Interior Design | College of the Canyons

The greatest thing about teaching at COC in the Department of Architecture and Interior
Design, is that we get the opportunity to illuminate for the students the unlimited possibilities for a career in Architecture and Interior Design. So my favorite part is really working with each individual student to help them find what they are best at so that they can actually design the rest of their education. I think as a student you come looking for
something more than technical skills and knowledge. I think you come looking also for guidance
and advice. And our faculty here at College of the Canyons, Department of Architecture and Design, runs deep in the profession. We’re made up of Interior Designers, Set Decorators, Product and Industrial Designers, LEED Approved Providers, Computer Aided Design Drawing Specialists. And what we do is we make an effort to help guide our students through their educational and career choices in Design. In conjunction with counselors here at COC we want to make sure you succeed and we want to help you get there. We have all the equipment, we have the classrooms, we have the faculty, and we have the success of sending students on to jobs or further

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