Interior Design Contemporary Worship | Faith Inspirational | Los Angeles | Galaxy Design Video #72

Welcome back to another episode of Galaxy Design Innovative Design Series! I’m standing
on an altar of a church here in South Los Angeles called Share the Faith. A wonderful
place to be standing. This customer happened to call us and find us through youtube channel.
Called me and said Steve we’ve got an issue here. We’ve got an altar and a multipurpose
room and I want to be able to have. When we’re having services I want everyone to be focused.
There’s a lot of kids work up on the walls. They’re using this also for sixth graders
while its not being used for services. So I came out and suggested to have draperies
covering the walls. We’re putting up these beautiful silver draperies. And we’ve also
waived the charges of installation for them. To be a cause in the matter and passing it
on. So that’s what we’re putting up right now. Lets take a look and see how the job
goes. I’m with Faith Inspiration of Baptist church
in the city of Compton. First of all, I want to thank Galaxy Design for the outstanding
job that they did with installing our draperies. They look absolutely wonderful. Our pastors
happy with them. Of course my wife, who set the design up, she’s excited about them. I’m
excited about them and we’re sure that our congregation is going to be excited about
them. We’re also thankful to Galaxy Design for waiving the installation fee. Because
we are a church we do work on a budget. But I want you to know that the budget is one
of the things that we look at. Its not the only thing that we look at. We have to look
at the integrity of the person or of the company thats doing the work and because everybody
talks a good game, but they have to show 3,000 people what they mean when they work for you
and thats how we felt about Galaxy Design. I want to thank you Galaxy Design for the
great job that you guys did! God Bless you, God keep you and if you’re ever in the Compton
area, stop by just one time and visit with us and you’ll find that this is one of the
best churches and one of the best congregations in the United States of the A.

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