Inside the NEWEST Boeing 747 (Boeing Customer Experience Center)

Inside the NEWEST Boeing 747 (Boeing Customer Experience Center)

– This facility is not open to the public. The facility is available when
our customers are in town, and other special guests such as yourself. – This is the mock up cabin. – The engineering design
teams did a fantastic job. – The good thing is, this is very, very straightforward sitting This is my love, this is Boeing 747. – Alright, Sam, let’s take a look at one of the mega first class suites. – Yeah, wow. What a space here, this is incredible. One bed and one chair, which is really, really handy. (upbeat music) (piano music) Wow. This is my love, this is Boeing 747, where my love of aviation
has started on this plane. When I come in, the
feeling was very different, I became very emotional. It’s bringing my childhood memories back. When I was young, when
you fly intercontinental, every single aeroplane was a 747. (piano music) – Well welcome, Sam. I’ve got a VIP configuration upstairs, let’s go take a look at that. – A VIP configuration? Even better treat from
Boeing, let’s go have a look. – So you see a very traditional
kind of configuration, high pitch configuration back here. But up here, we’re showing a space that’s more of a premium space. Normally we hold four first class suites. We’re showing with two
of the suites removed and a lounge put in to be more
of a VIP-style configuration for airlines that are
maybe government owned, occasionally they borrow
a commercial aeroplane and have a head of state use it. So we’re kind of showing
that art of the possible. – Yeah. This is really, the head
of state belongs here on the upper deck of the 747, where it’s the most
quiet and private cabin. Look at this, oh my gosh. No wonder the 747’s still the favourite of many, many head of states. – Very true. – Wow, what a space here. This is incredible. I wish every airline had a
lounge like the good old days. (piano music) – Alright, Sam, let’s take a look in one of the mega first class suites. – Wow. – Similar to some that
airlines are flying. – Yeah, I thought this is mega. Okay, let’s go have a look. Oh, wow. This is actually, many
people will recognise Lufthansa have this one bed and one chair which is really, really handy. And beautiful privacy. What I like about laying on this bed is you have complete level when
you lay fully flat on the bed and you can look out the window. Really, really intimate and you can have all your beautiful daydreams out there. Really like it. (piano music) Kent, I had a walk
through your 747 mock-up so impressed and love it. But I feel like I don’t
know what is wrong with me? The perspective or something? This 747 feels a lot
wider than the actual 747. Is it because you’re
having less seats inside, more space or what it is? – No, it’s a great question. And everybody thinks that and it really goes to
the research and design that went into our interiors
and our interior philosophy. We’re actually using lighting, the bins, all the surfaces designed
to work together. So psychologically, it
feels like the space is bigger than what it actually is. And that’s a key component because we as humans perceive
space in multiple ways. Some as physical, some
as psychological, visual. And we’re using our knowledge
and research based data to actually build into our design process. – It’s sold to me and you’re
a psychologist, by the way. – I do have a degree in psychology, yes – There you go. This is my favourite, favourite section. Because why? If you sit in the first row, think about it the cockpit is upper deck, but the first row at the
nose is actually in front. You’re sitting actually in the
very front end of the plane before even the cockpit,
before even the pilot sits. So the 747 has that amazing
curvature that expands your view if you’re sitting
in the front at the nose. (piano music) (upbeat music) They have three different
configurations here. This is more like a premium economy, like a two, three and two. The next one we have is
the two, four and two sitting abreast, eight seats across. It gives you, can you see
that little extra width here? There’s only two carriers as far as I know have the two, four and
two original configuration advised by Boeing,
which is ANA, All Nippon and JAL, Japan Airlines. Now follow me to the economy class. So this is the more
conventional 787 configuration. And this is three, three and
three across the economy. This is back in business class and the 787 is very wide now. You can have two, two, two. This is Zodiac Aerospace, this is the manufacturer of the seats. It’s very wide and I like
the straightforwardness because you face straight, you don’t face diagonal or whatsoever. However, there is pros and cons in each type of seats design. Really, resting on the
aeroplane is important and this seat here, if you are sitting inside as my neighbour, you would have to hop across me to get out to the bathroom
or to walk off somewhere. But the good thing is, this is very, very straightforward sitting
and very wide as well. You probably recognise some of the seats here on the 787 is
like one, two and one, they’re called a reverse herringbone, which is actually the
diagonal-facing business class. So, it is really nice if you’re sitting in the solo seats here
looking out the window, your eyesight facing
diagonally out the window. The only thing I didn’t like
is it’s not forward-facing. So when you sleep, when you recline, you actually sleep sideways. I’m going to show you. Not going straight, you’re
going sideways like this. – This is the 737 Sky
Interior MAX Interior. (piano music) When we had this philosophy that was used in forming the 787, we saw how powerful it was, we thought, how do we apply these philosophical goals to the 737? Because the 737, super popular, super efficient, super reliable. We wanted to say, if we can improve the passenger experience, let’s do that. So what you’re seeing
here is the application of the same philosophy to the 737. Primary challenges were
it’s an existing aeroplane. How do we apply this
without adding weight, without changing structure and without affecting factory flow? So it was a big challenge for us. But the engineering design
teams did a fantastic job. So you’ll see, probably the most noticeable
are the pivot bins. You can push on the top and the bin opens. You can push on the bottom, bin opens. Pull on the top, pull on the bottom. Whatever’s intuitive to
the passenger, it opens. The shelf if always there,
even when the bin is closed. When you’re seated, you’re
always looking at that shelf. It really closes the cabin down. But the benefit is when they’re closed, which is the majority of flight, here I’m almost 6 foot tall, I can step out of the
aisle and still stand. Seated, I’m no longer looking at a shelf. It opens up the ceiling,
it opens up the cabin. It makes it much more spacious. Creating this sense of spaciousness, physical space and a
sense of spaciousness. So it’s both physical and psychological. Our interiors are not a
collection of features. Literally these are by
design based on research, everything is done with intent to create that sense of physical
and psychological space. We call this one desert sunset. And along the horizon, you get this beautiful orange
glow as the sun’s setting. (piano music)

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  1. Boeing is responsible for the manslaughter of hundreds of human lives because they held profits over safety. I will never fly in a Boeing plane again.

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