Impeachment Trial: Watch LIVE Senate Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump day two

Impeachment Trial: Watch LIVE Senate Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump day two

100 thoughts on “Impeachment Trial: Watch LIVE Senate Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump day two

  1. No we do not consider Trump are Lord and Savior it's we know who are Lord and Savior is and he will be the one that puts Trump back in the White House because there is no one above are God

  2. Churchill waa once told off by the Speaker for saying a pariamentrary colleague lied. He responded "I apologise and withdraw my remarks. Instead I point out that the honourable gentleman is not incapable of a terminological inexactitude".

  3. Hakeem needs to sit down…let the professionals handle it…no wait…all you’ve got left is Schitt that won’t work

  4. Why am i not seeing evidence, no matter how hard i look, while these demons have convinced themselves of overwhelming evidence ? Welcome to one of the Fake news channel.

  5. Leave our pren president alone let him do his work PEOPLE he is doing a great job heNEVER did. Any thing wrong PRAY FOR HIM PEOPLE

  6. Initially you said Iran's relation for Soleimani didn't injure anyone. We now know 11 service members were airlifted. Can you explain?

    TRUMP: I can report it's not very serious

    R: You don't consider a potential brain injury serious?

    TRUMP: Ah, you'd have to ask DoD. watch?v=xcIBY7SdiaI

  7. Why is it that no one is talking about an Arabe that’s up in the polls to become president in the Dominican Republic so close to the USA.
    Why an Arabe is using a Spanish first and last name ?
    🤷‍♂️ Not cool
    People need to smell the coffee.
    I’m talking about presidential candidate In the Dominican Republic ( under Cuba )

    He’s name is Luiz Abinader
    That election it’s before the US election in May.
    911 was by US born Arabs.

    Can a Arab born in the Dominican Republic as president attack the US with nuclear warheads ?
    Can a president Mack that move ?
    we’re to distracted by Nancy Pelosi’s political war.
    I was a Democrat, Was….

  8. Trump does not need foreign aid in getting reelected
    He can and will wup you demon rats again in another landslide victory.
    It's you demon rats who are corrupt. Spending all that money on pens and platters ,I hate to think what you spend that we don't know about. Probably a small fortune in booze in Pelosi office

  9. Lol this shits crazy.. I honestly don’t see nothing that was wrong… if someone steals Shit from your house or something was done to your house would you not ask your neighbor to keep a eye out or ask the police to keep a look out? I don’t ever like getting involved in politics but I’m intrigued by this. Bill Clinton’s embarrassing impeachment for getting a bj shit I should have my license revoked I love road head. Lol to me it’s a clear cut case of our way no way kinda people colliding. And now here we are

  10. 🇺🇸This is Trump country..where on a quite day, you can actually hear GOP corruption eroding our democracy!
    #BrokenAmerica #NeverVoteGOPAgain 😡

  11. This is a lesson to all Americans elect cunts like Pelosy ,Schiff,Schumer.Nadler.who put their own agenda first and country and its infrastructure on the lowest step.Democratic voters are silent knowing this impeachment is very fake and yet they pray in silence for Trump to vacate the white house. They have forgotten that Pence will then be President and if pence fails then the Chief Justice takes over matters.Hillary's loss is an epidemic virus which has sickened the Democratic voters and their candidates .impeachment is a due process with hard and concrete evidence with which Bill Clinton got away because then the Democrats acquitted a true guilty sperms smearing President.once the CIA hatched a plot to bomb and kill Americans on American soil and blame it all on was not approved by then President was a disgraceful saga called Operation North woods.the whole world is laughing Putin the loudest.this is true collusion

  12. I can’t believe I watched this for this damn idiot show to broadcast other shows ! How do you breakaway FROm the trial! I will be unfollowing this and not following up. Very unprofessional

  13. This USA president is too Arrogant. Vote for him to remove from office. He do not hear other's opinion and speak arrogantly.

  14. how this man love to listen to himself, it is all bs and he knows it ,that is to confused and make us believe he is telling the truth, oh what a farce, that man is so corrupt,he certainly can speak and look so convincing that is why Pelosi put him there,she knew that will confuse and convince many Americans to believe Schiff is telling the truth., oh what a great tragedy for America, can we survive such a horrible concocted impeachment
    hoax,may be ,may be not,this is going to divide us,a very dangerous move by the democrats to remove a duly elected President,what a shame for this country to have to endure this , I PRAY FOR US ,if they could succeed to remove our President,but they will not,otherwise all hell will brake in America, you will see,

  15. Biden was at the top of the polls.
    That's a stretch.
    A more better description would be that biden was the best looking horse at the glue factory.
    What ever happened to this pathetic dem party.
    It has become the dem wake.
    Oh and remember Trump 2020.
    Make these dem swamp things see reality.
    They still don't realize that they lost in 2016.
    They need to repeat class.
    Until they dam well learn.
    Eat s**t each and every one of you hopeless hapless so called dems.

