Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Choose Area Rugs to Complement Your Home’s Decorating Style

Hey, I’m Ann Myrick, and today I’m going to
show you how to pick out an area rug to compliment your room. This is a carpeted room, but, so
I would not pick out an area rug to go on top of carpet, just for the sake of not having
hardwood floors, I’m going to show you what to do in this room. But, things to think about
when you pick out your rug is you can get the measurement that you need, go to a retail
store, a carpet store, and pick out ready made, a carpet, area carpet. Or, you could
also, if you have a room that is an interesting configuration, or an interesting shape, you
can go to a carpet store and pick out the kind of carpet you want, and have most carpets
bound. So you can have the people come out, measure your room that has a different shape,
and then have it bound and have a carpet that is perfect for that room. Things to think
about is what do you want the rug made out of? Do you want it made out of wool? Do you
want it made out of, like a sisel or a grass. I love texture, so I love the, all the grass
and sisel rugs. But in picking out the rug, what you want to do is, if I was going to
pick out an area rug for this room, I would want most of the front legs of the furniture,
at least, on the carpet, about a third of the way. An example of that, that way you
feel like the rug is down and is anchored. If the rug is just floating, then it feels
like meaning that there’s not any furniture on it, then it feels like the rug was just
thrown down, and it’s not really there to stay. So, when you, when you put a rug down,
just the example of the couch being on the rug, there is about eight or nine inches of
rug underneath the couch. And that way it goes underneath, and then it comes out, and
it would come all the way out. And then it could even go, like, a third of the way under
this chair. Other things to think about is I like the boundry from the wall to the rug
to be about the same. So if there’s five inches over here, I would like to see five inches
on the other side, or five inches all the way around. This is Ann Myrick, and that’s
how you pick out a rug.

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