I MOVED! New Chicago Apartment Tour & Home Decor Shopping

I MOVED! New Chicago Apartment Tour & Home Decor Shopping

Hey guys, hello, welcome back to my channel. Welcome me back to my channel I haven’t posted in a month and that’s something that I don’t think I’ve ever done It wasn’t a conscious decision where I was like, I don’t want to film videos anymore It was just honestly I didn’t have time and I couldn’t find honestly any time to make videos Even today I was going to do a little sit-down Video like actually set my camera up with a microphone and like do an update and I can’t find my tripod anywhere So that’s good. Hence me vlogging but it feels more natural anyway, we love the vlogs, right? Vlogs are good So a lot has been going on. If you can’t tell, I’m in a completely new place. We moved I have a new job, just Things are so much different in my life now than they were even a month ago And it’s crazy how fast things can change especially as an adult cause you’re not really sure What your next step is and then this happens and then this happens and it’s kind of like Crazy how everything starts to change at once. So I guess today I’m just gonna do a little follow me around vlog, just Random whatever kind of day and throughout the day I will be updating you on my life, what I’m doing like- where am I? I do have to head home pretty soon I am hanging out with my mom today, and then my dad has to fix my car cause it has some Problems, but I need to head out soon. But before I do that, I just want to like walk you around my new apartment I guess I didn’t really talk about this on the vlogs, wow it’s echo-y in here But our old apartment had a lot of issues, it was Fine for a first Year, like we just moved to Chicago, we needed somewhere to live, here we are. We loved the neighborhood Obviously it was within walking distance to Francesca’s So that’s how I got my first job at Francesca’s so Everything happens for a reason, we moved there so I could work at Francesca’s so I could like move on with my life, right? But yeah I- I was very ready to get out of there. It was just small Never really felt like home to me. Whereas here even just standing in my living room I’m like, holy heck. Our apartment now is so much better. We only moved about 10 minutes away So it’s not even that drastic, but it does make my drive too work to like 10 or 15 minutes shorter Which is nice, so I’m rambling. I am going to flip the camera around. Wow, were we in focus that whole time? I don’t know, so you walk in That’s adorable Hey man, what’s up? Clearly that’s my room, we’ll get to that later. So over here is our living room It is like double the size of our old living room. We don’t have enough furniture to fill it I love this built-in like fireplace, fake fireplace Shelving kind of situation. Our TV is like way too small to actually fit the room But it’s fine. And then we have three couches. These are actually brand new Well, they’re used but we just picked them up for free off of the app OfferUp and this girl was like Yeah I’m downsizing, I don’t need them anymore and they’re so nice and so comfy. Our old couch had a spring coming up through the cushion Which was very painful to sit on so we got rid of that and now we have some nice couches and just like the creepiest Weirdest table and chair over here. We don’t have enough furniture Did I also mention that it’s air-conditioned? God bless. Coming over here is the living room Also disclaimer we moved about Two weeks ago so Things aren’t exactly in their place yet, but we’re getting there. It’s fine Again, there’s just a lot of room to walk around cause we don’t have Any furniture to fill the space, but that’s the dining room. Coming over here There’s more trash and boxes we just haven’t unpacked. Here’s the kitchen, it is so nice, a double sink Some nice appliances. This came with it so now like we just have an extra microwave from our old apartment if anyone wants it Oh, sorry. I passed right by this. What was I thinking? Hello In-unit laundry Our old apartment didn’t- oh god Old apartment didn’t even have laundry in the building so I always went home to do my laundry And my roommates went to a laundromat, but now we have laundry in our apartment. We have a- a back door here That just has like a staircase to go downstairs, which is easy. That’s Lily’s room. I will not invade her privacy Over there is Amy’s room and then in here is the bathroom This shower is so nice. Our old shower sucked. This one’s great. I enjoy showering and then would you look at that? There’s a connecting door to my bedroom. There’s me. And here we are, so it’s still a work in progress There’s just penguins propped up everywhere. Are you surprised? But yeah, I just kind of Unpacked everything I had and I’ve had all the same furniture forever and I just kind