Interior Design Color Selection Tips | How to Choose Paint Colors | Home Decor

Interior Design Color Selection Tips | How to Choose Paint Colors | Home Decor

Today I feel passionate and energetic about
doing this video maybe because of that my subconscious made me wear red today. maybe And this is because color is a form of non
verbal communication and it’s not only for what we’re wearing it’s also for our spaces. Color is more than a visual experience. It is also a psychological one that can radically
affect mood and emotion Color creates feelings and moods and it is due to these features
that designers and homeowners need to use it in order to create an appropriate atmosphere in a given space. In this video I will explain to you how to
select the best and the perfect paint color for any space, so stay with me! Hi guys welcome back to D.Signers. I’m Zahira Cury, Architect and Lighting
designer founder of D.Signers if you’re new here and you love everything about design
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to turn on the notifications bell because I’m preparing really good content for all of you! As always guys, if you have any questions
after watching this video don’t forget to ask me in a comment below! I will respond to all of you! so, Let’s get started. Step No. 1. Is to think about the purpose of the room
& color meaning Different colors create different moods in
your home by communicating diverse feelings such as excitement, passion, serenity or mystery. By understanding color theory in interior
design you can create just the right mood you are looking for. It is important to note that each color creates
a different impact on people. Many factors can influence this including
age, race, culture as well as life experiences. However, people will always respond to color-no
matter what. In general, following colors means following
psychology effects in a home. So first of all you need to answer the following
three questions: What is the function and purpose of the space? What mood do you want to create in that space? Which colors will help you achieve that mood? Choosing colors should not be taken lightly colors do have meanings and influence how we feel when we’re inside a space So if you are selecting a color painting for
your bedroom you need to consider that you want to feel relaxed in your bedroom so you can rest and sleep
to recover from a stressful day. For this, you need colors that evoke serenity
and calmness, like earth tones, soft blues or greens. If the room is especially for your kids, where
they will spend most of their time playing, you should consider colors that evoke happiness,
energy, creativity and mental focus like yellow or orange. Let me know in a comment below What color
is your bedroom? How do you feel there? Since there are hundreds of color choices,
I’ll leave you a link in the description below with a guide that I prepared specially
for you with different color choices this way you can select one that you like and it
will help you achieve the desired mood that you want to create in a specific space. My second tip and recommendation is about Picking a Color Scheme: how to combine Colors To choose a paint color for a room, consider
the colors that are already in your space. Before selecting the color of your space,
you need to think about the color scheme that you have inside your home. the colors of your furniture, other walls,
artwork, textures, accessories are crucial to create a harmonious color scheme and a
perfect combination with the new color. A very easy way to create a perfect color
scheme is using the color wheel: You can create an Analogous color scheme using
three or more colors that sit next to one another on the color wheel. You can create a monochromatic color scheme uses tints, tones
and shades within the same hue or color family. Complementary color scheme uses colors that are opposite from each other on the color
wheel. This way you can be sure that your color scheme
will be perfectly combined. My third tip is about Cool or Warm color The color wheel is an important tool in choosing
complimentary colors but it’s also important to consider the mood that different colors
create. Colors behave in three ways: Active colors Passive colores and Neutrals Active colores are warm colors such as red, orange and yellow. Warm colors tend to stand out and dominate
a room’s presence. Those colors make large rooms feel warmer. Passive colors are cool colors
such as blue, green and purple. Using cool colors helps create a calm atmosphere. Those colors create a calming effect and help
small spaces seem more spacious Neutral colors are beige,
brown, gray and white. Neutral colors are neither activate or calming
in a room. They act as a “canvas” to showcase other
design elements With a neutral wall our opportunities are endless we could accessorize using blue, red or yellow items without
changing the color of the wall and each of those colors would look great in that space. Lighting is key Color doesn’t exist without light. To see colors, you have to have light. When light shines on an object some colors
bounce off the object and others are absorbed by it. Our eyes only see the colors that are bounced
off or reflected. Natural light plays an important part in how we perceive paint colors in our home so, If you have huge windows and your space is very bright you can use dark colors with confidence. On the other hand, if you
have a space with a soft light That means dark paint will look darker and lighter paint will help you make
the room brighter. So remember, selecting a dark or light color
will depend on the quantity of light that you have in the space. Always Test it! When painting, it’s highly recommended that
you always do a test area on your walls! Simply holding up the paint swatch to a wall
won’t give you an accurate idea of what the effect will be. Test the paint on each wall of your room by
doing a patch with two coats and pay attention to how it is affected by natural light at
different times of the day. Lastly, don’t forget that objects also play
a part in the overall perception of a room! Furniture, decor, and wall hangings all affect
how light is reflected and absorbed. Be mindful of the fact that if you’re painting
and testing lighting in an empty room the room might feel slightly different once you
load in the furniture. Remember that If you have any questions, let
me know in the comment section also if you enjoyed this video Please click like and don’t forget to subscribe to join our design community. Remember to follow me on Instagram for daily
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67 thoughts on “Interior Design Color Selection Tips | How to Choose Paint Colors | Home Decor

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  26. Hey thank you for the tips. So I want a romantic bedroom looking on the greige side with a dusty pink under tone. And want a overall calming feeling throughout the house thinking more white with a warmer undertone. What do you suggest. Am I on the right track?

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