Immersion – Space Invaders in Real Life | Rooster Teeth

Immersion – Space Invaders in Real Life | Rooster Teeth

Gavin: Space Invaders! It’s an arcade classic where aliens invade earth. Gavin: In the game, the aliens move completely in unison, in an extremely predictable pattern. Gavin: Now, surely knowing the pattern would give you a huge advantage. Or would it?! Aliens: Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh! Gavin: In this very special episode of Immersion, we’ve come to our Rooster Teeth alien defense station here at the first RTX Australia convention. Gavin: And this is mankind’s last chance at survival. Michael: What the hell is this? Gavin: I’m a scientist now. Michael: I leave for like two episodes and you’re a scientist now? Gavin: I did all the science. Look at the science. Barbara: He’s upgraded. Michael: You’ve downgraded. Gavin: Alright. Barbara: As you know, in Space Invaders, an alien army marches in unison, slowly making their way towards Earth. Barbara: Our lab rats will man a gun turret. One pushing left and right, and the other aiming and firing. Barbara: The alien army will be armed with a variety of projectiles. Barbara: And if the alien army reaches our lab rats, humanity loses. Gavin: Lads, ready? Michael: Ready to try with my new best teammate, ever. Barbara: That’s, that’s cold.
Michael: Not you. Gavin: Oh, it cuts me so deep. Gavin: Alright, so Michael and Ryan have seven lives. Gavin: Each successful hit from an alien will take off one life. Gavin: So, uh, let’s see how they do. Michael: Well. Ryan: This is, uh, this is the best Earth could do, huh? Michael: Don’t we have tanks and shit? Ryan: Nah, just Nerf. Michael: What’s the strategy here? What, what’s your plan Ryan?
Ryan: Uh Ryan: I think we run and hide. Barbara: Alright guys, you ready? Three, two, one, invade! Michael: Alright. Jesus! Ryan: Alright. Ryan: Michael, would you hit something please?! Michael: I’m trying! It’s the gun, it’s not me. I have, my controller’s broken! Ryan: I need you to kill somethin’! Barbara: They’re so fucked. Ryan: My goal is one. Hey we got one! Michael: I got one! Ryan: Alright! Only a thousand more to go. Michael: Go, go, go! Go to the right, go to the right. Jesus, you’re gonna kill me. Ryan: This is really hard here. Michael: I have, I gained weight for the movie, okay! They told me I needed to! Ryan: Jesus, man. Michael: Our defenses are going to shit, it’s awful out here!
Ryan: If only we used something stronger than boxes! Michael: Get the hell out of here! Ryan: Aww yeah, get ’em, we’ll get them on low cover here. Michael: Ungh.
Ryan: There you go. Michael: Take that you yellow scum! Michael: Push, push Ryan! Push like you’re pregnant! I need safety, get me behind the wall! Ryan: I didn’t take lamaze class, I don’t know how! Michael: Oh, Jesus. Gavin: All their ammo’s down. Do you see that? Have they noticed? Ryan: Have we got any bullets left?
Michael: Oh, I’m running out of bullets, I’m running out of bullets! Ryan: The position, look out! Woah!
Michael: I got one, we’re gonna need to reload! Ryan: This is our last base. Michael: Jesus Christ! Michael: Where’s the ammo?! Ryan, it’s back there!
Ryan: Aw, shit!
Michael: The ammo’s back there, go get it! Michael: Go push us back, pull us back! Holy shit! Ryan: Dude, you’re gonna have to get out and walk here a minute. This is really hard.
Michael: I’m not walking shit. Michael: Ryan!
Ryan: Hold it in! Michael: We have no defenses left!
Ryan: Ah, incoming! Michael: Move, move, move! Ryan: Get the pink, get the pink!
Michael: I got, ow, ow.