of want an upgrade So I’ve been looking around to like get ideas, maybe buy some new decor. I got this new Comforter because if you remember my old one, it was like this color, it matched with this rug really well But I just like I was sick of it I honestly had it since yeah, since my junior year of college and I feel like each time I move to a different place, it doesn’t really feel like I’ve moved cause it’s just like all of my same stuff Just in a new room. The moral of the story is I want some new furniture, some decor I never really decorate. I just like, right, put Christmas lights up and put a mirror on the wall and that’s it But I want to like put plants around here and like get a nice little Armchair and like I bought this fuzzy rug which looks kind of freaky just Sitting in this bin, but I just love these a lot I used to hate them, these faux fur rugs But I actually really like this one and I’m gonna swap it out with that and then hopefully get like a nice Chair of some sort to replace this like Dorm room era chair that Charlie is inhabiting. Yeah, that is an update on the apartment This vlog might be really long because I just have so much to update you on, so I need to drive home My dad needs to start working on my car. He is my personal mechanic, I owe him the world. I’m gonna head out Um talk to you about my job and everything later. You can say hi to my mom, all the good stuff So I will check in with you later. Hey guys, mom’s here. Hi I told them earlier that I haven’t uploaded in a month. So that’s unacceptable, which is why I’m vlogging today So we are out and about shopping for things for my room potentially Currently I have a penguin pillow- wait magic and Like this is the stuff that I found that I don’t need But we are At Home- the At Home store. Oh yeah, we’re searching for a chair Did I tell you this this morning? I can’t remember But I want like a nice armchair Um preferably in like a pink or a blush pink So we’ll see if we can find one Oooh, ooooh Look at these. Oh my god, look at this. That’s like exactly what I want. Beautiful Unfortunately, it’s $150 but it’s So cute, like this- don’t do that Honestly like yeah, like this is the kind of chair I want, this is the exact color. Oh my gosh I’m obsessed with this store. Yeah, I’ll get a chair- or a couch, an entire couch Oh my god, I love. We’re gonna keep looking around for chairs. Ooh those look majestic. I’m gonna turn this off now Why? I’m confused. Thank you Right? Well I- oh you can’t get that. You- ma. Oh my god I, no- don’t bother, that’s okay Right, that’s cute, just for the general idea. Mm-hmm. You could put live or fake Ready? Weee Come on, sit. Okay you guys, we’re in Marshalls and there’s this like thunderstorm sound It’s freaky, man It literally sounds like it’s storming outside. They don’t have any pink chairs. What, this? Donut hole So your butt sticks out. Oh yeah Oh my god, that looks so uncomfortable 10% off yay Like these are so cute and they would be perfect and they’re like only a hundred bucks when everything else is like 150 or 200 But as you can see, they’re not pink Cause they hate me. No So the search continues Continue. In the Rainforest Cafe Alright folks, we did the things and now we’re back so I’m gonna show you what we got I needed more lotion and I don’t know why, but The only lotion I can use is the Bath & Body Works ultra shea body cream. Nothing else is good I did nothing to stop that Almond blossom, it smells good Uh we needed some hand sanitizer so I got four and I let mom get the fifth one These are the candles. Um we definitely didn’t need them, but we walked in and the lady was like, they’re $12.95 So we got them White pumpkin Cactus Blossom, this is the best one Go smell it if you haven’t, it’s incredible We have White Gardenia, look at the beautiful packaging on this baby. It’s incredible And then we have Almond. We also went to Sephora. I needed a new face wash, if you guys remember my Acne update vlog whenever that was Whoa, what’s on my hand? I don’t know Anyways, I have been using a face wash that I got from Amazon and it’s been clearing up my skin But I am running out of it. So I’m trying this one I got a sample in my Sephora Play and I like it a lot. It is the Glam Glow super cleanse Clearing cream to foam cleanser. It is great. It’s like the first- whoa Kind of more expensive Facial skincare item I’ve bought so hopefully it treats me well Rainbow packaging too. In there is the uh Concoction that we made in store, the hanging basket and Beautiful ball of leaves Yes, pull it out. Oh yeah, magic. Look at this presentation It’s gonna hang from my ceiling And then we did buy He’s so cute Yeah, you need to do it again. Oh my god. It’s so magical We’re not there yet. No, it’s not Christmas yet. So we just got a normal pengy. That’s everything we