Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Choose Art for Your Bathroom

Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Choose Art for Your Bathroom

Hi, I’m Ann Myrick and today I’m going to
show you how to pick out artwork for your bathroom. What to keep in mind, is there’s
moisture and there’s a lot of steam in your bathroom so you want to be very careful that
in your bathroom you do not put a piece of artwork that is expensive. You probably want
to stay away from artwork that has glass on the top of it because what will happen is
the steam will get into the glass and it can ruin the picture. So my opinion is in the
bathroom, using just fun different pieces, architectural pieces, iron pieces, metal pieces,
pieces that you don’t have to worry about. Put the artwork, the nice artwork in rooms
and in areas that won’t get any damage. This is just a great wooden piece that I found
at a flea market and you can hang it in the bathroom. You could hang it this way, you
could hang it this way. It’s a great piece and it also, you can use it, you can hang
towels on it, you could put hooks on it and hook different, like a bag of cosmetics on
it. You could use it in really fun ways or just hanging across a wall, or going down
a wall. This is a really fun basket again at a garage sale. And again, there’s nothing
on this that can be harmed by moisture so this would be a darling basket just to put
it on the wall of the bathroom and it will look cute but then also you can put things
in it. So what you want to think about is fun things to put in the bathroom that will
not get ruined by moisture. Also if the bathroom is really small you want to be careful about
overloading artwork and pictures and things on the walls. I really like bathrooms to be
clean and even a clinical feel. So I would use maybe one really interesting piece and
then let that be it. If it’s a smaller bathroom. This is Ann Myrick and that’s how you pick
out artwork for the bathroom.

3 thoughts on “Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Choose Art for Your Bathroom

  1. This is a GREAT tip. I framed a greeting card that had art work on it. It's beautiful with a Walmart frame. The glass is a serious tip! It does happen, especially in the Winter.

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