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(gentle synth music) – Hey guys, ‘sup? It’s Raven, back again for another Raven’s Dream Home update video. Hope you guys are enjoying this series, as I always say in these videos, definitely check out the other videos in this series if you have
not seen them already. I have been documenting my entire process with building slash buying my first home, so I will leave a link
down to the playlist down below, that way you can watch it from the very beginning, and see the whole entire process. As of today, we are at the step of the process where I am actually choosing the interior
design options for my home. So I had already told you guys about the exterior options. Unfortunately, I was not
able to share too, too much with that, just ’cause
I didn’t wanna give away too much, in terms of what the exterior of my house is gonna look like, just for privacy reasons. But, for the interior of my house, I have no issue sharing
what it’s gonna look like. And, as of today, literally
right this minute, I literally just got home from my second appointment
with the builder, but I’m pretty much fully done choosing all of my interior options. So I wanted to sit down
and share photos and videos of everything that I chose. So this is including flooring, cabinets, countertops, wall color. What else? Plumbing fixture,
everything that’s going on in all the bathrooms, the carpeting, the wood floors, the stairs. So it’s just all those main options and features on the inside of the home. So, basically the way that this goes, is that I am working with a, basically an interior designer that works for the builder. And I’m meeting with her
at this design center, so it’s in this warehouse
office building place and they have all of the samples for everything laid out, so that the buyer can come and choose what they want. So they have all these countertop samples, all these tile samples,
all these flooring samples. Literally everything, so that you can pick the color and material that you want for each aspect in each room. So, again, just like with
the exterior options, there’s so many options,
there’s so many details, there’s so many things to choose, but it’s really fun because you really get to kind of customize it
and make it your own, and pick whatever kind of style you want. Going into it, I already knew what my style was gonna be. I am going for a modern farmhouse, with a little bit of glam look. So modern farmhouse is a lot of neutrals, it’s a lot of white, gray, black. It’s a lot of kind of more
plain finishes, I would say. More plain tile and cabinets and stuff. And it’s really, what
I really like about it, is that it’s kind of a more simple base, but the way that you accessorize
it can be really fun. Also, because it is kind of a plain base, you can switch out your furniture and your accessories really easily, ’cause a lot of different
stuff can go with it. It is also just kind of trendy right now and real popular, I mean, if you guys watch HGTV, if you watch Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines, in Waco, with their Magnolia style, they do a lot of modern farmhouse and really farmhousey stuff. I’m leaning more towards the modern side rather than the farmhouse side, just ’cause I don’t want it to look too country, barn, Texan. But I do kinda like a little bit of country, barn, and Texan, ’cause I am a Texan,
at the end of the day, and I think that style is kind of homey. But I do like a modern,
contemporary, glamorous style. I mean, you guys know
me, you know what I like, if you’ve been following me. So it’s kind of a mixture of both. Right here, I have my paperwork. I have my floor plan, which has, you know, the overall layout of everything,
with some notes on it, and then I have the actual list of everything that
I chose with the prices. I’m not gonna go through
every single thing and tell you guys the exact color name and the exact price, because
who really freakin’ cares? But I will say that,
with this whole process, there’s levels to it. So a level one is standard, that means it’s no extra cost, it
comes with the model home, you have a few different
colors to choose from, for no extra cost. Then we go up to level two, level three, level four, and for certain things, it goes all the way up
to level 13. (laughs) So, having said that, obviously, the level 13’s are very
expensive to add on, it is an extra cost, it is an upgrade. And I will say that, almost everything that I chose
was some type of upgrade. So level two and up. I tried to, you know, be smart about what I was picking
because, of course, this is my home, this is my forever home, this is a home I plan on staying in for at least five years,
10 years, who knows? So I really want it to be me, I want it to be everything that I want, it is my dream home. So there are some areas
where I’m splurging and just getting what I like, but also it’s for resale value. So, when it comes to real estate, you kind of wanna do things where you’re gonna be able to
kinda get your money back when you sell the home. What are other buyers
gonna be interested in? What’s gonna wow them,
