Keep going its leaking its leaking it’s really leaking Yooooooooo This is a video Arghhhh, that actually hurt Watch this clip It’s good, yeah? Let me just move the bathtub one time Do you think about the outcome Nah, it’s dead Let’s just move this gelatin This is gelatin you probably seen it before right you saw our last video where we set ourselves in concrete oiiiiiiiiiii that was a bad man thing bro Im sorry i killed him Rommel’s a liar, he pretended I died if you saw our last video, right, you’ll know that we set ourselves in concrete or plaster or whatever the fuck it was, right This time it’s gonna be gelatin Hopefully turning me into the world’s largest gummy bear Bro watch out there’s a fire I’m going to be basically getting into the bathtub the mixture of gelatin and water is going to be mixed together with that tool over there from our last video like a giant blender that’s gonna be stirred up we’re gonna fill up the bath with as much of it as we can then i’m gonna get in there and i’m going to be sat there for about 5 to 10 hours while it sets around me Let’s make the mixture to the bathtub [Music plays] Y’all got all my boys with me, and we celebratin it comes to research day to day so the CEO just goes paycheck 46.7. Bill are we celebrating it for him big up tony *Cheers* Yeahhhhh Yeah boy! Oh my god Well that tastes banging ha ha Let me try that you know what that tastes like ayy what does it taste like? THETGFSTORE.COM go get your merch right now Right now my getting you TGIF saw t-shirt your mom ain’t getting you on there tops yeah your mom’s a bitch bro how about bitch go we have the corner in wanted to make this bad boy a beautiful color Obviously for the thumbnail because we want to clickbait you guys wanted it to be attractive so you could like Look like over there a can you see that oh, yeah No, what are these like? One sec bro Something’s happening over there mate [Music plays] Ohhh shitt ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t know what to think bro That shit was like a Beyblade bro I got my doggies here behind me Not behind me, but behind me. I’m gonna spin this as Rommel falls into the gateway of Satan [Music plays] So, the first stage of this yeah i’ve got to get in here but then we gotta let it set but that may take a few hours im probably gonna be documenting my way through setting in this It’s all set at the bottom, but why do I look like a glazed doughnut bro? I can’t stay at the bottom Is there no way I can see. I’m scared whether to put it in my ear. You look like a sausage roll like Kim Kardashian You know when she is shiny Do you want to get in here with me? Do you want to get in here with me? Look at that oh I’m actually gonna just poo myself Ya Mako gummy poo this needs to get colder to set so these guys are opening the garage doors letting the caldera to fight even Attach his bathtub to a car and set me for a drive down a country lane You dare me to put my whole head under? Looks like, it looks like a seal Imagine, you just stay like this the whole time, and he actually was just breathing inside it [Inaudible dialogue] [Inaudible dialogue] Stay in their hood not get it [Inaudible dialouge] You will be okay man, we got you. Bro, how do you feel? It’s- it’s fine [Inaudible dialogue] I can’t actually see Bro, look at his hair! Yeah, bro trust many starts a formula here, you know brough you look right there you see the layer like forbid wow Look around his leg, look around his leg Is that God, just good look right I’ll leave you to all right disturb, just just maybe take my ass I Mean no Go, bro. We’re gonna order Chinese. I know at the moment You can’t really eat anything on us a feed its he shoulder so what do you want? Chicken co-mein. No he said sponge cake. want order from a dessert shop world if I’m a Chinese boat. Oh Jay. Don’t you go anywhere? I love you. Bye I love you Get him out, get him out. Please? I feel really sad for him, I actually do. Ahhhh, like he is so cold out here. [Inaudible dialogue] He’s opening his eyes. The jelly is going harder around his eyes. Oh my god. Look at that. Do that again. Can you not breathe? Look at his head! The dagger I could open my eyes like fully. The gelatin like kind of created it’s own seal around my eyes. I could open my eyes under there and look around. And it’s really brown and orange. That is so thick, that ought to be about two inches solid. Boys look at my arm, watch this it’s going back into its habitat Watch how watch how this water moves you can tell it’s set because watch Don’t eat in the gelatin it spit out spit out But this is horrible You guys get to just sit back and enjoy this video but for me I saw what you have to go through just for this video to become a thing oh my god that looks so good oh My god that Chinese is banned GIMP oh My god so good you guys don’t like the video yet, I’m gonna be really upset if you don’t do it You just childish you lost. I just wrapped a bacon some I’m above Jay, he is below me. Queer TGIF – I’m just gonna say up here mom I’m a recording to teach everyone can just steep it here my Only gelatin members allowed if I go to sleep, and I’ll start sinking into it. Please white milk. I’m gonna go sleep I’m so cold. We’re gonna get you out. We don’t need On the salt free keycard, and this is very solid. I think we Take this look don’t forget to like this video. It’s more than you figured. It’s for free man What you doing Maddie’s gonna be upset if you don’t like the video childish Paul J If you don’t like this video you child be ready when you are my little – here we go Oh and stalk I can’t even move Oh Guys please subscribe or they see Conte like this You’ll see content like this Oohhhhhhhh Shit Man Christmassss Music Plays If you dont sub i will stab you

