Installing Workshop AC and Sealing our Garage Door

Installing Workshop AC and Sealing our Garage Door

Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today we’re going to be installing AC in our shop which we are so excited for we’re also gonna seal fix up and repaint our
garage doors so that it doesn’t let our wonderful AC out into the world while
we’re at it we’re also gonna repaint this because I said we were gonna paint it… lets go! first we need to fix up our
garage door because it is quite literally falling apart next we have to
get more power to the shop so that we can actually run some AC then we’re
installing a mini split thanks to our sponsor MR COOL thank you
and last we’re gonna seal around our door because right now you can see
daylight and we’re gonna test how much of a difference it makes we couldn’t add AC without upgrading our
power unless we wanted everything shorting out and mid-project
our current panel was maxed out so we called up our electrician friend Tim who
had helped us with some electrical work when we first moved in we required
running the line through our attic to the other side of the house but we got a
shiny new panel in our garage for our 240 outlets are 120 outlets and some
lights were adding to make filming easier guys you have no idea how ready we are for AC! our buddy Dustin installed our
MR COOL mini-split aka the Oasis ES aka the bringer of blessed AC aka our
sponsor MR COOL has really affordable mini slips and even options that you can
install yourself they were super helpful in figuring out which version was best
for our two-car garage workshop and we ended up going with the Oasis ES 18,000
BTU mini split definitely check them out if you’re looking for AC in your shop
we’ll have a link below first up was drilling a hole in the brick to be
another hole like right here perfect which was a little nerve-racking for me
not gonna lie but we had to move quickly because we could tell a storm was coming
we got the inside unit installed and there was much rejoicing then we turned
our attention to the outside unit it was all hands on deck because of the
impending so we hooked up the electrical connected the inside and outside units
started pull a vacuum and then it started raining so we’re almost done here we’re
just checking to see if this vacuum holds and hopefully if there aren’t any
leaks and we’re good to turn everything on and we’ll have AC yeah! ooo I heard it oh yeah look at it go it’s going Katelyn come here I feel it so how much heat do you think is getting out through our door cracks ummm you can’t look! that’s cheating think less than we think oh wow there’s
this huge hot spike at the top I feel like there’s a layer right here it’s like hot
air right in front of it what’s going on in that corner the top is definitely bad
it’s a hundred and one leaking around the outside a lot of heat is leaking it
looks ridiculous so let’s see what it looks like from the outside can you spot
the cat yes look at that she’s glowing oh yeah the Sun is hitting here that’s
why this is so hot oh that means at certain times of day the whole door is
this temperature 136 degrees there’s cold leaking around I’ll be curious to
see what this looks like after we seal it off turn out the light so you could
see how much is unsealed it’s actually pretty much all around the door there’s
light coming in to stop our AC from leaking we must we must first turn it off goodbye AC! I’ll miss you noooo it’s pretty bad right so to seal around our door there there’s two
different materials that were using one goes along the bottom it’s gonna replace
this guy I’m gonna attach this to the door itself and then the other material
will go around the other three sides of the door and we’ll attach to the frame
not the door this is um…squishy so this is the replacement seal for the bottom of the
garage door and it came with a bunch of these these nails but we’re replacing
them with screws cuz it’s gonna be easier to screw upwards rather than hammer
upwards let’s see if it settles all the way down
and forms a little bit of a seal on the bottom now I don’t see any light coming
through oh no there is light I was just too low the right side is closed on the left
side is not well that might just be the fault of our garage door and being level
what’s next these are the weather strips that are gonna go around the sides and
top of our garage door and they’re gonna be visible from the outside so we need
to paint them the same color that matches our door but this is oldish
paint and it doesn’t quite match the original color of the house so instead
of painting them on there where we might get messy we’re gonna paint them here
first so at least if it’s not the same color at least it’s like a clean line
hopefully won’t be super noticeable see if two coats of paint is enough to
match probably close enough we have a few screwed down Katelyn hold on to that I’m gonna open this just
to see if it can still open here hey yeah
right away and pulls away that’s perfect all right so I need to figure out where
to cut this to make it the right length but it’s hard to cut at an angle and
it’s hard to know where that’s gonna sit so I’m gonna put a mark at the 36 inch
away from the wall and then I’m gonna strain this out and put another mark
right here and this should be that corner we’re all done aw I can’t wait to work
inside in the air-conditioning I’m very excited so we just have to paint over some of the
screws some trouble areas and then I think it’s time to test moment of truth can you
adjust the camera see if we see any hot spots look at that it’s just the door itself but
not along the edge what about the top oh that’s a lot less remember that whole
wall above it was significant that’s huge oh that’s awesome yeah no coming through on the sides on
the bottom we’re not seeing anything at all well at the bottom it might be more noticeable from outside cuz they don’t
see it doesn’t seem like cold is leaking out the bottom as much there’s not a
difference right along the bottom you can see what the Sun’s hitting maybe that
corner a little bit in the corner yeah that’s where the two seals meet up at
the corner but not bad I mean that used to be all the way around the edge yeah
if I stick my hand literally under the seal I can barely feel the cold and
that’s that’s the worst part of the seal where it’s up high we’re doing quite
touch yeah that’s awesome yeah I think it works yay
so does that mean that we’re done yeah hear that? you probably don’t but that’s our AC
running and it’s so nice installing an AC in your garage may not be for
everyone but the mini-split works really well and one thing that more people
might want to do is sealing their garage that really I think improved a
lot about our garage and it was really quick I wish we’d done that we actually
had the stuff we bought the stuff to do it like a year ago and we’re finally
doing it but I’m glad we did installing AC is one of the very important
steps into upgrading our garage into a little bit more of a filming studio
because that’s what we’re doing out here we’re making stuff we’re also making
content for you guys so we’re gonna try to install lights in the future upgrade
this so that we can make videos better faster with less sweating involved thank
you guys for watching and if you what you do and you want to support us
you can get some sweet Evan and Katelyn shirts like this at shop Evan and
Katelyn dot com and you can also check out our after-show on slash
evan and katelyn I have to do it now I have to do it every time where we’re
gonna be talking about lots of behind the scenes stuff for this project
usually we ramble and end up talking about stuff like relates to other
projects too but it’s really fun so we hope we’ll see you there and thank you
guys for watching see you next time bye shhh don’t don’t do that one still in her spot she’s still there

