I Painted A Huge Warli Painting | Warli Painting On A Fabric

I Painted A Huge Warli Painting | Warli Painting On A Fabric

Hello and welcome. I am Disha. I have always wanted to paint someone’s life story on a canvas. and I am fortunate enough to have gotten this one opportunity recently from a person who lives in London She contacted me and she showed me
some warli paintings like this one and this one. and I accepted this opportunity and told her I’ll not only paint a warli painting as beautiful as these two But I told her that I would love to depict her life story. It’s not that I haven’t painted Warli earlier What you see here is my first Warli
painting and as you can see that figures are not perfect and there are many flaws
but over time it got better and I got the opportunity to paint Warli on my client’s balcony walls. Here you can see some before and after images. The walls
were quite big and it was truly an amazing experience and I got to learn a
lot of new things. After this I got an opportunity to join
hands with a group called swacch Pune Swachh Bharat. where I painted the
Warli painting on a flyover pillar. if you are in Pune you can spot this pillar
on Solapur highway near noble hospital but then question arises why I am so
excited about this warli painting because it’s not just a warli painting
this time I painted someone’s life story on a fabric
I got a brief from my client about herself and then I spent hours and hours
conceptualizing what I’ll be going to paint and then I started with drawing
the figures on the fabric and then filling the colors. Here’s my client’s story
and how I depicted it. She was born in Chennai India so I painted
a huge tree and a peacock that obviously reflect India and this monument is MGR
memorial which is in Chennai and below it is my client. Then her family moved to Canada when she
was a year old here their loved ones are waving goodbye to them and off they go
to Canada. The monument you see here is CN Tower in Toronto Canada where she
grew up, went to school, made friends and spent
her growing years. Then her family moved to Montreal when she was seventeen. The
monument here is George Etienne Cartier in Mount Royal Park in Montreal, Canada,
where she graduated and enjoyed the best gift of nature, her youth. Then she moved
to Middle East for four years. Since it is famous for desert safari I painted a
camel in a desert and my client with her luggage
obviously in Warli style. Then she moved to the US for two years and worked in tech.
You can see I have painted Statue of Liberty and people celebrating Christmas.
That depicts her life in the US. Now she has been living in London for five years
and that’s why I painted the very famous London Bridge. She not only works but is also a music
DJ in London. She learned Carnatic music for 10 years and her life revolves
around music and that’s why I painted this Warli human chain. and my client singing in the center. You
can see music notes as well. Her passions are around art, she sketches, paints and
loves to collect art, she also loves biking, hiking and skiing. Her parents still live in Canada but are
constantly balancing both worlds and spending time with their mothers who
live in Chennai. Together they visited Ramana Ashram last winter. and to depict Chennai here are some
famous things of Chennai. Meals, filter coffee a village scene and a weaver weaving famous Kanjivaram or
Kanchipuram saree and to sum it up all my client told me that she identifies as
a Canadian Indian and this is how I tried to depict that. here’s the entire painting. just to show
you how huge it is let me come in the frame.
That’s how huge it is. The story started from India and then progressed across
the globe. Hope you all liked it, leave me a comment and don’t forget to subscribe.
bye bye I’ll see you in the next video.

36 thoughts on “I Painted A Huge Warli Painting | Warli Painting On A Fabric

  1. We are now a family of 35k creative people. Thanks to each one of you. Wish you all love, luck & sunshine!!

  2. Disha – This is amazing piece of work and loved your creativity !! I really like how you give instructions and guide through the paintings. Most importantly the background or history to it 🙂 You inspire me !!

  3. how creative you are…. Happy to find you, I want to be always in your touch that's why I can watch n learn from your activities

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  6. Woow !! its simply amazing and very creative.
    I loved the way you narrated it.
    Awesome is the best word to attribute.

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  8. It's creativity beautiful. Mam Please tell us What is the dimensions of the painting in all and what type of fabric? Thank you.

  9. Amazing, mind blowing concept. You have very beautifully depicted someone's life journey in such a creative way. Great thought & art work… really admire you

  10. This is truely a very good painting. I love Warli, and you have depicted someone's life so beautifully here on a huge cloth. Gave so many ideas to me as well to make :). Thanks for sharing this…

  11. Superb art by you Dishaji. I m thinking to make name plate with Warli, now I can put more details after watching this. Can you give some tips for name plate?

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    👏👏👏..it is so beautiful, amazing, lovely, fantastic, awesome…

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