In-Person Sales – How to Save Wall Art Galleries in Swift Galleries

In-Person Sales – How to Save Wall Art Galleries in Swift Galleries

hey this is Adrienne with Swift Galleries I
am co-founder and support maven here. I’m going to show you today how you can set
up wall designs wall art designs to have in your Swift galleries account that
will show across all of your clients so what I’m going to do is, when I log into
my Swift galleries account I’m going to go into products and manage templates.
now if you’re a new Swift galleries user you may not have products, I mean for
that matter you don’t have to necessarily be a new user and not have
any products. if you don’t have products you’ll see just like a sentence here
that says “hey you should make some products”. these products that have this
kind of blueish background are my favorite products, and the rest of
these are different colors for these products. I mean that those are actually
different products. I believe that these are like the metal collage wall products,
and these are my wood prints. alright. but what I’m gonna do is show you three
different ways to have to have different templates to use as wall art
galleries for your clients and again this is going to be where you
manipulate and make and delete templates that are going to show up this way
across all of your clients. alright. so. first, I’m going to create a new template
from scratch. I’m going to do this over here on the bottom left. I’m going to
click “create new template”. all right. from here I have a couple
options. I can either click the a key on my keyboard or click this little add
product button. it’s going to add a new product to the wall once I’ve chosen
which one. all right. so I’m gonna look at my categories and I would like to do a canvas wrap. let’s make this super simple.
it’s going to drop me into the largest size that I have in that product.
okay so this is a 30 by 40. now from here let’s say I want to maybe do like one
large center canvas with some maybe some squares around the left side and the
right side. alright. so what I can do is, either I can add a new product and
choose that canvas wrap again, or I can copy this product either by clicking
this copy button or the D key as in duplicate. it will also add that as a new
product. alright. so this is how I prefer to do things. if I’m doing things with
the same product, the same product type, I’m always gonna do this like I want to
do all canvas wraps that are a one and a half inch deep so I’m just gonna copy it
as I go. alright. now I want to change the
size, so either I’m gonna click resize product or the R key is going to give me
my resize options. alright. my 30 by 40 is right here. it shows this is my
current size. let’s see what 16 by 16 is gonna look like. I think that’s a little
too big still. let’s do maybe twelve by twelve. all right. I can do some of these. I’m
gonna apply that and now I’m gonna take this and the D key think duplicate, copy
product button, or the D key and I’m gonna do a few of these and I’m not
gonna worry about them lining up yet and I will show you why in just a second. so
I want to do like four small canvasses. maybe I do a lot of stuff with like
family of four like family portraits. all right. so now I’m going to want to line
things up. I’m gonna move this guy out of the way for a second because I want to
line these up and all I need to do is click and drag and it’s going
to select both of these. I’m going to align these products. I can either click
align here and then choose which way I want to align them. in this case I’d want
to align top or bottom. it doesn’t really matter which way I go. and I’m
going to finish that alignment and I’m going to do the same thing down
here. I can also use the shift key on my
keyboard and as I’m holding shift down I can use my arrow keys so if I want to
align the tops here I can do that just that move a little bit. okay now I’m
going to align these guys. I’ll show you again with the buttons. it’s aligned right again. once you have your products
selected that you want to align you don’t have to click this align products
button and then use the keyboard shortcut of Shift + arrow. you can just
do Shift + arrow straight from here. now I’m going to move this sucker back down. all right. this looks great. I am going to
name this canvas for family of four no matter what the name is.
I’m just making one up. all right. so I’m going to save this as a new template. I
can choose right here if I want it to be a favorite or I can decide later, that’s
fine too. so here is my new template that I have
created right here. alright ,so that’s how to create a template from scratch. now I
want to show you how you can take a template and manipulate and edit this
template. so I’m going to choose the template and click Edit and it’s gonna
bring me back in here. so I’m gonna take these and I can either click and drag, I
want to just take all of these and I just want to do a giant grid of squares.
all right. so I can click and drag over all of these until they’re all selected
or I can use the command a on my keyboard to select them. all right. now I
have multiple products selected. these are all acrylics. I’m going to duplicate
them all and move those over here. alright. now
what I’ll do is just do some quick aligning. they look like they’re really
close they might be all the way aligned. I just I would rather double check while
I’m in manage templates than when I am with a client. all right this is going to be my acrylic
grid, and you know what I’ve decided I don’t really care about that old one
that only had six, I’m just gonna save changes make this template override my
original template. all right, here it is. huh it looks like I already had one. my other
option is to import templates. so in Swift galleries you can import templates
from a set of templates that we have pre-built. so here are all of my
templates. if I click show templates I cannot import, I’ll see those templates
in red and these show me the openings that I don’t have available.
so okay I don’t have a 24 by 36 frame. I would need to make sure that my lab
supports that size product first and add that into my products. I’m not gonna
worry about that right now I’m just gonna load some templates that I
can import. this is frame and and unframed product and all right I’ve
got all those selected. i’m gonna click import templates. it’s gonna tell me hey
you have more than one product for some of these openings you’re going to need
to choose them. so i am going to choose this white distressed framed print. that’s for my sixteen by twenty, that’s
the yellow. 20 by 24, let’s do this espresso. all right
here these are my collage walls. I’m going to do these as metal and apply to
similar products. this is actually one of the collage wall
designs. all right.
now those those templates are here in this kind of dark purple color. alright.
so I have now shown you how to create a new template from scratch, how to import
templates, and how to take existing templates and edit those and either save
as a new template or override templates. so this is how to create templates for
your Swift galleries account to be used across all of your clients!

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  1. Let me know if you have any questions, photographers! Or if you'd like to see any specific how-to videos for Swift Galleries either in the wall art designer, or sales meetings, etc. I'm happy to help!

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