Interior Design Fight! Couple fights over apartment design video

Interior Design Fight! Couple fights over apartment design video

MIKA: When I first saw Bandit,
I thought how cute! We are very opposite. BANDIT: Opposites attract,
as they say. MIKA: I really like what’s
on that right now. BANDIT: Why do you keep messing
with that thing? Could we just get rid of it? MIKA: No. This is my work, so I have
to use something to try on these clothes. BANDIT: So what about the
cobwebs right above your head? That’s your work also? MIKA: Ambiance. BANDIT: This place
to me is creepy. Really, really creepy. MIKA: Let me just get back. BANDIT: You know what else? When I watch TV, I
have four people looking at me right here. Two skeletons and two masks. They’re staring at me while
I’m watching TV. MIKA: It’s in your head. BANDIT: It’s a little
annoying. This is your brain. MIKA: Look, you just need to
open up your mind and– BANDIT: My mind is open. MIKA: I like wild,
colorful people. And he likes to be home by
himself with a bowl of cereal, watching TV. BANDIT: I would like something
like a little bit more casual. You walk in, you don’t feel
like you’re in hell. MIKA: I don’t want to be boring
in the house either. BANDIT: Casual isn’t
always boring. MIKA: Well, your casual
is boring. BANDIT: OK. Tell me what that is. MIKA: It is a Mexican
cat rattler. BANDIT: It can rattle itself
right out the damn door. MIKA: All right, fine. BANDIT: And I can
eat in peace. MIKA: Well, you didn’t have to
push it over like that either. BANDIT: I can’t get my point
across by just pushing it a little bit. You’re not getting it. MIKA: Fine, fine. Are you done? BANDIT: Are you? With this? MIKA: [INAUDIBLE]. People like me. You can’t shut me up! No. I just need fun. I can’t live in a boring
house either. BANDIT: So if I die and you had
to live alone, you would keep my skeleton and
hang it somewhere? MIKA: No! Some of the stuff will stay. BANDIT: Some of the
stuff will go. VANESSA DELEON: I’m Vanessa
DeLeon and you’re watching Your Place Is a Deal Breaker. Be sure to subscribe
to our channel. This guy’s going
to be watching. You watching?

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  1. Bandit23 Possessed By The Jacket…I directed the video and in the description will be a link to his mix tape…ENJOY!!

  2. for some reason youtube won't let me post the link..but if you enter his artist name and song title will find it!! Thanks for the support!

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