Ryan: Oh. A direct hit. Michael: *Cough* *Cough* Ryan: And backing up.
Michael: Wait I need ammo. Gavin: They’re actually not doing bad. They’re about halfway through but the aliens are really speeding up. Barbara: They gotta go faster too. Michael: Ah, I can’t see.
Ryan: Let me see. Ah, it’s locked up. Michael: I can’t see through the goggles. Michael: Oh my God, I’m not even pushing and I’m out of fucking breath. Ryan: Aw, pink is gettin’ close.
Michael: Let’s go, let’s go. Ryan: Get pink!
Michael: I’m tryin’! Michael: Oh shit! I got some splash damage, I got some splash damage. Michael: I’m gettin’ my ass kicked. Gavin would do a better job than this! Ryan: Bullshit! Gavin couldn’t move you an inch! Michael: He’d be doing it like a teammate Ryan. Ryan: Oh, that was a hit.
Michael: Ohhhh.
Ryan: That was another hit. Michael: My abdomen! *cough* *cough* Ughhhh, unghhhh Barbara: They’re sure complaining a lot about water balloons. Have they ever been to summer camp? Michael: Oh my God
Ryan: Can you see at all? Michael: It is slippery. No, that’s why I’m not using the googles anymore. Michael: But, I did it for Earth.
Ryan: Yeah. Michael: Alright. Go, go , go , go , go, go , go!
Ryan: Aim, fire Earth! Michael: Alright, we’re doin’ good, we’re doin’ good. I’m, I, I, I. Did I get one?
Ryan: I am shocked. Michael: Oh, I got ’em, I got ’em. Ok. Michael: This is, dude this is goin’ well. This, this is actually workin’ out!
Ryan: Awww, the Earth is doin’ okay. Michael: Oh
Ryan: Aw, shit! Ah, no. Ah.
Michael: Oh God, it went in my mouth! It went in my mouth! Gavin: Oh, in his face. Barbara: It’s like alien bukkake just happened all over Michael. Ryan: Can we just stay over here now? Ryan: Look, here’s the thing
Michael: Paint tastes fuckin’ disgusting. Ryan: We’ll give ’em Chicago, nobody wants it anyway. Michael: Dude, I don’t give a shit. Ryan: Whadda we got? Michael: We got, uh, a lot of green shit in the gun.
Ryan: Oh shit, they’re goin’ fast. Michael: It’s dripping. Michael: Alright, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
Ryan: Eat fire, Earth. Ryan: Knock ’em out, knock ’em out! Hoo! Barbara: Ya know, I think they’re doing too good of a job right now. Gavin: They’re gettin’ through ’em.
Barbara: We need to stop ’em. Gavin: Release the mothership! Gus: To victory, and Earth! Michael: Aw, what the hell is that?
Ryan: Holy Shit! Michael: What is that fuckin’ freak?! Look at it!
Ryan: Ah, my eyes! Michael: Put some fuckin’ clothes on. Jesus! Ryan: He’s shooting at us too!
Michael: It’s just everywhere! Ryan: He’s offensive to the face and the eyes.
Michael: He’s got a ladle! Michael: Oh, shit! Ryan: Didn’t you do a movie about this?! Michael: Yes, and it, we were terrible! Ryan: Oh.
Michael: Fuck, Ryan. Gavin: Oh, and he’s off the cart.
Barbara: Michael! Michael: Go, go, go, go, go pushing, keep pushing.
Ryan: Go, you’re not on. Gavin: Oh, and again. Now they’re down to two, immediately. Michael: Fuck. Oh God, oh God. The blue’s so close, the blue’s so close, the blue’s so close. Michael: Go, go, go!
Ryan: Ugggghhhhh. Michael: I’m trying, it’s jammed! I’m not, it’s always jammed! God dammit!
Ryan: Make the counter crack! Do anything! Michael: The military fucked us! This equipment is faulty. Michael: Oh, shit!
Ryan: Oh, shit! Barbara: Oh man, Gus got them right in the face.
Gavin: Oh! Now, that’s their final life and the aliens are entering the Earths atmosphere. Gavin: I can’t believe how close this is actually.
Barbara: They have no more chances. Michael: This is the choice we’ve made. We’re gonna defend the Earth or we’re gonna die trying. Michael: I am not, I’m not getting out of my seat!
