Importing Drawings & Handwriting into Cricut Design Space

Importing Drawings & Handwriting into Cricut Design Space

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Joanna with and today I want to cover
a quick way that you can import drawings, or
handwriting into design space. We’ve seen a lot of projects out there and a lot of requests on how you do that. So I wanted to cover an easy way to do it. And I’m gonna show you
this one with the flowers to import your flowers
and also handwriting. So let’s go over to the design
space and we’ll get started. Okay, so in design
space you want to choose Upload an image, and that’s
over here on the left. Click Upload and Upload image. And then browse, and I’ve
got it on my desktop. The handwriting, and I’ll
explain this handwriting what it means, a little bit later. But I’ve got this handwriting
and it started out just as a picture. So depending on how you
save the handwriting you can either scan it into your computer and you’ve got a clearer version of it. You can use some of the
photo programs on computers and enhance it a bit. This one, it came in pretty
clear so I’m gonna go ahead and use it since it’s
just black and white. So open your image. And where it is just black and white you would want to choose Simple. And then go ahead and
continue and at this point I’m gonna zoom in a little bit, it’s a little hard to see. And then remove your background. And to do that, I’m using
the Select and erase tool. Just clicking on the
background of the parts I don’t want there. So I took the background off in between the D and the A and the O. And there’s a little bit in the E. So now it’s ready to go. So go ahead and press Continue. And I’m gonna use it as a cut file, I won’t ever use it as a printing in cut but you do have that option. I’m gonna use it as a cut
file, so you choose that one. And name it anything you want. I just got this one named Dad’s signature. And then Save. Once you’ve got it saved,
go ahead and click on it. I did it earlier, but I
didn’t use this version. I’ve got it saved. Insert images. Size it to about however large you want it. I want it a little bit almost 10 inches. And then I’m gonna do a
weeding box around it. So choose my square. And then just change the
size of your box to match the size that will fit around your image. Select all of those and Attach. So there I’m ready with that handwriting and it was simple to import in. It depends on how you import your image or how you save your image. This one was easy, where
it was just a clean black and white image. So I’m gonna go ahead and cut it out. Everything is set up. Choose my machine. And cut it. While that’s cutting out let me show you the other one that was done. This one was a drawing that I did just a hand drawing. And I did it the same way,
I took a picture of it and enhanced when I imported
it in on my computer I just took a photo
program and enhanced it and turned it into a black and white. So all you could really
see was just the black and white images. And if you’re not really
sure how to do that there’s a lot of different
tutorials online. They also have free image converters if you’re daring enough to try that that will change JPEG or photo image into an SVG, you can try one of those. This one I just enhanced
and changed the colors so it was a black and white and got that white, the
black outline of the flowers. And then imported it into design space. Cleaned it up in there,
just selected the areas I didn’t want cut. And then set it to cut. So, there’s the drawing
that I started out with. And then, the finished product
of it being cut in vinyl. So there’s so many different
options that you can do with all these different things. I’ve seen a lot of different ones where you use your kids drawings. Or, the kids write a
little note to dad, or mom, or Merry Christmas. I’ve also seen some where you can use a grandmother’s recipe and cut it out in iron on
and put it on a dish towel. There’s so many different things. Once you know how to put it
into design space and use it you can do lots of different projects. So now that this is finished cutting let me show you what it looks like. Just weed it out. I want to make sure I’m not losing any of the, whoops, lost the O there. Not losing any of the letters. There we go. So you see how it converted just from his signature on the letter that I just had a picture of into something that I could now use as a project. Okay, and the reason I did this I have a shelf at home that’s got several of his things on it. My dad recently passed,
and it’s got the flag from his funeral. As well as the bullets, he was in the military,
the bullets from his 21 gun salute that they did at his funeral. And that shelf has several
of those things on it and then this at the bottom I thought it was a fun touch to add to it in his handwriting with his stuff on that shelf. And it just says, Love you, Dad. So there are so many
different options you can use and it’s so easy to import
those images into design space and use them. If you’ve got any questions
on how to do this, the process on it, please leave them below we’d be happy to answer them. Go ahead and share this, like it, and make sure you subscribe to our page. Have a good day. (upbeat music)

26 thoughts on “Importing Drawings & Handwriting into Cricut Design Space

  1. So sorry for your loss. This is a nice tribute to your dad and a nice memorial in your home. A great tutorial as well, thank you!

  2. Can you tell me which photo program and drawing program on it? I would love to try it! Great video! Sorry to hear about your dad.

  3. hi, great video. How do you upload an image ,in this case a birdcage sihouette from clipart to use as a picture on a card but not have it cut out?I'm really struggling to find out how.thanks, linda

  4. what’s the purpose of a weeding box? do you have to do that or can you just cut the handwriting alone without the weeding box?

  5. This is such a great video and I love the tribute you made to your dad. I am interested in using my circuit machine to turn some of my family's loved one's cards into vinyl to put on decorations, is this a good way to do that from a hand written card?

  6. Just what I was hoping for! ( Now…can anyone tell me how to slice a 3d image to build it from cardboard? 🙂 . )

  7. I just got the new Cricut maker and I want it to draw something out that I import. That's the other option, print and cut, correct? Thanks!

  8. Thanks for sharing..So sorry for the lost of your father.I too just had my mother pass.This is such a nice sentiment in his honor..♡

  9. Can I use the same uploading process to upload my own handwriting and have the cricut actually just write/print it out for me, no cut lines? I’m looking into purchasing a cricut but I’m still not clear whether it can just simply replicate and mass produce my own calligraphy – (to utilize metallic inks instead of a regular printer!)

  10. I don’t understand how you got the color. Is it from your printer or the Cricut? I only have one pen holder w my machine (CEA2).
    Also, I uploaded an image and tried to cut it out. The machine kept telling me it was too large, and it was well within the size of the 12 x 12 matte.

  11. Hi, I'm trying to take a template that I have on paper and import it into design space so i can cut it out on vinyl. Once I copy it into my computer will the size stay the same?

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