100 thoughts on “Installing Workshop AC and Sealing our Garage Door

  1. I had to have my garage door repaired when I bought my house a few years ago, and the repair guy recommended I paint the door to cover up a spot where some of the paint had chipped off on the outside. However, he told me that I would have to have him come back out, after I added the paint to the door, to re-adjust the tension springs on the garage, to account for the weight of the paint (think about how much a gallon of paint weighs… that's all going on your door!). Since you added a bunch of paint to your door, you might need to do the same. At the very least, a garage door repair guy can balance it out, and seal up that gap you still have on the left side. All that said, I'm super jealous of your AC! My garage workshop is almost unusable in this heat! Gulf Coast summers are no joke… Thanks for the video! At the very least, I'll probably seal up my garage like you did, just to try and keep the spiders and mosquitoes out…

  2. Another option for the garage door, since you don't use it as a garage for the car, would be remove the garage door and make a studded temporary insulated wall insert. It could also include a door and windows for light and access. Also provides more usable wall space. We actually did a permanent conversion for our our shop, removing the garage door and adding a wall infill with window. Just a thought, would make a bit more involved project video as well.

  3. May want to look into getting a little UV light for your mini-split if not the blower wheel will end up looks like Chewbacca's ummm. Private parts….

  4. Painting the outside of your door white will reflect more of the energy that is currently being absorbed and converted into heat. Cheaper and faster than insulating, but not as effective, of course.

  5. So question, I am not an expert here however noticed that the AC (blower) is near what appears to be an older style gas water heater and you notice a gap at the top of the water heater to the flue which creates a convection upward to exhaust the carbon monoxide. However if your blowing air near there your running the risk of creating a venturi effect potentially drawing the carbon monoxide into your work space. Not wanting to sound alarmist, however had three relative pass from carbon monoxide poisoning so crazy things do happen. Just take care and be safe 🙂

  6. Awesome job guys. It's So gratifying to see how much time and energy you put into fixing your own house. Than to wonder if all that money you put in your home is worth it. Next to see how it all came out as a home owner, Is very gratifying. That air conditioner is absolutely amazing.