  16. Does anyone honestly believe that a trial where neither witnesses or evidence is allowed to be presented is a fair trial?

    By voting against the presentation of evidence or witness testimony, Republican Senators have removed all doubt that they have no integrity and put their political future and the Republican Party ahead of the country and that they are willing to cover up all misconduct by Donald Trump, effectively placing him and future Presidents above the law and directly subverting the intent of the Founders of United States and out Constitution. The precedent will be set that Presidents are above the law and can act with impunity without fear of accountability or consequences. Make no mistake, we are on the precipice of turning our Democratic Republic into a dictatorship in order to further short-term gain and political expediency for the Republican Party. Our country will be permanently altered if the Senate chooses political expediency for the Republican Party over our Constitution, the law and impartial justice. The American people better be aware of the permanent damage that will be done to our Democratic Republic and our future before they support what the Republican majority is doing.

    The stakes could not possibly be higher and the American people damn well better understand the consequences of a sham trial and placing the President of the United States above the law.

  17. I'm so sorry America 🇺🇸 I am in tears right now. May God give their families strength. HEROES FOREVER.

  18. Pathetic.
    The US establishment have spent the last 3 years trying to undo the "wrong" election result of 2016.
    Their behaviour betrays their contempt for democracy; they couldn't accept 2016 and wouldn't wait for 2020.

  19. I know trump has put his foot in his mouth many times he has spoken without wisdom what he did is not impeachable to me they're only trying to get him out because of their great dislike for him The democrats are only playing politics They all need to sit down especially Nancy Pelosi.

  20. Democrats should be ashamed justice would be to see them charged for hate crimes what a waste of tax payers money could've gone to a better cause

  21. When some Americans were asked if they are watching the Senate
    impeachment trials on television, many said no, their reasoning, boring, not
    entertaining, as if what’s good for you, must be both entertaining and taste
    good, which in reality is seldom the case. I’ve never heard chemotherapy
    refused because it made one feel ill and caused hair fallout, the cure can be unpleasant
    to watch and to experience, but if we as a uncorrupted nation is to endure, a
    little unpleasantness is such a small price to pay. No? just ask those that
    risked their lives fighting the American Revolution or in the American Civil War,
    neither boredom nor entertainment was even considered an option that must first
    be explored, they just got on with it, as we the now living are so glad they
    did what they did, entertained or not…I suspect mostly not…

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  25. Mr.Pesident sleep well in your White House. Don,t think to much on the Middle East where your soldiers are while you argue about to save your job and you really do not care about those soldiers far from there home. Mr.president don,t think to much on all those dead people by a mistake bombardment. Sleep well mr. president.
    Do not think at all the front soldiers ,dying in the sand of the Far East. Dream only from you how good you are for the country. Do not think on the woman and children who do not have any food and are murdered.don,t forget the 10 commandments which you as a christen for sure President sleep tide.

  26. I am so sick of this bs over 4 years of acting like assholes treating people like crap.these people are supposed to making America better but they attacked and hate lie steal our money.what's worse they weaponized people against people and people are stupid enough to fall for is a disgrace and they should all be gone and shame on the American people for acting like monsters.

  27. This whole thing is stupid. It won't turn into anything but a waste of time. When it's all over nobody's mind will have changed and everything will still be the same

  28. Trump is the worst criminal and president in history. This just shows that if you have money you can be a moron and still be president of the USA. So sad.

  29. Dems still fishing for crime? Because Dems are more arrogant , they want more political power or to cover their corruption! Adam Schiff, Nadler and all dems have zero credibility! “TRUMP has exposed the lies and corruption of the left.” —- This is the reason why democrats hate President Trump to the crazy degree ! Impeachment won’t affect my vote this president has worked FOR the people !

  30. Liberal democrats are the most hypocritical people i have ever met in my life. how shameful. all because they hate God and His commands. that is the root of all they are about. hating God and His Word.


