Interior Decorating students makeover Global TV studio

[music plays throughout] [Susan Topping] We are down
at Global, uh, TV Morning Show. And we’ve been asked
to do the Halloween set. We’ve done this
for the last couple of years. So this is the third year that
we’ve been asked to come and do this. [Liza Fromer]
For the past three years, they’ve been coming down
and killing it with, with their sets. Again, we can’t believe
what they’ve done. So much creativity,
so much enthusiasm. We’re not only happy
with the end result, we’re blown away. [Katie] Well first,
we spoke with the producer who filled us in
on what theme we were to work with, which was the game show. [Helen]
We got our inspirations from, um, the Price is Right,
Wheel of Fortune, Let’s Make a Deal,
and the Newlywed Show. [Andrea]
When we got “retro game show”, we thought in Vegas,
we thought in even Niagara Falls, right? We had to do lights,
we had to do sparkles, we have to do fabulous. [Omar Rivera]
The planning, and the buying setup took about a week and a half. We were notified
last, uh, Thursday, actually. So it was a pretty,
pretty short deadline. We got together with the students
onsite on Monday, and then from there,
went to, back to the school
to prep some stuff for digital printing, and then,
and then some shopping. And then the set up for the actual set
took about eight hours. [Susan] We put four students
with two professors who came to put it all together. We worked as a team.
Um, each team had different allocations. Uh, some was in the creative bit,
some was in the drawing bit, some was in the manufacturing,
um, production. [Mackenzie]
So it’s so exciting. I, honestly,
I can’t explain it. Planning and even going and starting the work
and putting it together, you’re kinda like
how’s this gonna, like, turn out? And you never know what you’re gonna-
issues you’re gonna come across, but yeah, in the end,
it turned out great, and I’m actually really happy
how it looks. [Andrea]
I’m international student. I’ve been in Canada
for a year and a half. So for me, especially,
this is just an awesome opportunity. Like, when I came here,
I didn’t know I was gonna be on TV a year and a half after. And, yeah, it’s a great chance
to see how you do sets, how things get done
in the studio. Humber’s a college
that gives you hands-on experience. Everything that you do,
you really practice it. It’s not only on the books. [music volume increases] [music fades out]

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