  7. I always look forward to the new episodes,the two of you have such awesome energy and always look like you are truly having fun and that you enjoy being and working together and of course that you really love each other but also like you're best friends as well as a couple it's rare these days,congrats on the channel growth looking forward to watching it all grow,all the best to you and yours 🙂

  8. I work on garage doors for a living. If you contact a garage door company and ask for a commercial style bottom seal and retainer you'll be able to get a wider rubber seal and seal the gap from where your floor has settled. Also I would suggest caulking the seams between the new side/top seal and the wood.

    But really with the rot on the bottom and the screws having fallen out of the struts coupled with the fact that it's an old wood door, I suggest a polyurethane insulated double sided steel door (intalled by a professional) to keep all the AC in.

  9. Oooo. That camera thing that shows everything in hot and cold colors feels very MythBustery! Cool! Literally! Congrats on finally getting AC and one-upping Mother Nature! Go you!

  10. Home depot has a garage door insulation kit that is quick to put on and easy since no screwing or anything is involved. Itll help a lot

  11. Like most makers, we use our garage as our shop as well, and just put in a portable AC unit so we wouldn't have to upgrade our electric. It does make a big difference, and keeps the sweating down! We look forward to seeing more 'cool' videos!

  12. Nicely done! Now you'll have to build a misting attachment for the water blaster so you can use it to stage those close up shots of your wiping the sweat off your brows.

  13. A gas water heater is not supposed to be in a conditioned living space. You can create issues for the burner and have gas or spent fumes go into the space instead of outside.. did you install a CO detector in the garage? I see lots of red flags in your well intentioned remodel.

  14. Oh, wow, Houston, Texas. Those 19 years of hell I lived there. But, my question is: Were there any legal issues you had to face with installing AC in your garage. AZ, for example, frowns on AC garages because they feel you're going to house 50 migrant workers. Not kidding.

  15. Kinda of topic. But love your content and positive vibes… Kinda help me battle the depression plus makes me give idea to improve my storage at my workshop ☺️☺️☺️

  16. Sealing your door is a great idea, not only for keeping in your beloved AC, but it also makes a home more fire resistant. Nice guys!

  17. Y'all's projects are so relatable!
    I got a window unit for my garage/shop this summer. It's probably not big enough for the space, but even bringing the temperature down into the 80s instead of 90s or 100s as well as removing some of the humidity really helps! I probably ought to check my garage doors and see if they are letting out the cooler air!

  18. Great job. Consider putting foam panels on the garage door itself. Right now it is a giant heat sink radiating the outside temp inward (and reverse in the Winter). The foam panels (garage door kits available) will cut that by at least 2/3 and keep you cooler/warmer.

  19. My dad something similar to his house that you did. However, he was not going to use his garage for vehicle storage, so did a little more. He removed the garage door rails and fixed the door in place. Then, he built a 2×4 insulated drywall in front of the garage door. He did not screw it to the floor, but did the walls and ceiling, that way, if any time in the future he was going to turn it back into a functioning garage he didn't have to deal with fixing cement holes. Since you live in a hot climate, your A/C will still be competing with the sun hitting and warming up your(what i would assume to be a poorly insulated) garage door.

  20. Look into insulating your attic space or increasing the amount that you already have. You would be surprised how much it helps and worth every penny!

  21. I installed a mini split around 10 or 11 years ago in my office and it's AMAZING!!! Mine does AC in the summer and heat in the winter!

  22. I installed 3 head units in our house. We have 2 dogs so we vacuum every day but we also have to wash the filters of our head units a lot more than if we didn't have dusty dogs so just saying, with all the dust involved in a shop, you might consider getting a cheap, very cheap air filter from Lowe's rip it apart and tape it to the inflow area of your head unit. I say cheap, because you don't want too much material blocking air flow in so just a very thin filter is good, but, man oh man, if you don't have some additional filtering your head unit will get super dirty, under perform and not last very long.

    We love our units. Very efficient and in older house with no room to run ducts …. head units are a perfect solution.

  23. I would recommend painting the bottom of door, before you put the new seal on it. That will keep it from wicking water and rotting the base of your door. Thanks for sharing with us.