  32. They keep overlooking the fact of the crooked, corrupt shit the bidens were doing & all Trump said was to look into it. Not to fabricate anything untrue, just to look into it. Democrats don't care about that, just to find an excuse to turn it around on Trump & once again cover up illegal democratic actions!!

  33. New Congress member creates stir by saying of Trump: “We’re going to impeach this motherfucker!”

    Rashida Tlaib went there — right away.

    By Aaron [email protected]  Jan 4, 2019, 10:15am EST
    6months before any phone call 

  34. Words out of those low-life partisan do-nothing but lying DemonRats will not convince anyone! All they has accomplished is giving people big laugh, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……..

  35. As I said a few months ago, this guy is a chronic psychopath, empower hyper thyroidism, you can notice it in his acute exophthalmos. A very bad combination of symptoms for a hater.








  37. Constitutional Remedy, indeed! What is the Constitutional Remedy for people like you, Adam Schiff, who continue to go on and on with totally fallacious and unscrupulously false and maliciously fabricated narratives? 😏

  38. Joe Biden, oh yeah what a threat. He cant fill a small restaurant of people. Continues to sniff on young girls. Makes no sense in the sentences he tries to structure. KornPop, hairy legs in the pool with young children on his lap, biting his wife finger. What a kook. Looking forward to presidential debates. If joe wins demo side, itll be epic to see him try to keep up… big IF. SORRY joe … aint happening…

  39. To all you TRUMP supporters… as a republican, I have been watching this trial and what a crazy mess! An then yesterday 1-22-20…Trump expressed that he wants to take away social security from all Americans after he is reelected. I'll bet you won't see this on FOX news! I didn't. So all of you with grey hair like me, look in the mirror and watch your grey hair turn white while you go back to work. Those of you that have earned what you are getting, will end if he is reelected. FACT! Lets find a better candidate for our party. If not, than you choose to go back to work! Shame on you! For those who don't read and just watch these TRUMP videos or FOX news, your future work schedule will be long and miserable based on your lack of education and being brain washed by news channels. Those of you that are in the stock market, save your dividend because if you are old enough to remember, This market will crash again when these types of things happen with a president like this. Our Republican Party has let us down again! God didn't bless us with this guy! Another FACT….Trump and family bankrupted 2 contractors that I worked with years ago and didn't care a bit.They both were god fearing people that wanted to make a better living and TRUMP took that away from him…….Wake up people! I'm not a robot….only you that believe in a criminal like TRUMP and FOX news.

  40. The country is already difficult to run as a human president. Imagine being impeached and having to run it as a fruit.

  41. Are you demoncratic weirdos proud of your brother that killed his boss just because he believed in Trump! You all are Nuts

  42. It's simple… He is our president and leader of the most powerful country on the planet. As a citizen if you get harassed, there's some repercussions. If this isn't a blatant show of harassment, treason and basically conspiracy to commit a coup as well as oh, they're basically trying to alter the election as they're accusing him of. There's only one answer for that crime and all the bullshit these libtards are committing. You charge him, you convict them, and then you marching straight to the North Lawn and publicly hang them for those crimes. I mean really? Laughing joking and fist-bumping a washed-up failed comedian on Late Night with that hack Bill Maher?! And publicly thrashing the leader of the country that you're in. You got to go or is John Wick would say… Your ass is excommunicado! This bullshit about allowing and abusing that first amendment horseshit… It's ridiculous and it needs to be redone. For anyone much less Network television to publicly thrashing, defaming, accusing, calling him names, and all the other bullshit that no other country would put up with… They should be held accountable and suffer the consequences of treason. It makes us as a whole look ununified as a country as well as the president along with all of us that put him in office… Look weak and that's why they try to take advantage of us all of the time. Because we fly that come one come all, that freedom land of opportunity bullshit flag. Therefore just throwing up the White Flag saying to all… Take a boat, climb a fence, hijack a plane… Your destination is the US oh, come on Inn do as you will. it's just got to stop before this actually won't be America any longer. Once America was founded, the Constitution was written… It was for Americans, not for every Outsider to come in here and rewrite it to fit their cultures.for instant, any Muslim that says…Shia law should supersede and override OUR constitution… a threat,a radical, and should be excommunicado at the very least, deported immediately. The Mexican issue and our borders. they are taking over like an infestation of roaches… Literally. I've been in my neighborhood 40-plus years and everyone used to know everyone. But by attrition, coyotes are buying up houses and then renting them or renting and then subletting… To a family if someone that may or not be legal. Didn't the issue after that, couple weeks later you can bet every relative they have in Mexico or South America that are definitely illegal… Will be there turning our neighborhoods into little Juarez slums, with 10 cars in the yard, 15 people in the house, roosters in the backyard I could go on with the bulshit culture that they're trying to impose on our decent neighborhoods, but this is long enough as it is but you get the point. This is a God-fearing, and basically Christian Nation. I wonder how we would be treated as a Christian moving into their neighborhoods especially in a Muslim State overseas. this fantasy dream about mixing the pot and throwing all the DNA in the gene pool and living happily ever after is never ever going to happen with mankind. If you want a Muslim culture in nation, keep your asses over there. same with Hispanics or any other culture coming into this country. first thing you do is learn our language, then you make your ass legal, then if you want to practice a certain religion… Keep it to your damn self. Because here… It's In God We Trust! if I wanted to hear that chanting bulshit, or the music or the language or see those eyesore mosques, I would move right in the middle of it over there. Because basically in my area I'm being forced to live in Juarez basically… Of course I take care of shit to wear I nip a lot of that in the bud before it starts but Americans shouldn't have to deal with this shit. like a fire marshal and the regulations of buildings nightclubs whatever… At some point we're going to have to call capacity limit and if you are not born here you're not staying and if you don't want to be separated from your loved ones after illegals having children here, then I suggest you packed up a bag and take them with you because we have got to stop at some point and say… We're taking no more residents out of country

