21 thoughts on “Install backsplash tile in kitchen

  1. Putting too much adhesive up is a recipe for disaster… unless you can sling that tiling up VERY fast !! πŸ™„πŸ˜¬
    The kitchens coming along nicely, I hope Mrs. Young Je appreciates all your hard work… 😏

  2. That tile cutter is pretty slick. I'm going to be doing my kitchen backsplash soon too. I'll have to pick one up! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Need to be careful of washing grout down your drains. It can set! I always use a bowl for the water and throw away afterwards. I had the misfortune of a neighbour doing tiling for the first time that ended with my drain being blocked solid….

  4. Why would you put a 3" tall laminated backsplash on your countertop if you are also putting all that glass tile on the rest of the wall? I just don't get it. I could understand if the laminated backsplash came attached to the laminated countertop, but it didn't because you made the countertop yourself.

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