I think it’s a fireplace and looks like a
fireplace, I think so hold up wait welcome to the new series
in the home both of my bedrooms are super sad and because of that I wanted
to spruce them up a bit and I decided instead of just doing new floors and new
paint that we’d do an entire gut and remodel now sort of like MTV Cribs here
we got ourselves what the kids are calling the dopest closet
as you can see solid 12 inches of space perfect for nothing and over here we’ve
got a 10 inch deep closet pillar it’s so good you can hang yourself a vertical
F*** this noise we’re tearing it all out we do have some brick exposed over here
brick to exposed fireplaces right below it it runs all the way up through so
we’re going to expose that eliminate this closet clean up all the trim
brand-new floors new light fixtures and this room should be pretty decent and it
shouldn’t take us more than five days let’s go this is the master you guys might
remember i started this one two years ago it’s got nowhere. and why you might ask are we remodeling the guest room first? Because we’re going on vacation, and our dog sitter needs a better better bedroom to stay in we’re gonna we’ll call that conclusion
of phase one we’re gonna rip out this closet and expose the brick few things you’re
gonna need one for text challenge of the Z eyeballs two- bane mask hammer pry bar bald eagle
bicep tattoo yes let’s demo all right we’ve hit a little snag
we’ve got mesh reinforcement over here I don’t know if that’s gonna be be able to
take this standard technique I’ve been using of beat the wall and then watch it
kind of crumble off so we may know why there’s a mesh here this is this little
going a fireplace what what a surprise “SARA, SARA” she’s literally gonna think I’m dying the think its a fireplace it looks like a
fireplace I think so for opposed that sure as hell is a fireplace so we finally got the room ready to just
start doing some of the accoutrement we’ll call it that
trim prep the paint we’re into a little built-in bookshelf we’ve got the sick
new fireplace we just uncovered I’m gonna seal that up get a beam installed
clean up a little bit of paint inside of the fireplace itself so we basically
need to go get a whole ton of materials in the depot so let’s go big old shelf hey dear bad time
I mean we’re just about to carry the thing upstairs
no we’re pulling it up the roof into the window don’t worry about it it’s totally doable Sam tie it on this end
like tie knot on through one hole and then tie the rest on the other and I’ll
pull up them scrolling this and he can’t He can tie a lot of knots I just don’t know how once I start
getting it up I’m gonna get it yeah hold on I got to keep winding chord remember okay I’m unwrapping my purple hands okay now come all the way up here this is an exterior wall this is what
you call no insulation so we’re gonna put some insulation in there every
little bit counts I know it’s not the whole thing but in these old houses
you take what you can get if you guys are wondering why I’m sitting next
this to his fireplace don’t get too excited I’m not gonna read you a book
actually Sam make note second Channel book reading by the fireplace I dropped
this massive shelf yesterday crack the bottom here fortunately I cracked along
the grain so we’re going to glue it back together should be a simple fix and
thank goodness this thing is PAINT GRADEEEEE because I’m gonna bucket all right
Samuel thats not bad white tee, shorts must be painted by the
way that’s a thing I just I just started it get this place prepped for primer prepped and ready for paint I’ve got my
Grayco 395 PC airless sprayer which is made for doing stuff like this we’re
gonna spray all this trim with primer first shellac based let’s go now to the fun part of rolling the walls
and trying to drip all over the place and the kid I bet you that man is over
top of fireplace so thank you guys so much for checking
out the first project in my in the home series this one was a blast I want to
thank my spots are on this build Woodcraft if you wanna see the tools I used
to build this built in behind me I got links down in the description
below also if you want to see more photos and beauty shots by Deb of this
room we’ve got that link down in the description as well
lastly stop putting off your home projects and go punch them in the face

100 thoughts on “INSANE Bedroom Transformation! I FIND A HIDDEN FIREPLACE!

  1. Amazing transformation. The brickwork fireplace added a lot of character and warmth to that room. Cant wait for you to complete the others on your Reno journey

  2. Everyone talking about the wood floors but no one mentioning how he "found" a fireplace. In the beginning he says there's a brick wall and a fireplace right below that, then acts shocked when he reveals the fireplace lmao. Too funny. Still nice work done in this room 🙂

  3. Aren't your feet suppose to point towards the door when you're laying in bed? In any show home locally that's how it's setup.

  4. What bedroom doesn’t have a closet? Should’ve uncovered the fireplace and kept the closet. And the dark wood doors and window trim looks better than white

  5. I always find it a little funny when they show them in the car driving or just the road from in side the car as they drive. Like look people here is my view as i drive. ALSO did anyone else notice the flashes as sam looks up after the ropes gets throne down?

  6. Oh my lord, why do you want to cover up the original hardwood floors? Without being able to inspect, I would refinish them to natural beauty. I Do No get it!!!

  7. I really like the look of this fireplace.🤩

    I'm not a fan of the white/gray tiled fireplaces usually posted on YouTube.

  8. The one thing i did not understand was the floor‽?!!!!!! You had a beautiful floor right there! 🥴🥴🥴🥴🤔

  9. This was awesome!!!! Beautiful room and a delight to watch. Loved it👍 Peace and Love✌💗 from sunny🌅 Greece💦⛵

  10. It was nice but u got rid of one of your closets kinda took away from it being a practical room in less u turned it into a office

  11. How does it works for you americans to get all this tools? I love to see these kind of videos but I always wanted to know what do you guys have to do to handle all this kind of stuff. I mean, here in Brazil, only joiners can do it or only if you buy or rent all those tools (and they are sooooooo expensive!!!). I'm not sure if any of you will understand my question, but I hope someone will get this hahaha!

  12. I just found your channel..
    Absolutely great amazing channel.
    You are funny and handsome.
    You should have a tv show, it'd be the best one

  13. Why would you cover the original hardwood floors w/ faux wood floors….love room would have kept the floor

  14. Finding floorboards in a. great condition and a fireplace in a rundown house is what renovating home dreams are made off . You will be on cloud9 for a long time till a burst pipe ruin your high 😂😂

  15. Dang. Such gorgeous woodwork. I get this is his thing and he is undoubtedly good at it. But do it to a house that doesn't have such great potential as a historical home! There's a limited amount of old homes. We are far from our limit of new ones. :/

  16. Not only has there been the sin of covering a beautiful hardwood with carpet but they closed in the fireplace too?!?!?!

  17. Talk about ruining a heritage house. I don't understand why someone would buy a heritage house that doesn't like heritage. Just to gut and make modern. Drives me crazy when people do this

  18. Nice… Looks really good. I swear I could hear that ladder screaming "one at a time, please" at 10:30? Maybe it was just me? Anyway, fun video, good looking room. Keep 'em coming

  19. Even though I'm not sure why you covered they original floors, the transformation is awesome. Some are confused about you painting over the trim but I must say it does look a lot more crisp. Awesome job!

  20. The way they were working in the beginning😂😂😂
    That’s why people say Mexicans are taking our jobs 😂 you guys to damn slow 🐢
    Nice video man 👍

  21. That's a cool find , could of put a secret room like a panic room and a safe in that closet and fireplace, but a nice remodel either way .

  22. Imagine if after all of that he found out he measured the space wrong and had to redo the entire bookshelf

    Edit: there is literally 1 hour and 18 minutes until midnight

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