INTERIOR DECORATION-Ghar kaise sajaye -color ka superhit formula (Hindi)

INTERIOR DECORATION-Ghar kaise sajaye -color ka superhit formula (Hindi)

Welcome to my channel IDEAS TO HAPPINESS. Please subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon for notification. Whenever I would post a new video, you will be notified instantly. We often visit our friends & family houses, not only their houses we frequently visit several offices, showrooms hotels & restaurants too. Have you ever noticed that we instantly like few of these places and dislike some. Whats so special about their decoration that we end up saying ” Wow how beautiful”. Today we will talk about a basic but effective way of decorating our house. What should be the color of your walls? What about the color of the curtains? What color whould be the sofa and the cushions? How do I match all things in the house? You will find the answers to all these questions by the end of this video. So please stick to this video till the end. Lets begin by the concept of colors. If the concept is clear, it becomes more easy to decorate. Do you remember the childhood days of art & drawing classes? We all had learnt a lot about all the colors. Today we will revisit the same lessons again But in a new and an interesting method. This method is known as COLOR WHEEL. So..What is this color wheel? This is a simple yet an effective way through which we get the idea of what color to choose for all the things in our home This technique is important to designers but if we learn a bit of it, would make it easy for us to decorate our homes. This is color wheel It comprises of 12 colors. Let me explain the source of these 12 colors. The base of the color wheel is 3 colors- Yellow, Red & Blue. They are together known as Primary Colors. You all are well aware that most of the colors can be created by mixing two or more colors. But Yellow, Red & Blue can not be created by mixing other colors. Hence, these 3 are termed as Primary Colors. Lets move on to next set of colors- Secondary Colors. They are Orange, Purple & Green. They are made by mixing two Primary Colors. Remember Primary Colors? – Yellow , Red & Blue. So, Yellow & Red mixes together to generate Orange color. Red & Blue into Purple. And, Blue & Yellow into Green. So, Orange, Purple & Green together are known as Secondary Colors. The last & third category of colors is Tertiary Colors. It comprises of 6 colors. Lets know these 6 colors. Red-orange, Yellow-orange, Yellow-green, Blue-green Blue-violet & Red-violet. How did these get created? Tertiary color is made by mixing 1 Primary & 1 Secondary color. For eg- Red-orange comprises of Red ( a Primary color) and Orange( a Secondary Color). Red-orange is also known as Vermillion color. I am sure you have noticed their names. The first word in their names are of the Primary color they are made of. 3 Primary 3 Secondary & 6 Tertiary colors. So all these put together adds up to 12 colors of the Color Wheel. Now, I am sure you must be wondering about how to utilise the color wheel? Before I explain that Lets learn about few other common & known concepts of color. It will make it easy for understand the decoration. First is TINT. It means the lighter version of any color. To create a TINT, any pure color is added to White color. Second is TONE. This is created by adding Gray color to any pure color. This will slightly darken the pure color. Lastly SHADE. This is created by adding Black color to any pure color. This darkens the pure color quite a lot. Wasn’t it easy to understand the concept? Now, Lets understand one more important category of colors. We call it NEUTRAL COLORS. Neutral colors comprises of White, Black, Creamm , Khaki, Grey , Brown & sometimes Navy-blue too. Now, Lets find out what should be the color of your Sofa against that Yellow wall, What should be color of your cushions, So,Lets talk about few themes to help you with the decor. You would be appreciated amongst all you know for such decor in your home. 1) MONOCHROMATIC THEME. It means decoration with only one color. This a very simple method yet very effective. One does not has to think a lot before its implementation. We did discuss already about TINT, TONE & SHADE. So, Find any of your favorite color from the color wheel For example- Green. If you like you can decorate your entire room using one color. You could use Tint of Green, Tones of Green & Shades of Green – all together if you like. Or there is one more way to go for MONOCHROMATIC Color Theme. You could choose any Neutral color of you choice for Eg- If you keep a Sofa of a Neutral Color, & then choose any one Color from the color wheel Now decorate this sofa with the cushions of various Tint, Tone & Shades of that chosen color. SO, This was you MONOCHROMATIC color decoration. You can implement the same idea to your entire room. 2) ANALOGOUS THEME. For this theme, choose any color from the 12 colors of Color Wheel. Now, also choose the color placed in the right and left of that color. Now, Use all these 3 Colors together under this ANALOGOUS THEME. This theme is found in Nature in abundance. 3) COMPLEMENTARYTHEME. For this, Choose any color from Color Wheel. Now, Look out for the other color thats sitting on just opposite to this color. Now, Select these 2 colors & decorate your space . This is according to the COMPLEMENTARY THEME. Example of this theme are- Blue & Orange. Yellow & Purple. Red & Green. If you wish, you could use lighter or darker versions of these colors while you decorate. 4) SPLIT COMPLEMENTARY. This theme is inspired by Complemenary theme. Allow me to explain by citing some example. Lets first choose our favorite color. For eg- Red. Now lets find the color just opposite to this – here it is Green. So, this Red & Green color are of COMPLEMENTARY THEME. So, Leave this Green. Rather pick the colors to Green’s right & left direction. Here, the 2 colors to Green’s right & left are Yello-green & Blue-green. So, Red, Yellow-green & Blue-green all together a SPLIT COMPLEMENTARY COLOR THEME. Now, you can use all these 3 colors to decorate your space. To avoid thinking and a lot of planning, you could choose any of the theme from all the themes discussed today. And, use this theme in a NEUTRAL color background. This means that you keep the maximum things in your room of your favorite neutral color. Its upto you to choose 1 or more than 1 NEUTRAL COLORS for the background. Now, pick any of the COLOR THEME of your choice. Now, decorate the room of NEUTRAL BACKGROUND with the things that are of your chosen COLOR THEME. These decorative things could be anything of your choice. For eg- Artificial flowers, flower vase, cushions, curtains, bedsheet lamp, carpet & durries. Likewise , there are many other COLOR THEMES by using COLOR WHEEL. But, the ones we discussed are few of the very popular and simple ones. We can easily decorate our homes using these 4 THEMES. When you can’t make decisions on your own, Please use this COLOR WHEEL. And thereafter it would be easier for you to decorate your house better. How did you find this video? Wasn’t the information I shared today an useful one? Something which is not shared often If you find this video O.K, Please encourage by giving it a LIKE. And, Please comment below. Please follow my Channel to see such interesting videos. Until we meet again NAMASKAAR.

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