100 thoughts on “IKEA Small Spaces – Small ideas

  1. the first one " find a hiding place for that ladder… annoying. they should put that lamp some where else. the couch can fit under the bed and the stool use as a stool you only need 2. the kids have the other 2 . what's up with no end table? at least 1 with a draw. all the furniture moving was stupid. better yet a rope ladder . perfect more space for both the children and parents. also a plush pouf seat is good when being with children. she is going to develop knee problems.

  2. girl with that face and body will never live in this apartment, cuz whatever she does it will lead her to happy life, thats factual truth.

  3. I love how IKEA embraces minimalism as well! I think they're such an amazing company, and it's astonishing what they accomplish

  4. Just stop for a second…….. Picture the world as it is and has been for hundreds of years. We live in BOXES. LITTLE BOXES. We go to school, to work and we go from one little box into another. We work most of the day and our whole lives in order to pay for these boxes. For most people on this earth, it`s all we are working for: Our boxes. Some don`t even get a box or they don`t have the money to pay for it. Now IKEA comes along and tells us how wonderful it can be for 6 people to live in one little tiny box… Meanwhile, some people buy whole estates and they buy BIIIIIIIIIG BOXES with many boxes in them, even their cars have more space than these 6 people in IKEA`s presentation… I think we have to change our way of thinking and it should be for humanity`s benefit, our benefit. Something is going very wrong in our society. Don`t you think? Oh, BTW. I like this video….

  5. The thing with the walk-in-closet: you need twice the space to reach your stuff. You need a walking alley in the closet and a walking alley around the bed.

  6. This works predominantly for ikea not for people in general. What about sound and noices, curtains won't block those and at night the light behind those drapes shows your silhouette, not very private. This is just a marketing commercial and that's ok but don't sell this sugarcoated messages as though you care for smart innovation for people's privacy. Who makes this up, really? sigh….

  7. Oh btw I forgot about the farting part. What about that with curtains and six people. I can smell that rat;-)

  8. 6 people in a Shoe Box… If 1 catches the Flu, Swine Flu, The Clap, Crabs, Thrush, Rabies.. Then you all get it…. 🤪🤪🤪

  9. That whole friend arrangement is fun until you heard your mates fucking in the middle of the night.

  10. No, not really. You have space in emptiness. So put everything in the walls to create this space. When you need a bed, make it comes out of the walls. Same for the kitchen. The living room must come out from the floor. With an elevating system. And the top of the room must offer another space or a view on the sky. Both. I have many ideas… Designers don’ t have. Why ? Not enough creative I suppose…🙄

  11. Ikea plz bring on smart space saving furniture I’ll b the first one to buy my two room house is a mess..

  12. When my mum runs out of space ( as she is a hoarder) she just dumps weird stuff in my cupboards like old towels and bedsheets.

  13. nice video but imagine yourself living with 6 friends and 5 are trying to sleep and 1 of them is having sex in his "bedroom"

  14. This was an innovative video, but it also made me feel we are going to feel pressured to lower our expectations in the future in North America. No more wide open spaces.

  15. 1:50 In translation text it says in finnish: "Here is six friends. And this is their summerhome." Like…we can see it's a summer gottage, but why she say "This is where they live."?

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