Interior Decorating Ideas : Bedroom Painting Ideas

Interior Decorating Ideas : Bedroom Painting Ideas

Hi, I’m Ann Myrick and today we’re going to
talk about bedroom painting ideas. I’m in the master bedroom and the color that I have
on the wall is kind of a fleshy, peachy color that I do not like at all. So I am going to
want to decide on a wall color, and then how I want to paint the room. In using paint,
there, other than just straight painting your walls, there’s many different things that
you can do. If I wanted to use, one color will keep it from, it will keep it looking
consistent and not chop the room up but a lot of times it’s fun to accent maybe one
wall. So if I wanted to pick out like a neutral color but then come back with a dark brown
color, or come back with a dark green color, or a color that I really wanted in the room
but I didn’t want all four walls. Then I could pick a wall out. I might pick out the wall
that my bed is against and put one great color on that wall and then the rest of, the other
three walls I would do another color. So there would just be an accent on that wall and then
it would really show the bed off really well. Other things you can do. There’s many different
techniques with paint that you can do. You can stripe, you can do top and bottom, one
color on the top, one color on the bottom. You could take your room neutral but then
paint your trim. A lot of times you’ll see in New York apartments and, those small little
apartments you’ll see where the walls will be one solid color but then they’ll do some
fun color like turquoise or yellow on the trim instead of what we would normally do,
is the color on the wall and the trim being white. So play with your colors, have fun
with colors, and try to just really experiment. These are ideas about how to paint your bedroom.

7 thoughts on “Interior Decorating Ideas : Bedroom Painting Ideas

  1. First of all I respect the fact that you are doing something that I'm guessing makes you happy… However since you are devoting so much time making all these videos, try to make them more educational. You talk about different ways to paint the room, so why not explain to your viewer the significance of each method. For example why would you want to paint horizontal stripes? (to make the room seem wider, and to give energy to the space) Good luck

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