Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

Hi, I’m Ann Myrick and today I’m going to
show you how to arrange living room furniture. What you need to think about is the traffic
pattern, the doors, when you come into a room, what you’re going to see, how large your room
is? Is it a room where you can make two or three seating areas or is it just one small
room? This is a small kind of dining room/living room combination. So what I’ve done is, it’s
not really designated my walls and so I’ve just automatically put the living room in
a grouping and the dining room in a grouping. This was really the best way I felt like because
I don’t like, I like to be able to see out and see the whole room. So of course I put
the couch. I don’t like the back of the couch, so much. Some couches have great backs, some
don’t. So I didn’t want this couch to be able to walk in the door and be able to see the
back of it, so I put the couch against this wall. And then to create a grouping of chairs
I have two leather chairs that I put side by side, and then put the coffee table in
the middle. And then just for lighting purposes and storage purposes put a chest on this side
and a round older table on that side. Now one thing you’ll see about this dining room
is it’s not, nothing is a set other than these two leather chairs. Several years ago, just
a whole set, buying a living room, a set of furniture in my opinion it’s always been boring.
People are really kind of starting to get into that idea, of you buy one great piece
of furniture and then put something else with it. So you’ll see in this room I have marble,
I have pine, I have black, I have old, and I have new. So I have kind of an eclectic
feel and when you look at it you’re not bored. You don’t see the same piece over and over
again, you see different pieces. So think about what you need in the living room and
how big your living room is. And I’m a process person. Buy a few pieces, step back, is that
enough if it’s not buy a few more or stop at that point. But you don’t have to buy everything
right then. And I’m Ann Myrick and that’s how you arrange living room furniture.

9 thoughts on “Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

  1. " This was really the best way i felt like"  Are you serious? This is a very unprofessional unskilled presentation. This room is hidious, colors and furniture are bland and unmatched.

  2. I liked everything about this video. Thoughtful. Genuine. A pleasant room. Instilled confidence in me. Not a pretentious bone in her body. Thank you!

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