Interior Decorating Ideas : Making a Home More Interesting

Hi I’m Ann Myrick and today I am going to
show you how to make your house more interesting. I am a decorator and I love working with what
is already there. My opinion is a lot f times anybody can go into the store and buy a pencil
holder or buy a vase but if you really make yourself stay at home and start looking in
your cabinets and try to find something that is interesting and use it sometimes it even
comes out a lot more creative and a lot more fun and different than just going and getting
the same vase that somebody else has. Layering and doing really different things, you’ll
see instead of just doing the typical picture on the wall we take and in several pieces
I have an old mirror which I bought at a garage sale, I have old frames that I put childrens’
pictures in. In this piece that is like an old type of planter. It is old wood but then
I put dried artichokes and some dried pieces in it to bring in texture. Layering doing
different things that are unexpected creates more interest. As far as the couch, you have
just a normal couch and then you can put some colored pillows on it but it really, it looks
fine but I would go just a little bit further and you could add something a little bit different
and add to it and keep on going and just create a lot of interest. When you think that you
can’t go any further just go a little bit more and it just creates fun interest. I love
bringing old architectural pieces or old concrete pieces inside. They are old, they are rustic
and I love the contrast between new and old, formal and informal. This is Ann Myrick and
that is how you make your room more interesting.

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