In Residence: Rose Uniacke – inside the interior designers London home

In Residence: Rose Uniacke – inside the interior designers London home

When the whole house was stripped it looked like a Venetian palazzo somehow So, the theme for me was
“Monastery… Meets Venetian Palazzo” I can’t remember
when I saw it, originally but we saw it years before we bought it The first time I came to see it I thought that we would split it in two and share it with a friend But it was funny, the idea because then we thought
we’d fight over the garden But we actually came back to it because we never saw anything like it I think that in the work that I do I hope and try to create a heart
in each of the rooms But it needs to be held together and this house has
this fabulous hall, so it works Everything feeds off that and, curiously,
the house doesn’t feel very big when you live in it There’s scale,
but it’s manageable Because it has so much volume,
it was exciting Whatever you did to it it would be a lovely place to live It wasn’t difficult
to imagine living in it I’m happy alone and when David and I are alone here
it’s really lovely But it’s lovely when it’s full,
I don’t know, it’s everything It works with people in it It’s a very happy house to me

100 thoughts on “In Residence: Rose Uniacke – inside the interior designers London home

  1. Hello, Big fan of your Channel, One question, how do you deal with copyrights and that stuff? for example with the song "On the nature of daylight", regards!

  2. This video is impeccable. the best interior design video I have ever seen. it was like stepping into a movie about Picasso or an amazing French movie.

  3. This song sounded so familiar and evoked some emotions in me and I've been trying to figure out where I know it from. Finally figured out it's the song played in the opening scene of the movie Arrival!

  4. breathtakingly beautiful…..except, all Interior decorators apparently have problems with anything hanging on a wall……I've seen it from USA to Russia……all of them!!!

  5. Lucky muhfuckas …. I'm sharing a two bedroom flat with my uni friend … we trip over each other on the way to the single toilet … equality my arse, the game is rigged.

  6. This video is my happy place, I am renovating a house and when things are hard, I just look at this video and things start to flow… I love it! Does anyone knows the name of the song?

  7. Elegant home, and they say they love it which is understandable, but if that's the case, why such melancholy music and sombre tone…. created an atmosphere of sadness, depression almost…..

  8. Beyond mesmerising. This is by far the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen. No words can describe it’s haunting elegance. A true reflection of the owner. The background music could have been written with this house in mind because it was in perfect harmony.

  9. Stunning video, and a stunning home. I was lucky enough to live around the corner (in a shoebox) in Pimlico – and always admired it from the outside.

  10. Seems like a sad place. Like some tragic event happened here. Beautiful yet lonely. She seems sad herself 2:11

  11. When Ms. Uniacke looked down and for a brief moment allowed us to see the undoubtedly immense personal struggle in all that was involved for such a gorgeous success, it was impossible not to be so moved by her emotion… Thank you, Ma'am…

  12. What is this music that I absolutely love and I know that I have heard before in a motion picture? Someone please tell me.

  13. "It's a very happy house". I love the house and the thoughtful love poured into it. Exquisitely decorated. Thank you for sharing. I'm inspired!

  14. Look I duh know but don't ya think it's a bit creepy? it's like a slow walk through an exhibition or you're actual inside the "international design monthly" magazine or something, it doesn't look real or lived-in. that's just me.

  15. It does indeed comes across as a Venetian Palazzo with its high ceilings, mouldings, herringbone floors, and the light from that part of the world. To me, its even better than a Palazzo, because its subdued, with none of that ageing vibrant colors and gilding that always makes me feel like I was in the Sistine Chapel: wonderful to visit but uncomfortable to live in. With this space, I can actually see myself living in it.

    To date, this is the best episode from this excellent channel.

  16. The music is dreadful. The house is nice but in some areas. The garden is so beautiful but too bare in some of these rooms. Too mausoleumish for me.

  17. I'm crying xd I loved the video but I just realized that I will never have enough money to have such a fucking palace xddd

  18. I grew up with friends having houses and positions in life that comes with houses like this, I lost and regained and learned that all of us don't really talk and listen to Each other.

  19. What a beautiful and serene film. What a beautiful character. What a delight to see her – I know her name from "World of Interiors", but to see her in her delightful environment means so much more !

  20. The house is cold and barren, but it's the presentation- the music, the camera movement- that makes it wonderfully otherworldly

  21. This is beautiful and the cinematography is 10/10 but I wish there were more shots that actually showed the rooms instead of just the most pretty shot they could get in the room

  22. Its sombre, sober & stylish but I couldn't live without joyful, playful elements.. that the house seems barren of.

  23. What a beautiful space…..
    1:16 ها لو تنزل بروحك اخر الليل و تشوف انعكاسك في الزجاج تزق في هافك.
    1:45 Ok. That's legit creepy.

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