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Hey guys. Today I’m going to show you how to install this ring system. I got a video doorbell number 2. So let’s unbox this. I’m also going to connect this to my refrigerator. I have a Samsung Refrigerator with a screen on it. So that when someone rings the bell it will display who’s at the door. When you open it, that’s what
you see. So you get your ring unit… This is the battery pack that they provide to you. I’m gonna try and hardwire this thing because I do have wires out there already. This is some type of backing plate, some screws…I guess this is directions. Yeah, put those over there. And more mounting plates. So this is paintable to match your home. I guess if you’re putting your doorbell in an unusual spot, or off on a angle, these allow you to install it. And of course Mollies and screws for fastening. Oh look at this, this is great. They give us installations tools. So you get the screwdriver, the drill bit (so you’re gonna need to drill), screws, mollies, and even a level in there. Wow, they really thought this out. There’s some ground wire… We’ll see how that all goes together. They also give you a USB cable. All right, so that’s what’s in the box. So I went through these directions here just to further understand the setup. Basically, they want you to link the ring to your phone first before you proceed. Do the setup between the phone and your ring. I did find out that this USB cord is for charging in the battery. So you gotta pop the battery out to do that. So the question is: are you gonna hardwire? That involves these two leads coming in on the back. You connect your two wires to it. I decided I’m not gonna hardwire. I have
two wires out there but unfortunately, the size of this is too wide for the
casing on the outside where they mounted my doorbell. Which is…this right here. So you can see the difference in size, and that’s a problem. So I’m going to mount it on the inner side of the door, which is called the mullion. It’s on the side light, and you’ll see that when I install it. I’m gonna use the battery. I just decided that and not hardwire it. I’m going to plug this battery in now and charge it. This is going to charge for about four hours or so. Then once that’s charged I can proceed with the installation of the ring doorbell. Okay so I have the battery here and I’m going to slide it in place. It’s pretty simple. This is the bottom right here. It’s the receiver, it goes in flat. Slide it in and it locks. If you want to take it out, you push that little button there and it unlatches. It wants me to go to the App Store and download the app. So I’m gonna open it… “Ring would like to send you notifications.” Allowed, of course. Create an account. Now I’m gonna put my information in… All right. Set up a device: add a ring alarm video doorbell or security cam to extend your ring of security. “Doorbell.” It would like to access your camera. Okay. So scan QR code…so on the back here there’s a QR code. I’m gonna scan that QR code… Oh! Got it. Okay I’m gonna allow. Okay, that’s correct. Okay, “name.” Let’s see…”front door.” So you actually have to name the device. So you can put one on your front door, you put one on your back door, you put one on your garage, You can put it almost anywhere. “Take off faceplate. Insert removable battery.” Well I did that already. There it is, it’s in. Okay, continue. Press and release the button on the top right corner. Top right corner…oh setup button. See this one is not on the side, it’s on the front. It’s showing me that. There we go. I pressed it and now it’s doing this. Okay so I did that. I’m gonna hit continue. “Ring wants to join Wi-Fi network.” Okay, so join. “Congratulations. Setup is complete. With ring you’re always home.” Hey, we made it. Okay, “your ring doorbell 2 is updating its internal software.” “We know you can’t wait to try out your ring doorbell 2, but please wait until the light stops flashing.” Okay, so we’re waiting. So I guess it’s doing a software download now to update the software… So I guess we’re done. According to this it’s live right now. “Someone is at your front door.” I pushed the button and it says someone’s at your front door. Well let’s see… There it is. Pretty cool. Let’s install it. So they want four feet from the bottom. Which is what we’re looking at here. So that’s about there. So they give you three mounting plates. You have this mounting plate which will just be flush. Which is really great because then you’re putting the screws in here. If you put it through here, then you’re right on the edge. That’s a problem. So your screw may come out the other side. So a little tip here is to use this mounting plate that they give. Which brings it in about another half an inch or so. I’m not going to use this. I decided I’m going to use the wedge. By using this wedge I’m forcing the camera upward so I can see the person by the door. I’m not getting all that traffic that goes along the street behind me. So I’m gonna go with this and we’re gonna use that wedge. The nice thing about the wedge is that it has two screw holes in the center. so there’s no chance of splitting the mullion. So I like that application better. That’s what I’m gonna go with. I think that’s a better deal. So I’m gonna have to guess here a little bit. You go up or down a little bit, it’s not the end of the world. I’m gonna try and come over a little bit more. I’m trying to make this side flush with my mullion. All right, that looks good. I don’t like the way that screw is holding so I’m gonna get a bigger screw. We got two new screws, larger in size. They have this truss head on them. That’s a better screw than what they give us. What they give us is really not much. No one’s taking that baby off there. Of
course, I’m a fastener guy, so I have these in my garage. They give you these little tiny screws to attach the camera to this plate. Which I’m doing right now. Of course they give you this special screwdriver with their logo on it. Boy, that should be nice for my tool set huh? It’s actually not a bad screwdriver. So they have four little screws that go in here. These are like #6-32 by 3/8 of an inch long. Really small, and they give you five just in case you lose one. You don’t want to over-tighten these because you’ll just strip it out. Now it just needs the ring cover to go on. The fifth little screw they give you, that I thought was extra, was in fact not extra. So you need that so someone can’t remove the battery on you. There it is. It’s installed. Ring the bell and you see that now it’s turning and looking for an answer. Let’s go inside and let’s go check it out. Pretty good. Not too shabby. So now let’s set it up on my refrigerator. So I have here one of these Samsung refrigerators which has the ring app in there. Now I’m going to enter my username/email. Of course. Oh, there we go. “Ring would like permission to access
your account.” Authorized. “View on ring app. For best experience please download or open the ring app.” Continue. Okay here we go. So let’s ring the doorbell and see what happens. There it is. Pretty awesome huh? Then you would just hit there and that would finish it. Very simple installation. Software works fine. I highly recommend this, it’s a great product. Check it out. If you enjoyed this video please share it with your friends. Subscribe to my channel. Hit the bell so you can get notified of new content on a regular basis. Hope to see you in the next one. Make sure you share my video please. Thank you.

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