Interior Design: Design, Housing & Merchandising

I think my favorite thing about interior
design is the fact that there’s a lot of different things you can do with it.
There’s a lot of technical things that go go into it and a lot of people don’t
realize that outside of the industry. Interior design has a lot of
miscommunication with the world I would say is the right word for that. A lot of
people just see it as decorating really a big part of interior design is space
planning and just making the space as efficient and safe for the humans and
the occupants that are using it as possible. It’s about having that
expertise and being able to come up with creative solutions for whatever space
you’re designing. You can work with a concept you can get a color scheme going
on and really just make it as unique as the people that you’re making it for.
Being in classes that I enjoy and I’m passionate about I feel like I excel in
them and that makes me know that I’m in the right major. Really, if you love it
and you know that something that you want to do and you have the potential to
like change people’s lives with the designs that you do then definitely
don’t hesitate to do it.

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