Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Arrange Dining Room Furniture

Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Arrange Dining Room Furniture

Hi, I’m Ann Myrick and today I’m going to
show you how to arrange dining room furniture. And, first I would say, have fun. I am a decorator
that specializes in working with what people have. And I really like to create and make
myself work with what’s right there. And a lot of times you can get very creative when
you do that, instead of walking in and spending a lot of money for chairs that maybe the next
door neighbor might have. So, this is a very small spot and it has, I used a little pub
table. This is a little pub table that is square, but I have it, both leaves out. And
on this one, what I did is, I inherited this chair from my mother. And my mother and I,
this is my mother and this is me. I’m a real laid back, just what you see is what you get,
kind of person. And my mother was very, loved needle point, very old school. And I just
had fun with this dining room. Because what I did is, who would usually put a formal needle
point chair with a chair out the dump? But, to me it was fun because it communicated the
relationship and the difference between my mother and I. So, I just have fun, every time
I pass this table, I have fun with it because I think of my mother and I think of myself.
One way to do it. Another way, I go into the living room and two chairs that I have if
I want a whole different look, are these little wheel chairs that have upholstered cushions.
And it creates a whole different, excuse the dog he’s pretty comfortable right now, it
creates just a whole different look. It brings color into the room. And it creates just a whole fun look. Put
something simple, quick, fun on the table. This again, I love using what I have. This
came from my family, old bread basket. I just put a little bit of Spanish moss with some
yarrow in it, and it brings out the colors of the yellow orange. An old armoire, fun
to use them as storage, fun to just keep them shut and just have a great piece sitting in
your dining room. This is Ann Myrick and that is how you decorate a dining room.

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  1. At :30.. Don't spend a lot of money on chairs that the next door neighbor might have. That is to say, just steal your neighbor's stuff. It's a recession. Let's work with what they already have. Lol I know she didn't mean it that way

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