what are they gonna think is worth the money, how
are they gonna look at it when it’s time to sell the house? So there are certain things that I may have added in, even though I might
not necessarily need it or it might not be necessary,
or it might just be extra. But it’s gonna help me
sell the house later on, and I might be able to sell the house for more money, later on. So let’s just start with the main stuff. I think one of the biggest
things is the wall color. So I chose white. I think it’s called Extra
White or Pure White, so it’s just white. (laughs) A very white white, and you get to pick one wall color
for your whole house, but, of course, if there’s certain rooms of your house, like a
kid’s room or something, that you wanna do a fun paint color, you just do that yourself afterwards. But they just kinda wanna know what is your main color, you know, all downstairs and all
through the hallways and stuff like that. So I chose a pure white for that. And it’s gonna have white molding and white floorboards, as well. And, you know, the doors, all the doors throughout the house are gonna be kind of a standard door, pretty, actually, it’s the same doors that I have in my townhome right now. I mean, similar to this, square doors, white doors, white crown molding, nothing too crazy or unique there. And then, another big
thing is the staircase. So my staircase, I’ll go ahead and put up an inspiration photo. I don’t have an exact photo of what mine’s gonna look like. So I’m getting a wood staircase, it’s not gonna have carpet on it, and I’m getting a very dark wood stain. It’s called Ebony, it is the darkest, most charcoal, closest thing to black, wood stain that they had. And I’m gonna have white
risers, painted risers. So the front flap part of
the step is gonna be white, the top of the step is gonna be dark. The railing is going to be
the matching dark railing. I also chose a more modern stair post. So, instead of getting
the more fancy, curly rounded one with the knobs on it, I chose just a straight rectangular modern-style post, just
to keep it more simple and clean and contemporary, as well as the iron railing going up the stairs. I chose a very simple straight iron rod. They had all these different options of curly things with little designs and twisty things and very intricate, and just not my style. So my stairs are gonna be very
straight, dark with white. The downstairs flooring, basically, the whole entire downstairs
lower level of the house is going to be a wooden, like a beige, wood-looking flooring, it’s actually a wood tile. So it looks like wood, but
it’s actually a hard tile. And I got that inspiration
from the actual model home. So it’s a nice beige color. I didn’t want to do dark wood
floors or anything like that. So I’m really, really
happy with that choice. Just for an example, that
is a level six option, so definitely an upgrade from
any of the standard options. And they have it priced out, for all the whole downstairs, you know, the entryway, the living
room, the kitchen, the laundry room, my office downstairs, and then the bedroom,
though, the master bedroom is gonna be carpet. And I chose a really nice carpet, ’cause I was a little iffy about that, I didn’t, I don’t know, I get kind of weirded out by carpet, but they had a really nice carpet that’s, it’s not super fluffy, it is just very sleek and it’s a gray color. So I am gonna have carpet in
my master bedroom downstairs, as well as the other bedroom, which is actually gonna be
my glam room downstairs, in the front of the house. And then all the whole entire upstairs, aside from the bathrooms, obviously, is going to be that same, you
know, simple, gray carpet. The gray carpet I chose
was also an upgrade, because the standard carpet colors only came in shades of beige, and so that was kind of an issue for me, picking out stuff, I ended up picking higher level options just
because they did not have the color that I wanted in
the lower level options. So, sometimes, that was tripping me up because I was having to get upgrades just because, well, I
really want gray for this, and they don’t even have a gray one in the standard options. I am doing basically an all-white kitchen. So the cabinetry is
going to be pure white, it’s gonna be a Shaker-style cabinet. So nothing too intricate,
not a lot of things going on, it’s kind of that simple
Shaker-style cabinet, and then the backsplash is going to be white subway tile,
but I am laying the tile in a herringbone pattern. So I’ll put a picture up right here, basically means it’s more of
a triangular, zigzag pattern. Most people when they do subway tile, the typical one is just
kind of that straight, you know, brick-lay, but
I wanted to do something a little bit different,
since it is all white, I do wanna bring in
different elements of design in terms of the texture and
the way that things are laid. So herringbone white subway tile, also the subway tile that I picked is an artisan tile, so
it’s a little bit rough around the edges, so it’s gonna give you more of that farmhouse look, mixed in with the modern look of
everything else that I chose. And the countertops, I’m