  24. prolly can clad the inside of the door with some styrofoam or simulair insulation that should stop more heat from radiating off the door (does create a fire hazzard )
    another simple solution is hanging a heavy curtan in front of the door , the airlayer in between the curtan and the door helps keep the heat out , (if you coat the curtans in a borax solution Add 13 oz. of borax to 1 gallon of very hot water, and stir until fully dissolved and spray it on the curtain using a garden sprayer then let dry , it acts as a flame retardant )

  25. The mini split is like the greatest invention ever. I could only handle my shop 30 minutes at a time in central florida heat before I had enough and had to go back inside. I finally made the decision to put one in last year. It was an amazing night & day difference. I wouldn't doubt if you spent most of your time in there now. lol.

  26. So I've wanting to get into more woodwork things lately, but I don't want to screw anything up while building. Any tips that you guys have learned?

  27. I installed a heat pump water heater in my garage, and it cools it down 15 degrees. But I do love the minisplits, have one in my office, and they work great!

  28. you could've also replaced your water heater with a heat pump design. Those blow out cool air, and are often located in garages to provide air conditioning. They're also cheaper to operate.

  29. Summer is not fun in Arizona it's only fun when you go swimming but the pool could get too hot sometimes it gets up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit

  30. Great job on the upgrades👌However, "squishy wood" means rot. That is not a good thing and it needs to be replaced.
    Thank you for sharing✌💛☺

  31. The reason that wood is ummmmm squishy is because the seal that was coming off you had water leak into it and the wood is rotted and needs to be replaced….

  32. Looks like they are gonna make a baby, thanks to Mr cool, you guys are so happy like kids, good to see you

  33. Wood in your garage door? What?!

    Seriously though you should have used a rubber bottom seal insert (with a tube preferably) with a floor mounted threshold, section sealing strips, and insulation with interior panels. Along with the side & top seal this would make your garage completely sealed from the outside and fully insulated. No hot spots.

  34. They have weatherstripping/seals that go into the ground to kind of go on both sides to help more with the seal at the floor!

  35. Hey, Ac is cool. but you guys keeps a heads up on work fumes. dont seal up your shop too much. you musts till have fresh air in and exhaust for your work. watch out for bad air… no sure how that works but watch out. hahaha. stay safe you two.

  36. Half of our garage door is literally falling apart, you could just pull the wood off. its all wood and very old so if you wanted to um.. help it.. you would need to just build a new one.

  37. Did y'all know we have 4 channels now? This main one, plus:

    🎮 Evan and Katelyn Gaming

    (us playing games and chatting, enhanced by epic editing and a heavy dose of memes)

    🎙️ Evan and Katelyn Podcast

    (chatting about life, YouTube stuff, and playing games you can play along with)

    😹 Evan and Katelyn Too

    (still figuring this one out 😂)

  38. We live in Australia and it gets hot! so as my dad has raised the roof of his shed and added the old carport to the shed with a new concrete floor its 2 times the size it was. storage area is separate behind a lockable door, he has split system, insulation in roof and walls. fridge/freezer and is thinking about a murphy bed as we call it his poopy flat 🙂 also has a TV, massive flat screen and a porthole in shed door to see out, he has also added a sink with buried pipes just outside the shed in carport so he can wash up before coming in side, OH and a microwave…its a mans shed!

  39. Wow it looks like katelyn used to be so much smaller and this wasn’t even a whole year ago. Compared to new videos she looks visibly so much stronger now. It’s quite the transformation.

  40. Installing split AC as a DIY project was a PITA. Glad you got some professionals to take care of the tricky parts (piping and vacuum pulling).

  41. I recently weatherstripped my garage door, which was similar to yours in letting thru the breeze. I'm in bad fire danger country, and I sealed mine mostly to keep embers out in case of a wildfire. I also had no T-track on my door bottom. I bought some T track, installed that, then bought a Bowsen rubber seal that is U shaped, and inside the U at the bottom is has a circular tube going thru. This really helps for uneven floors where the door doesn't seal all the way across. I just adjusted my door opener stopping point until the seal was compressed enough to completely seal the bottom. Also – the bottom of the door needs to be painted. That will protect the water from soaking in rotting the door. Of course, wait for that to dry out before painting it.

  42. That’s a great trick to work out where to cut the weatherstripping. Coincidentally, my own garage’s side door needs new weatherstripping. I’ll be swiping that.

    PS. I too took way too many thermal pics of my cats after buying a FLIR camera.

  43. You guys are a really fun and awesome team. And i like watching u guys make stuff because I'm way too lazy to make my own lol. Keep it up guys your awesome!!

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