Interior Design at California College of the Arts

Interior Design at California College of the Arts

Interior design’s about space. It’s
about the place that you are — the atmosphere and
the perceptions that you gain by the way the light comes in the
windows, the way the surfaces surround you. We try to tie with what the architect has started — to explore the materiality — not just visuals — with touch and sound, and so I feel like we’re kind of the tying the knot between all the
disciplines. It’s always different and changing and that to me is like we kind of get the
best of them all. The faculty is — they’re priceless, you know. Some of them have just this wealth of
knowledge that you couldn’t get anywhere else, because a book can’t teach you. Our student work has been exhibited by leading interior design firms in the
area and museums and art galleries and design showrooms. Design and industry
professionals offer portfolio critiques and give advice and offer internships
to our students. I’m just always so impressed by the level of passion that is palpable when you walk through the campus. We’re an interior design program in an art school, so students
l are always drawing, making things — actual building and testing their ideas. There are so many opportunities to use
new technologies at CCA. Between the Hybrid Lab, CNC, the laser
cutter, there’s so many different ways that you can execute your design. Learning digital technology — it’s pretty amazing and interesting.
It’s like magic that you can translate something in
your mind into a physical, visual presentation. It’s not just selecting
materials, but creating new materials to be a best fit for space. Students that graduate from CCA from the Interior Design Program will come out with a very strong
technical background, understanding how materials and energy are used to produce
very vibrant spaces. So I think that makes them very versatile; they can go work in architecture firms, in interior design firms, in product design firms. The best resource for me was the student body when paired with Industrial Design and Architecture and you walk through the Nave and there’s the fashion and graphic design all coming together. Interior designers can make a huge impact in the world when they
graduate from CCA. They can specify products that have
limited environmental impact. They can design public spaces to benefit greater populations of people beyond just
their clients. As conceptual as the program at CCA is, it still brings the balance of reality and
how we can make a difference in the real world when we graduate. I never stopped being thankful that I do what I love to do and that I know how to do it because
I went to CCA.

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  1. Hello, I am Varun Singapuri from India. I am currently persuading Bachelor of Interior Design course at V.N.S.G.U , Surat, Gujarat, India. I am interested in knowing the curriculum CCA provides in detail.

  2. Hey, Varun . . . visit to access staff and faculty members who can get you the information you seek.

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