Interior Design at Humber

Zaiba Mian: So our Interior Design program is a Bachelor in Interior Design. It’s a four-year program and what we really emphasize at Humber is a connection between theory and also practice. it’s great to be able to think in an abstract manner, to be conceptual but I also think it’s important to be able to apply those ideas to real scenarios. Kelly Gluck: It’s important for the students to
get out in the real-world and connect that classroom learning to the context that’s outside that door. We take the students on field trips and
site studies. They see construction, they see design projects at different stages of fulfillment and
talk to the professionals in the industry. Dana Marciniak: I enjoy the new centre. It’s
definitely a fresh take on that environment. It does emphasize the studio environment very much. There’s a lot of collaboration happening. The faculty is amazing. They push us,
the give us ideas, they challenge us they see the potential in us and they know
we can go further and they take us there I think. Taylor Roth: They’re design professionals themselves whether they be architects or interior designers. They’re really a great source of information. Neal Prabhu: As an employer myself having my own practice and interviewing students from the other side, it’s really nice to
see that people can think and they are looking at projects actually revisiting things and thinking critically about their own work rather than sort of creating
beautiful things for people to look at it’s a lot more about the ideas and what’s behind it. Kristen Masson: Tonight we are showcasing all our thesis projects that we’ve worked on for the past year so we’ve done
a lot of research. We did interviews and collected a lot of data. The whole concept of mine
was social nodes so I wanted to create a really social environment where artists can come and collaborate, interact. Kelly Gluck: We’re really proud of the fact that
many of our students have landed full-time jobs as a result of successful work placements. They
work in all areas of the industry. Some residential, health care, hospitality, retail design, there’s a lot of commercial corporate design in the Toronto area so many
of our students are going to firms that specialize in larger scale projects. Taylor Roth: I definitely believe that this program has definitely prepared me for the future. I think I really got my true
test last summer when we did our co-op. I was very much in tune with what went
on and what the industry expected and I think that all goes back to the program.

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