Interactive art with wooden mirrors – The wooden mirror (1/4)

Interactive art with wooden mirrors – The wooden mirror (1/4)

OK, so this is a wooden mirror. It’s a large display, it’s made
out of 835 of these wooden tiles. Optically,
the way you get the image is, when the tiles tilt downwards,
they get to be dark, and when they tilt upwards,
they hit the light, like this one here, and they get to be bright. These are all motorised,
so they can move up and down, controlled by the computer. And on top of the piece,
on the ceiling, are spotlights,
aimed down at a steep angle. That’s how we get a good contrast
on the display. There are several motors that are
moving the wooden pixels, and can position them
from very down, probably 30 degrees
pointing down, to about 30 degrees
pointing upwards. In the centre of the piece, more or less at eyesight
of a typical average person, there’s a tiny camera. It’s hiding here
between four of the wooden chips. That video camera
is capturing the image of whoever or whatever
stands in front. That video signal
is then sent to a computer, and that image is evaluated in
greyscale, in black and white values, and each black and white value actually
corresponds to an angle of one of these wooden pixels. A video signal usually contains 500,000
pixels – a lot of pixels, and my system
only uses 835 of those. That is done by the digitiser
on the computer. The system is quite fast, so it refreshes itself
probably 15 or 20 times a second, so it feels
sort of a smooth animation.

100 thoughts on “Interactive art with wooden mirrors – The wooden mirror (1/4)

  1. Man… forget LCD displays…. I'm gonna play Left4Dead II on my brand new, hi-def, wooden display!!!! Hahaha!!! But, kidding aside, this experiment is not only amazing and intricate, but beautiful!

  2. I want to play red faction on this and use it instead of my monitor. nothing like geo-modding on a wooden screen.

  3. larger/more mixles. more interative/agust settings. diferant serfaces. vidios of interesting interations

  4. @poketrainerChumley "burned wooden pixels"…? Now THAT'S food for thought…!lol
    Probably the joints that connect the servos to the wood blocks have failed.

  5. This has been out a few years now and i was kinda expecting to see this popup in a film, maybe in a evil genius' mountain layer….

  6. This piece is extremely fun to interact with. I was fortunate enough to see it in Sheboygan at the John Michael Kohler Art Center.

  7. I thought at first this was a prank video (wooden mirrors) Yeah Right !!!
    But this is amazing, I want one !!! : )

  8. @sac78008 Yeah I saw that too, LOL! This looks like something that would be on Aqua Teen Hungerforce. I remember Meatwad used to like to make people gifts out of sticks and wood. This looks like the TV set he would make for Frylock.

  9. Awesome! I 'd love to see this with other natural materials. If they could figure out a way to minipulate water to mimic an image or something… or light bulbs… or electronic eyes.. ahh, I better go lie down o.O

  10. i'd send it back if i where him, its got a lot of dead pixels.

    *2 ways to read this: the non moving wood squares or ALL squares since they are pieces of a dead tree.

  11. That was awesome. Somebody should commission a 1920×1080 version haha. Also, this would go nice with my living-room: /watch?v=nkhtAx3y7V8

  12. Old news. Everyone knows the ancient Egyptians got this tech from the aliens that built their pyramids. How do you think the Flintstones watched TV?

  13. Would the same properties in a normal pixelated display apply here, that is if theres more wooden tiles the picture will be clearer?

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  15. yeah but its not a wooden mirror. Its a wooden system of cogs hooked up to some wires that respond to lasers while interacting with motion detectors and a spotlight.

    A wooden mirror wouldnt need metal.

  16. Красота хочу себе такой дисплей на телефоне))

  17. like  the  capitalist reality this  don't show  nothing just a silouhette of reality. I keep that idea, visually is  ok

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