Impressively skilled bricklayers, Vault construction.

Impressively skilled bricklayers, Vault construction.

The Catalan vault, is a technique of traditional Catalan building. Phone to contact the bricklayer in video description. This technique, when bricklayers are skilled enough, can build with good speed and without using formwork,
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The skill of the bricklayers is the decisive factor in its construction In the seventeenth century, Italian architects and master works that had kept alive the art of vaults, were called by the nobility and the church of the kingdoms of the Iberian peninsula, to build all kinds of buildings. These architects and works of Italian masters to Spain imported the method of «volte di quarto» and initiated in the corresponding technical guilds of masons, which the widely spread throughout the peninsula with a more than remarkable success in Madrid. These vaults have been standing for centuries until today. enduring wars, earthquakes, floods and all kinds of weather. The friar of the Order of the Augustinians, Fray Lorenzo de San Nicolás, that he worked as foreman at the Court of Madrid, popularized the name “Catalan vault» in recognition of the good offices of the masons and master builders of the Principality of Catalonia who worked there, which were distinguished by perfection and showing courage in building the timbrel vaults. … You can contact the brick Layers, the phone number (Mexico) is in the video description. Earthquakes?? no problem, its curved shape, the vault is self-sustaining. and tougher than any flat roof. The Mexican Boveda appears mid-nineteenth century in the states of Querétaro and Jalisco. Contrary to the Catalan Vault, the bricks are glued face, leaving visible singing. They use a handmade common brick of 5 x 10 x 20 centimeters. mortar composed of cement, lime and sand in 1:1:8 ratio. varying according to the craftsman. This craftsman in particular, Hugo Martinez, share their mix in the following video: These vaults support their own weight, and in many cases, they built above them. The craftsmen are true artists, and that take advantage of discolored bricks… or burned bricks to make beautiful designs (see end of video). His work paid per square meter (you can ask for the current price), and the final cost may even be less than a common concrete slab (here in Queretaro). This vault bears a design that the artisan called “mat”.
00:08:20,162 –>00:08:36,358They have been hired to do vaults even overseas. to which gladly have agreed with and hosting diem covered. I asked the craftsman on the possibility of building a second floor. He gives us his explanation about. Artisan — Yes, I have been asked if it is possible to make a second floor above. And I say yes, must fill in the top and is ready to a second floor. Now, many ideas have come filled with bottles in the corners, the deepest part con botellas vacías (PET) filled with empty bottles and so little weight is added. Plastic Bottles?? yes, plastic bottles (PET) and it is little the weight that is aded. what comes charging is this part here, and the walls and they put up a mesh. And that mesh with concrete at least about 5 centimeters, and does not load all the vault but only this part here, and the walls. and if it holds for a second plant, we make a special preparation to hold blocks. do a more low vault. Here are some samples of the work of this artisan. bricks can be cornered, and colors by cooking, make different designs. It is also very common to place the center, a lantern, as skylight. Imagination is the limit of the artisans. The domes can cover very large areas, if the artisan is skillful. This vault has about 20 years since its construction, and it requires a brushed to remove the salt. The vaults are you extremely warm in winter and cool in summer. What is very important is the top cover, mesh and concrete, to provide good waterproofing. In the state of Queretaro, Mexico, the vaults are very common, as you can see. Finished with its layer of concrete, can be waterproofed as any ceiling. Thank you for watching this video, do not forget to subscribe and share it, let your “like”. Comments are welcome.

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  1. Maestros de Maestros son unos Artesanos soy constructor civil en varias areas de las construcciones me saco el casco o sombrero ante Uds SRS con todo mi respeto saludos cordiales muy agradecido de poder aprender cada día más desde provincia de San Luis Argentina

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