Instagram to Grow Interior Design Business

Instagram to Grow Interior Design Business

(inspiring music) – The second platform recommended
consistent was Instagram. It is still a very
quickly-growing platform, and it’s really targeting a younger set. But why would you want to be on Instagram? Most of the designers
that were having success there were actually using it as a mobile portfolio, something that
they could very quickly bring out, scroll, show
an example of their work on the fly or at a customer meeting. The designers also found it very valuable to differentiate themself, to say, “See, “I can prove to you that
I’m gonna be of value. “I can decorate beyond
maybe what you can do today. “And I’ll show you examples of what “your room may look like.” The best practices on this
site are to be pretty. People like pretty photographs. Engage. Any time you can get
people to respond, to like, to pretty much do anything with any of your posts, that’s the way to go. Do not be business-y at all. People aren’t interested, it’s not really a business platform. They wanna go for the beautiful
pictures that inspire. Always drive to a call to action. Again, one of the biggest
missed opportunities with Instagram is they
left people on Instagram. The point of Instagram is
not to leave them there. Whether it’s through quick stories that are driving to your
website, through product tags that you’re driving to your website, through shopping basket
tags, whatever you can do to get people off of
Instagram and over to your website is the way to go. Again, social media is not the goal. It’s the starting place,
it’s the influence, it’s the top of the funnel. You always wanna drive
them to your website. Another best practice is
really gotta follow people. This is the less glamorous
part of this platform. Many sites suggested
follow 10 people a day, follow 30 people a day,
kinda just set aside your 20 minutes where you’re gonna go to the platform and just follow. But the good news is you
don’t have to post that often. Some of the most successful
companies were really targeting twice a week at preferred times, really more Wednesday, Thursday, the mid-afternoon lull or carpool hour, after bedtime, things of
that nature where many people were seeing the most success. You also wanna get on the follow trains. This has been a trend
that’s been coming up in the last little bit
where you can really begin to expand your
reach on the platform. Another one of the hot
trends are the Insta-stories. The value of an Insta-story is
to showcase your personality. It also can be when you’re out on the fly, just like a Facebook
Live, and you can show the tile you’re looking at. You can show your design process. You can show what you’re working on. You can give quick glimpses of reveals. It’s very easy, it doesn’t take a lot of digital editing of any photographs or carefully crafting your words. It only lasts for 24 hours, but it really shows the relational side of you. Want to get some of those key metrics as quickly as you can, 1,000, 10,000, maybe the ultimate goal
being 100,000 to really get the attention of brands
that want to sponsor you. But I really say, put this thing in a box. If it’s not driving revenue for you, if it’s not driving
people to either purchase a transaction or to go to your website and engage in a service, you really wanna evaluate how much time you’re
investing in Instagram. All of this, now Facebook and Instagram, let’s continue to look
at the other platforms that now switch to a
business-minded approach.

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