  43. That's all y'all want is power and someone to have to say may I please! You're pissed because no one jumps and dances to your beat oh, and the fact that he beat the libtards in 2016 and you are afraid is shit that is going to do it again in 2020. I trademark the new nickname I'm given to the libtards of this Witch Hunt… The treasonous 8! They all should be taken to the North Lawn of the White House, hung for treason and conspiracy to commit a coup as well as what they're accusing him of… Trying to alter the outcome of the 2020 election by slandering and hoping it will harm Trump's chances for re-election. Then well hanging around doing nothing and limp… Take those celebratory goofy ink pens that the Wicked Witch of the swamp and her 8 odor horde libtards used and there infamous ceremony, and vigorously into each one of their chests, staple a note reading… We showed him, he'll be impeached forever… We are the treasonous 8. And the whole under our noses will open no more

  44. I'd March that Wicked Witch of the swamp and the other seven ogre liberal retards out on the North Lawn after convicting her of treason and conspiracy to commit a coup on a sitting president… Because after all it's obvious with her Reckless and immature actions and late night tour on television, it's personal and unjust… Then I would hang their ass for treason! And then with the theatrical ink pens with her goofy ass signature on them… I would ever so vigorously stamp into their chest with a note attached reading… Here hanging around doing absolutely nothing as if I'm on Congress floor, hangs the treasonous 8… And this is what happens when you commit treason an attempted coup as well as hinder his 2020 election of the president of the United States. But we showed him, he's impeached forever ,and now we're hung forever. Someone better do something about this bitch,that it looks like she's got something up her ass when she walks and these other band of cretins that have done nothing but harass the president of the United States and publicly as well. Someone best school someone else, change some laws, excommunicado the First Amendment, Etc… This shit wouldn't float in any other country. There's a difference between free speech, and publicly trying to harm, embarrassed, call out, Mark, call names, and all the other bullshit to the sitting leader of the country making us look ridiculous as a whole and the leader week for putting up with it and it shouldn't be allowed… no wonder other countries just keep prodding the bear, what's he gonna do,if his own country allow this shit?! Fuck that Free Speech shit when it comes to talking like that about the leader of the country that you're in. If the people vote in…ANYONE, deal with it…OR GET THE HELL OUT if you don't like it…crawl back under or over the border walls,get your asses on a plane or boat,etc…AND GET TO STEPPIN!!! I'm getting sick of the flagrant disrespect HORSESHIT from all these libtards, and best step off trump's ass….asap!!!! He's gotten more done in 3 yrs than last 40 years of presidency. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE TO GET THESE MORONS….nasty hag PELOSI, pencil neck schiff, ogre gimp Nadler, that old black bat…who even cares,Heinz 57 mutt Jefferies, and the other 3 nobodies….before they start a civil war, that the liberal Democrat side…cant and will never win. Their writing checks with their mouths and pens….their asses cant cash

  45. Fact: President, Donald J. TRUMP has LIED over 16,241 times thus far! Knowing that, how can anyone believe anything he or his defense team says ?

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