I Painted a MURAL in a KINDERGARTEN 🎨👶( wood texture & how to)

so guys chipsy here I’m with Alessio and
today we’re going to do a painting in this garden cus I love kids
and I also have a childish heart like my friend Alessio he is like grown-up child
yeah I have a beard but that doesn’t mean anything, he is a child oh my god what a reflex if your hands are dirty with color like
this I’m gonna show you three guys just put your hands and then rub it together now guys everyone was kid and always we
lost our toys where did the toys go here I have to stay like this well that means beautiful but for me so
easy to fail I love the image ah that’s all the crack stuff like
different also the kids have ability to clear every industry and so exciting you know what to say don’t forget like

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