Inside A 4,000 Square-Foot Home in Corona del Mar, California

Hi, I’m Hadley, from House Beautiful. We’re here in Newport Beach, California and behind these unassuming wooden doors is one of the most beautiful
houses in the neighborhood. Let’s go inside. (mellow music) The home belongs to architect,
Eric Olsen and his family. They bought it about five
years ago, as a total tear down and two years ago, they
decided to renovate it and build their dream
home from the ground up. They really wanted it to feel
kind of like a luxury resort and to have this sense of surprise, the minute you open that front door. (mellow music) So, if you can believe it, when the family first bought the house, all of this gorgeous view was covered up with hedges and tress, so they opened it all up
and created this space that really brings the outdoors in and makes use of this incredible view. (mellow music) So, one of my favorite things
in this house is this kitchen. Eric has said that he’s kind of the antithesis of your classic white cabinet shaker kitchen, in terms of style. So, he had this really
unconventional, dark, moody, brass accented kitchen
here, which is great. One of my favorite things here is this in-set marble counter top. It’s perfect for rolling out pastry dough, or pasta dough. And then we also have this butcher block, that’s also in-set into the
counter, for all your toping. Another really fun thing
in this kitchen is, you might have noticed this kind of unconventional back splash tile, not your usual shiny ceramic. So, Eric had ordered the
tiles for the kitchen. When they arrived, they
were upside down in the box and he liked the backside so much that he decided just to use it. (mellow music) With a home like this,
obviously outdoor dining is key. So, we have this great table out here. We’ve got the grill,
we’ve got the mini fridge and the family spends a lot of
nights having diner out here, hanging out by the pool, just enjoying these incredible views. So, the family has three young daughters and this home is really
kind of the hosting spot. The girls often have their
friends over to hang by the pool, go swimming, play games. And Eric really wanted to have this incredible wooden pool deck, which apparently was a
little tricky to install, but obviously more than worth it. And yes, that’s the
Pacific Ocean right there. (mellow music) So, Eric and his wife really
liked the idea of having this kind of, almost New York
City, industrial loft feel in their home, even though
it’s in Southern California. So, he used a lot of elements,
like steel and brick, to really kind of bring that vibe. Another cool thing here, is
this custom wall treatment that he designed that really has the feel of a dark metal, but it’s actually just MDF, painted black. Now, let’s go check out
this awesome master bedroom. So, when you have a
plot of land like this, obviously you really wanna
make the most of the view, as much as you can. So, this master bedroom is right here, situated just off of the pool deck, so that the couple can enjoy these views, even when they’re sitting in bed. And if you think having a view of the pool from your bedroom is awesome, wait until you see this. (mellow music) The indoor shower leads right
out to this outdoor shower, in case you prefer to shower alfresco. (mellow music) So, just down the hall from the master is this incredible
storage and laundry room. So, Eric found these metal
storage lockers he love from RH and he actually
designed all this custom cabinetry around them. So, you’ve got tons of
storage in this room, but it still looks beautiful. (mellow music) So, when the family was
building this house, it was a lot bigger than the
one they were currently in and they really wanted to
make sure that it didn’t feel too disjointed, they didn’t
feel to far away from the kids. So, they built the whole
home in this kind of U shape, with all this glass and
obviously the courtyard, so it feels very connective, even though they’re on two
separate ends of the home. Let’s go take a look at the girls rooms. So, this is the oldest daughter’s room and again, in here Eric
really used storage and functionality as a
kind of design decision. The bed is build into this
platform that has drawers all in the bottom of it. And this whole shelf back
here is closets and storage. So, on the girls side of the home, the family wanted it to be
a little bit more colorful, but obviously still in
keeping with the house. So, Eric worked with an artist
to design these artworks that fit perfectly into the wall he made and they’re actually made
out of the same material, surfboards, which is perfect
for Southern California. So, this room the younger
two daughters share and as you can see when you enter it, the star of this room is really this incredible mural on the wall. So, Eric had approached
the artist James Goldcrown, to buy a wallpaper for this room, but they ended up talking and
the artist agreed to come in and actually paint this on the wall. So this is a real custom artwork that these girls have in their bedroom. (mellow music) So, at the end of this hallway
is another guest bedroom. What I really want to show you though, is this bathroom. So, Eric’s best friend is a screenwriter and when he was looking
for wall covering ideas for this bathroom, he reached
out to his friend’s wife and got a copy of his first manuscript. He took out the pages and
kind of poured coffee on them, roughed them up a little bit,
so they looked a little older. So, the first time his
friend game over for dinner at the new house, he asked him to go check out
something in the bathroom and surprised him with that wallpaper. Isn’t that fun? All right, let’s head down stairs. Oh, and don’t forget to
look at this artwork here. This is actually made up
of hundreds of receipts, dipped in the kind of paint they use to paint lines on the highway. Okay, so this downstairs area is really the ultimate hangout for the kids. There’s ping pong here, there’s a big TV, there’s a big sofa where they can lounge, hang out with friends, watch a movie. And then over here, we
have this kind of desk area where their kids do homework,
they do art projects and Eric will sometimes
work late at night. They really didn’t want this to feel like your traditional basement, even though it is on the ground level, so they have these beautiful glass doors that open out onto a courtyard here, where the girls hang out, they’ll kick a soccer
ball against the wall, they’ll hang with friends, so it’s really just
another fun hangout space. Thanks so much for watching, hope you enjoy this
beautiful Newport home. Now I’m gonna enjoy the view. (mellow music)

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