100 thoughts on “I SET MYSELF IN JELLO OVERNIGHT (got stuck)

  1. Heaven and hell dreams, from a 2018 dream to a 2019 Dream


    Well Couple of months ago, I did get a dream of his return. And what I saw was Him standing in the clouds of heaven, and the clouds were very dark and gloomy.

    And it was thundering like crazy, and then I saw Jesus christ appear in the clouds of heaven and he was like a titan sized. And to him, we were mear grasshopper size. And I was in a city building in the dream, trying to warm people to repent and I was trying to tell people, he was coming then he came all of a sudden.

    And he showed me he was not happy with most, and that he wanted me to warn people to turn from sin. Then I woke up after the dream and have been trying to warn people for about 4 years now. But I got this dream in 2018. But I have had other types of dreams in the past and present.

    Its definitely getting worse these days, just like he said: and he keeps showing me his people arent even taking him seriously. And he also showed me they sit in churches an claim to love and praise him. but they don't even do what he taught.

    And some of those videos I sent you have very similar things to what iv seen. but mine was a bit different than Rod Pickens's dreams.

    He really has some good videos to watch, really honest ones.


    I also had a dream recently, I think it was last month or the month before.

    And in the dream, I was taken up. And I Saw Jesus christ sitting on A pure white throne, and his hair was pure white. And same with his robe and I saw he had great authority. And I knew he was God, yet the son of God at the same time. And in the dream, I saw hell below heaven and heaven above hell.

    And I saw many dark souls being thrown super fast into hell, like at such as speed iv never seen before.

    And there was this strange creature in hell, it was the ugliest thing iv ever seen. It was brownish and blackish. And it was sorry to say but gluttonish and it had more than 5 tentacle-like arms And It had a human-like head and had teath like a lions teeth.

    And I saw it grabbing all the souls that did not obey God to itself. Whenever God throw the bad souls out into hell. I never saw anything like it, I could tell hell smelled very horrible. And very dark and full of burning flames and worms that eat you and don't die.

    And while I was watching both sides, of heaven and hell in the dream. I noticed a little child just died and was going to heaven. And then I noticed by the time the little child, was going towards the gate of heaven, the creature I saw in hell, and it was titian sized.

    tried to grab the child and take it to itself. But by the time it tried, I saw Jesus christ get really angry, and flashed a super holy light at it as a warning to leave the child alone. And the creature Got frightened and made a screeching scared noise and went backward as fast as it could to get away from God's light.

    And then the child continued walking upwards through the gates of heaven, up the pearly white like stairs.

    And then It was my turn to go up the stairs, and be judged. So As soon as I got to the top, I kneeled to Jesus Christ and said to him telepathically. Lord I repent of all my sins, please forgive me of my sins, and I cried and wept tears.

    And he looked into my heart and said: I forgive you, and then he pointed with his right hand to go on his right with the others. Then after that, we stood and watched him judging the others coming up the stairs, and I noticed to of my family members coming up the stairs. one of them at the back looked sad and felt unworthy. But I could tell they were not going to go to hell because they loved Jesus in their hearts and were sorry for their sins.

    Other than that, I noticed everyone who made it to heaven, became bright beings of lights. Which are angels, and I noticed we were neither male nor female. And all of us were ITS thats what they call themselves some times, ITS or angels or beings of lights.

    And I knew God was A It too, we all were, it was the strangest but unique feeling I ever felt in this dream. It felt so real I thought I was really there.

  2. 01:50 lol look at childish whiteboy trying so hard to look cool, a few seconds later he even puts on a black face… pathetic

  3. What a pathetic humans. Supposed grown men acting and especially overreacting like bitch boys… and whilst doing so they try to be somehow gangster? Can't wait for them to grow older, finding out that little kids stopped watching their videos and they have no jobs.. these guys will go bankrupt within years from now 😂

  4. If ur reading this my mom ain't no bitch bitch she can buy me it but ur merch is 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 not tryna be bean but I do like ur vids a lot tho so keep the vids up

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