Impractical Jokers: After Party – A Mural in Progress | truTV

Impractical Jokers: After Party – A Mural in Progress | truTV

of the punishment. And we actually have some
of their earlier demo drawings where there’s little sketches
and stuff like that, ’cause not a lot of people
get to see that kind of stuff. Are these real?
Yeah, these are real. This is the mock-up, one of the
actual drawings that they had. Joe: This is when we found
out we were in a different town in Jersey, and we started to do every
Jersey stereotype that we could. So we put the goomba father. -Bry, you’re from Jersey. -Yeah. You were born
and raised in Jersey. Dad? Does any of this ring as true
or offensive to you? -Like, what’s going on? -Uh, no. Actually, I’ll be honest. This is what we think
of Staten Island. -It is. It’s ubiquitous.
-There’s the mom. -There’s the mom. -Yeah. What are those, fake boobs
and a giant nose? Looks like you
with fake boobs. Fatone: What’s on his shirt? [ Laughter ] -What is on his shirt?
-That I do not know. Is that pigeon crap?
It’s gotta be pigeon crap. And he doesn’t look like a boy.
He’s supposed to be a kid. -He looks like a man.
-I don’t remember this one. Yeah, that one didn’t
get signed off by us. [ Laughter ] Our friend Chris drew these, and that’s a pile of… Fatone: Basically, the dog
marked, you know, the area. Where the area in New Jersey
it was, yeah.

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  1. Guys!!!All four of you are honestly the laughter of my life. Love and laugh to and with all four of you equally. …

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