bought today Hello everyone, good morning. It is day two of this random vlog that I’m doing I’m not sure what it is really, but Mom’s here dancing up a storm We are in TJ Maxx Which is a lot better than Marshalls in my opinion, we were at a Marshalls yesterday and TJ Maxx is just ten times more fun, right? Ten times. Yes, so we have a plant What’d you find? Oh cute. I’m getting a plant. This is like my My new aesthetic for my room if I had to sum it up in one thing, it would be this plant, pink and green and Yeah, we’re gonna go to Target after this, question mark Go see the movie and then go to Target Oh, we don’t have time? Well, we’ll see. We’re still like on the hunt for a chair maybe, making decisions And yes We will check in with you later. This whole store is going out of business and it’s weird To walk around and like see all of it We used to go here all the time And now Everything is for sale Even all these fixtures. So we tried another Target This is what we found. Out of all of these grey and blue chairs This pink one was just calling my name and I kind of love it I was watching my old footage from the At Home store to see if I liked that one better But this one is 20 dollars cheaper, which is a good thing So I’m thinking I could like put a pillow here and then I bought that rug that I showed you Put it all together and I think it’d be cute. So we’re gonna see what happens Hi guys, I look like trash but I needed to come on and Show you the results of this weekend. I’m so happy with it. So this is my new little corner I am so obsessed with it. It is just like the vision that I had and it came to life Truthfully, I kind of want to get a different accent pillow, maybe something like white stripes or something like a palm tree Print even, but I have this guy and obviously he’s cute so he’s gonna hang out there for now But yeah, this is the chair from Target that I ended up getting and I am actually in love with it It was perfect And then that is the rug that I got at Target too, just like a little faux fur kind of thing and then over here I have had this for awhile Um and I got this plant at TJ Maxx This is my new lotion that I’m just obsessed with this design. So I put it there And then I have a candle down there and my two journals that I write in every day So I’m thinking, you know, at the end of every day I’m gonna pop a squat here and write in my journals and just kind of Relax. And then this is my other addition, excuse the boxes and stuff I need to clear this stuff out. But I am also obsessed with this. This is my hanging plant with the Removable just like sphere of leaves, but I think it’s so cool I kind of wish I had more like Christmas lights to go into this corner cause I think that would be cute But we did a lot today and this weekend So I think I’m gonna take a break for now and then see what else I could possibly do So I need to shower and it’s already 10:30, and I really should probably go to bed soon So I know I said I would talk about my Job in this vlog just to kind of update you and tell you what’s going on But I know that this vlog is pretty long already. So I’m gonna keep this one mainly New apartment like room decor focused and then sometime next week I will do a little vlog about my new job and stuff like that Please yell at me also if I’m not posting because It’s not- like it’s not easy to put up a video whenever I want but A vlog is something I can just do while I’m living my daily life and then edit and upload it so Seriously, you can yell at me if I’m not posting content because I can just make a vlog. I just feel so Good in my space right now, and that’s good cause when I get home from work It’s a little stressful and I don’t have a lot of time to relax before I go to sleep and get ready for work again The next day, it’s a great cycle. But yeah, I’m happy with everything that went on this weekend So I hope you guys liked this vlog. Give it a thumbs up If you did, leave some comments down below, make sure you’re subscribed and I promise I’ll be posting more often Thank you again for watching and have a great day. Bye

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  1. Paula congratulations on the new apartment and job!!! 🎉🎉🎉 I love your new place, so excited for you!!!

  2. so many exciting changes! your aparment is adorable and it's so exciting you are starting a new job in chciago! congrats on all the positive changes! love your vlgoz!

  3. I'm so happy for you! I've been waiting for an update! I love the new apartment! I feel the same way about not having time. I recently got a new job and it's just like you wake up, go to work, go home, go to sleep , wake up, go to work. It's hard but it'll be worth it! I can't wait to hear about your new job!! Well Wishes!!!

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