I’m a Mermaid?! Personalized Mermaid Framed Home Decor (No-Line Coloring)

– [Voiceover] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another video at
my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be
using a brand new stamp set from The Greeting Farm
called Little Mermaids. You guys know I wouldn’t
be able to resist using this stamp set. And the thing that I really
love about a stamp set is that there are four
small mermaid images and I happen to have
three fantastic friends, our little group of
friends we like to travel and we know each
other really well. We have a thread on our
phones, a texting thread, we’re constantly chatting, and all four of us, I just
thought it’d be super fun to create either a card
or a home decor piece that has four mermaids
and color each mermaid to look like each one of us. So I’m going to stamp
all four mermaids in some French
Ultramarine Archival Ink and I’m stamping it off first
onto some scratch paper. I’m just using a sticky note, and then onto some hot press
watercolor paper from Arches. I’m going to use a size
four round paint brush to do some painting and I’m using some
Distress Inks to do this. I’m going to go ahead and
speed up the video process and turn on some music. I haven’t done this in a while, I thought you guys
would enjoy it. So sit back and relax
while I paint this picture. (“Hotshot 2” by Niklas Ahlstrom) Okay, so all of the painting
is pretty much done. I’m going to zoom out here
and you can see my palette. This is a palate
from Art Impressions. It’s fantastic for
smooshing your ink pads on or even using some
markers on this surface to pick it up and
watercolor with it. Using my Big Shot
machine to use those dies that I showed at the
beginning of the video. These are the coordinating guys for the Little Mermaids stamp
set from The Greeting Farm and these are going to cut
out those images perfectly. It’s going to leave a
little bit of a white border around the edge of the images but in this case I think that
will work to my advantage because I’m going to
have these images on top of an ink blended background. For that background I’m
cutting some more Arches hot press watercolor paper and
I’m cutting to five by seven. I’ve decided at this point that
it’s not going to be a card but instead I’m going
to put it in a frame and put it in my craft room. So I’m going to arrange those
four mermaids in the center, just to make sure that they’re going to
fit on there just right and then I’m going
to put those aside and start ink blending
on some different colors. This is the color Shaded Lilac and I want it to really extend
up high and quite down far on the bottom portion because the mermaids
are going to cover up the entire center area of this
piece of watercolor paper. Now using Tumbled Glass. I’m using very,
very pale colors. I want it to look very
ethereal and fairy-like almost even though these are mermaids. They are magical, of course. And then I moved
on to Spun Sugar and I’ll finish those colors out by adding some pink up in
that top corner of that area. So after I had all of
the ink blending done I moved on to a little bit
of some water droplets. Just to make sure I have everything still
looking pretty good and the colors are
in the right area, I checked one more time
with all of those mermaids and then I’m going to break
out my Distress sprayer and I’m going to spray some
water into the palm of my hand and then let that drip down
onto my ink blended surface. Distress inks are
reactive with water so I’m going to be able
to use a paper towel and pick up these water droplets and it gives a sort
of bleaching effect to all of those blended areas. Once again, I’m going
for that ethereal look and I think this really
lends itself to that. I use my heat tool
just to dry the surface of that watercolor paper. And then I took some
foam adhesive from 3M, this is just some foam
tape, and added some squares behind the mermaids
to adhere them. I did double up on the adhesive
on a couple of the mermaids because they’re
overlapping the other ones that are adhered
with one foam tape. So I had to double it up so
that it would look right. So I doubled up that foam tape and then adhered that
down onto the mermaids. So I went ahead and finished putting the foam
adhesive on the other mermaids and then they’re in the
exact spot where I want them. To finish off this area I’m
going to add some sequins. So I’m gonna be using two
different sizes of sequins from Darice, this is
the color of crystal. It’s my favorite, absolute
favorite color of sequins. I’m using the eight millimeter
and the five millimeter. The thing that I love about
these particular sequins is that it takes on the color
of whatever is underneath it. If you can see that those
ones over on the left side look a little bit
more purple and blue and then over the pink area they look almost more
pinkish and yellow. These are kind of like an
iridescent type sequins and they’re
absolutely beautiful. I love these sequins. I use them all the time. So I’m using my tweezers and also some Ranger
multi medium matte to adhere the sequins down. This will hold the
sequins really well. And then I’m using a clear
sparkle pen from Spectrum Noir and I’m going to
add some sparkle onto some areas
onto the mermaids. I did squeeze that brush
or that pen off to the side and got quite a bit
of glitter coming out and wanted the glitter
to be very concentrated and so I’m dabbing on the
glitter to each of these areas. Because I did all my
painting with Distress Inks, and like I mentioned earlier
they are reactive to water, I did want to make sure
that I kind of cleaned off that tip of the brush before I
moved on to the next mermaid. This makes it so the
colors don’t transfer between the mermaids. I had to do that to all of them, especially when
I colored the top on that red and purple mermaid. The red really came
off onto the brush and I had to clean off
the tip of the brush before I moved on. So after I had all that
sparkle I was pretty much done. I’m gonna lift this up so you
guys can see it in the light, all that sparkle and
shine from the sequins. I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. I will catch you guys on
Monday for another card video. Until then, thank you
so much for watching and I’ll catch ya next time. (upbeat music)

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