Including Antiques in Home Decor

Including Antiques in Home Decor

Amazing image collection of beautiful vintage and retro home interiors. Great, inspiring and creative ideas to integrate old furniture and antiques in the home interior decor. Using vintage items in your home decorating project can turn your home interior into a unique and exquisite living space. You can find here many ideas for furniture such as sofas, dressers, coffee tables, side tables, chairs, ottomans, screens, etc. Beautiful ideas for light fixtures and decorative accessories. So, watch this video and collect these ideas for your own home interior. Thank you so much for watching. ROYALTY FREE MUSIC by EPIDEMIC SOUND

5 thoughts on “Including Antiques in Home Decor

  1. Keep these type videos coming. Especially with this type of music. I love love love antiques mixed with modern pieces/furniture. Antiques are eloquently displayed and the LOOK, brings back that element of
    Sophistication, warm that our grandmothers experienced through their walk in this era. I have an antique settee, wing chair(original from the era), coffee table, dining table, and china cabinet; along with antique pictures and decor( all housed together) in what I call my “Settee Room”. That why videos like these are dear to my heart. Thanking you again and again! I have seem similar rooms of this nature from you, and the music and song was so memorable, that I actually wrote down the lyrics, learn the song, looked it up, but could not find it cause I was not quite sure of the Title”. Goes something like this: So Long My Friend…….; Our Road has come to an end…. ( pertaining to the antique furniture, my interpretation)….; Love that song love that son!!!! Thank again

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