Ryan: It’s, stop complaining! Gavin: They’re taking too long to reload. They’ve gotta take out those last four aliens.
Barbara: Oh, no. Michael: Come on, come on. Get in there.
Ryan: Oh, shit. I, the track is gone! Ryan: There’s no track anymore.
Michael: The track is gone. Ryan: I think this is it!
Michael: I think we’re done for. Gavin: This is literally their last chance.
Barbara: Ooh. Oh my God, they could
Gavin: They have to shoot ’em now. Michael: Ungh. There’s so many jammed in, there’s like 19 bullets in the fucking chamber! Michael: We’re fucked! Gavin: The gun is completely jammed, it’s like he’s wrestling with it.
Barbara: Shoooot. Michael: This is war, war is hell!
Ryan: Come on man, you’ve gotta fire! Barbara: Throw the gun!
Michael: We’re fucked, we’re fucked Ryan. Ryan: Alright. Michael: No, they’re kicking our shield.
Ryan: It’s over. Michael: Nooooo!
Gavin: No, it’s over.
Ryan: Aw! Barbara: So are we dead now technically?
Gavin: Technically yea, we, we were there.
Barbara: Oh. Gavin: We were on Earth, so uh, we’re done for.
Barbara: So, does Gus rule Earth now? Michael: Ugh, God. Michael: Did I get any in my eye?
Ryan: I mean, like not right in the center of it. Gavin: Well guys, Earth took an absolute pounding. But it was very close. What do you think the downfall was? Michael: This. Gavin: It did get gooped up pretty badly.
Michael: It got gooped so hard. Gavin: What’s fascinating to me is you had these walls,
Michael: Yup. Gavin: you had this block,
Michael: Yup.
Gavin: yet somehow your penis took the brunt of, look, stand up, stand, look at this. Gavin: How did that, how did he get so messy?
Michael: It’s just such a big target I think everyone just aimed for it. Barbara: Well, clearly you guys didn’t do too well and Earth is doomed now forever.
Gavin: You doomed us all. Barbara: So, Gus, congratulations. You guys are officially the winners. Gus: Thank you. I’d like to speak to my aliens, so get out of here.
Barbara: Ok.
GAvin: Let’s get out of here. Gus: So most of you sucked, four of you did good. So there’s only one thing really left to do. And, uh, that’s finish off the human race. Gus: Sorry guys. Ryan: Can I sign up for the alien team? Gus, Yeah, yeah. We had a good HR person. Ryan: Oh cool, alright. Uh, have fun man. Michael: Are you kidding me?
Ryan: You’re fine. Gus: Finish him!

61 thoughts on “Immersion – Space Invaders in Real Life | Rooster Teeth

  1. The military should have given Ryan and Michael better weapons and now General Simmons is the ruling of the Earth

  2. Gavin: Lads ready
    Michael: ready to it with my new best team mate…ever..not you
    Gavin:….cuts me so deep

  3. "we'll give 'em Chicago, nobody wants it anyway" ouch Ryan… That hurts me. But yeah even people who live here don't wanna be here

  4. don't they know the strategy of picking off the aliens by the ends so they have to travel farther from side to side in order to move forward?

  5. At the Last 4 Its gonna be a Faulty Loss Right at the End…With No Tracks and Messed Up Nerf That's All.

  6. Ryan: look …heres the thing… breathing heavily very exhausted we'll give em Chicago nobody wants it anyway.
    Best part of the vid 3:46

  7. People complaining about how the gun is jamming.
    What other gun product could they use that's safe? They gotta use Nerf stuff, and unfortunately that stuff is prone to jamming when you fire a fuckton.

  8. Gavin:Release the Mother Ship!!
    Gus walks out in his underwear

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