Interior decorating tips from Humber students

Interior decorating tips from Humber students

[music plays throughout] [Tonya] Today, we actually have
a Design Dilemma going on, where we have real clients
coming in, speaking to us, the students,
and we give them tips on how they can improve their homes
and their spaces. [Nicole] My design tip
is to start with decluttering a space before you start to design,
and then you could add vignettes that add a personal touch. [Jessica]
My design tip is to use your resources. So go online,
look at Pinterest, Houzz, um, there’s a ton of resources
out there online for you to,
to get inspiration for. [Nora] My design tip for you
is less is more. You’d be very surprised how big
of a change something can be even if it’s just the littlest touch
to the space. [Emily] I really like to look
for things that are being upcycled, as well as vintage things. I’m really
into environmental things, where you, uh, can make a difference
on our environment. [Ariana] My design tip
is to accessorize a room with large statement pieces
such as a rug, light fixtures,
and wall art. [Nora] My favorite part of this program
is letting my creativity out. [Nicole] The faculty really help us
and give us one-on-one time. The really inspire us
to create design. [Tonya]
I was able to help a number of clients with their design dilemmas. I was able to tell them
about certain fabrics, textiles, patterns,
colour schemes, and it’s all thanks
to this program. [music ends]

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  1. Humber's second-year Interior Decorating students shared some design tips with clients at the Design Dilemma event.

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