this goes with this one and
the same on this and for this one as well we do have this mini baby trimmer
people are in love with this trimmer because it is very handy and you can
carry it anywhere and then we have a selection of lot of punches in different
ways this is the corner punch then if you go this is also a corner punch if
you want to know more about the corner punch we have one more which is here
that’s another corner punch that’s another corner punch
that’s another corner point so we have a wide selection of punches in one
variation so if you need like a 3mm 4mm around 5m around seven I remember I want
we have like all sort of punches because I know if it is round for me it may it
may be still you know stiff for you and you may want to make it more rounder so
we have all the section of punches for you these are the border punches guy
cleaning tool we have exactly everything what you’re looking for as you know
flower making is our speciality and you know just to make it more
special for you I have a very special paper people have given a different
different names to this paper but let me tell you the exact name of the paper is
floral oriental paper people got it magical paper people call it rock paper
people call it different different papers but actually call it floral
oriental paper what is it so what you do is you take the paper dye cut the people
with any of your dyes what you have and put some ink on it
we prefer to use archival inks but it’s up to you whichever you find is like
waterproof you can use those inks use our ink on the top of it put the same
petal in water take it out after 30 seconds and then just you know soak it
with the towel and then just try to draw some groove lines on it or maybe you can
do any kind of embossing you can do even the hand pinching on them and once
you’re done take out your heat gun and heat set it on what you get believe me
you get rock-hard flowers can you see and can you hear the sound this is paper
and it has becomes rock hard after being into water it’s not like a normal paper
which becomes soggy after being in water it’s a different sort of paper which
becomes really hard after coming from the water so look at this one so if you
are a flower maker this paper is for you because I know many of you complain of
getting flowers crushed many of you complain having very soggy flowers many
of you complain your petals not stained there but with this they will stay as it
does ok so now I’m going to talk about one of a very cute product in the store
before I actually talk about its benefit you know I want to talk about a little
bit problem what I faced with my die-cutting machines I always wanted a
die-cutting machine which is mini because I wanted to carry it with me but
what I found is the die-cutting machine had a different kind of a structure
which was not clean from all over and whenever I was trying to put it in my
tote bag a lot of things actually tangled up in between and you know they
came in between like you know I had a pen going in I had a tape going in had a
stapler going in so we thought why not to make a machine which is like flat all
over and gives you a smooth surface from other side also another problem which I
faces whenever I was trying to take a make a sandwich on the top of the
machine my sandwich used to fall and I always used to put a tape because I know
the sandwich will not go till there and I cannot make a sandwich on the platform
because my platform did not have enough space to make the sandwich and
the problem which I have faced along with Dan when I tried to run through the
sandwich the other side when it came out I always had to hold the sandwich
because it was falling again from the backside so we solve your problem and we
give you the biggest platform for the machines which is so big in front and
which is so big at the back so if you see this machine has a platform which is
equal in on the front and the child has an equal side on the back itself and the
best part about this machine is you can keep your plates here and you don’t have
to worry about the sandwich you can actually make your sandwich here closer
don’t have to put the tape and run it through and it doesn’t even fall so if
you’re in a rush and if you just want to dry cut and you
know rush it and don’t want to pick up the sandwich you can let it stay there
you don’t have to worry not only that much I want to talk about something else
with this machine you get to anti-slip lip pads which comes and which holds the
machine where even on your table not only that much it’s too undisciplined
part here two here and two here so in total you get six and discipling pad
with your machine so it rests very well on your table and I want to show you one
thing if you think you are gonna carry like 2 kg 3 kg in your bags again no
you’re not gonna tell you so look at this weight of the machine it’s so tiny
it’s so lightweight yet cuts all your dies and it’s so lightweight that you
can carry on your one finger isn’t it amazing
so I’m sure you guys are no more worrying about carrying heavy machines
in your pockets or in your tote bags you can actually
fly with this machine you can go anywhere and do your die-cutting
anywhere possible in this world we have got a lot of products and dress my craft
and I would really recommend you to go to the website once and have a look on
your products if you have a store nearby who carries dressmaker products and if
you need one let them know that you’re looking for them thank you so much for
you know joining us at the video thank you so much for Hedgehog holler team for
coming here stopping by booth and you know covering up with really you know
appreciate that time and effort and thank you so much for having a look at
our products see you soon at creative Asian 20:21 bye

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  1. I'm very happy I saw this video. I really am DIGGIN a lot of their products. In particular, their paper pad designs are just BEAUTIFUL and all of the GORGEOUS shakers bits. Also, the mini cutting machine. I will be visiting their website for sure!! Thank loads for the vid. Arlene 🙂

  2. Love this video. She did a great job and really knew what she was talking about and explaining everything in great detail ♡♡♡♡

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