If Bros Were Interior Designers

(light escalating music) – Welcome back to Design Bros. – We’re Justin and Zack, and we have just completed
the interior design on Neal’s home. Neal, three week’s ago, he is a single, young professional, came to us wanting to create
a more lived-in bachelor vibe. – Something more him, and I really think we executed it. – Yeah. – I’m excited to show
him the final product. – My girlfriend moved out a few weeks ago, and I just want to make
sure the place is 100% me. – Okay, Neil, are you ready to see your
new, redesigned home? – (laughs) Oh, yeah. – [Zack] (laughing) Oh,
look at that bad boy. – [Neil] Wow. – Yeah, there’s actually
no work on the outside. All the redesigning is inside. – Yeah. It’s just fun to do the
whole cover your eyes thing. (laughs) – Let’s go inside. Let’s go see. So, first off, we have the kitchen. Go look in that fridge. – Look in it Neil. Get ready to get excited. – [Neil] Oh, my gosh. – [Justin] Right. Do you see that? – [Neil] Yeah. – [Zack] So, we noticed at first you had a full-stocked fridge. So, what we did is we took
out all the unnecessary stuff and just stuck to the necessities. – Yeah, yeah. Who doesn’t like beer? And, uh, yeah. I guess ketchup’s nice second favorite condiment to Sriracha. – So, Neil, what we did
in here is we simplified. – Mm-hmm. We saw that you originally
had your mattress on a four-end bed frame, so we got rid of that, and we replaced your
comforter with a sheet that has been freshly
urinated on by a cat, you know, to give it character. – [Zack] We also stripped
down all the curtains, took down the wall art, added about 9 pounds of dirty laundry to give it a nice, lived-in vibe. You know? – Is this my laundry, or– – Give it a try. Sit on it. – Go ahead. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– [Zack] Sit on the bed. It’s nice. – [Neil] This is too much. – [Justin] Yeah. – [Zack] This is too
much for me right now. – Neil, check out your new living room. – (shouts) Whoo. (laughs) – Isn’t this amazing? Look how much space. There’s so much space in here. – It’s, it’s, uh, really minimal. – So, what we did is we really loved these gray walls that you already had. So, what we did is we
got rid of all the colors to just make this vibrant gray just pop. – And we got rid of
your really comfy couch and bought you one of
these off a yard sale. Ever see one of these? – Yeah. – I think this looks like a
spaceship chair or something. – What if I have people
over, like, a girl? – So, Neil, this is you, this is the girl, and all you have to do
is a little bit of that. – [Zack] See what’s happening? It’s easy. – So, Neil, bad news, good news. – What? – We actually went $1,200 over budget. – Sorry. – This cost $2,000? – No, no, silly, the
redesign did not cost $2,000. But this did. – Check it out.
– [Justin] (shouts) Look at this. Flat screen TV. We got the ESPN package.
We got NFL Network. We got NBA League Pass. We got MLB. We got HBO. Look at this thing. Look at this thing. – Oh (beep). (shouts) – The TV actually cost $2,500. – But after we sold all of the furniture, we were able to buy the
purchase of his dreams. Hey, we did a good job. (laughs) – [Neil] I was a little
worried at the beginning, but they really came through. I got this sick TV. It’s so big. I really think that I’m going to be able to get over Michelle right now. It’s just amazing. Zack and Justin, you did it again. Thank you. I have a sick new TV and life’s perfect. (techno music)

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