pretty excited about, because I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to splurge for the
countertop that I wanted, but I ended up just doing
it because I was like, this is a big focal point, especially with my big island
that I have in my kitchen. I really wanted a nice white countertop, but I was able to get a quartz countertop that looks like marble. So, you know, marble is
really, really pricey, quartz is, like, a step or two below. And the quartz that I
chose is white background with a little bit of a gray marbling veining going through it. So it’s pretty much
gonna look like marble, and I think it’s gonna look really nice with the white cabinets
and the white backsplash. So it’s gonna look really,
really bright, open, and airy in the main area of my home, ’cause the walls are gonna be white, the cabinets are gonna be white, everything gonna be white, and we’re gonna have
a light-colored floor, and I have, you know,
that big sliding door that’s gonna be letting
in a lot of natural light, as well as those big
windows up at the top. I have windows around the dining area where the kitchen table is gonna be, so it’s just gonna look
very, very fresh and bright and white and open, which is what I personally really wanted. I know some people don’t like that ’cause they say it does not feel homey, it does not feel warm but, to me, I want my home to look fresh and crisp, so I don’t really care about
it being warm, necessarily. And, again, it’s all
about how you style it with the furniture, the
lighting, and the accessories. I plan on bringing in some
contrast with, you know, the knobs on the cabinet
being a different contrasting color, so, either a brass
gold color or a black color. And then, also with my furniture. The bar stools are gonna
be a darker bar stool. The pendant lights that I have hanging can be a darker color
or a statement color. Same thing for the dining
furniture over there. So it’s kind of a white background with contrasting accessories on top. That’s kind of my vision. Moving into the living room, it’s just gonna be that same
beige-colored wood floor, white walls, and then
the fireplace in there was another tough decision
that I had to make, ’cause that is another pricey area. The one that they had in the model home they had tile going up all the way to the ceiling for the fireplace, and I basically copied that same idea. Again, I wasn’t sure if
I was gonna wanna do it, because it more pricey, but I went ahead and decided to do it. The other option would be to just get like a standard mantle, some
sort of mantle going around, and then just nothing on the wall. But I went ahead and went for the tile. Very, very similar to how
they had it in the model home. I picked a tile that was a
little bit cheaper, though, but it’s still very
similar color and style. It’s a dark charcoal gray tile, so it’s basically gonna look
exactly like the model home, but I just picked a slightly cheaper tile. Just to give you an idea,
that was a level six option, and to get that tile going all the way up to the ceiling is about $3,000. Oh, and another thing I wanted to mention for the kitchen, with the cabinets. The standard cabinets are
only the one row of cabinets and then there’s a space
in-between the ceiling. But, to upgrade it, you have to add those extra, an extra
layer of cabinets on top, so that the cabinets go all
the way up to the ceiling, and that’s how they had
it in the model home. There was the two stack of cabinets. And then also, on top of
that, in the model home, the top stack of cabinets all had glass doors going all around. That’s all an upgrade and I
just fell in love with it, and I wanted it, and so
I tried to compromise by saying, okay, my
kitchen is in an L shape, so let’s just do the upper glass cabinets on the main long wall. We don’t have to do it over here on the other part of the L, where the refrigerator is and everything. Let’s just do the uppers
with the glass over here. I went back and forth about
it with my mom and stuff, because the price is
pricey to add that on. It’s actually, the glass itself costs more than the cabinets itself, so it’s just a little crazy. But I just really liked the way it looked, with the glass cabinets on top. You could put decorative pieces in there, have your, inside you can put lights to shine down inside
of the glass cabinets. It just was really, really pretty, so I went ahead and added that on. But, like I said, just on the main wall, above the stove and stuff. But over here on the other wall, where it’s just gonna be a shorter section with the fridge and the oven, I decided not to put the upper cabinets. It’s just gonna be an empty space. And I’m thinking I can put some sort of decorative thing up
there above the fridge. Other rooms over there in that area are my laundry room
and my planning center, which you guys have never
seen the planning center, ’cause they don’t have the planning center in the model home. That’s an extra thing
that’s gonna be in my house. It’s basically a room that has cabinets and countertops, you can kind of use as a secondary office or a mail room, or a homework station type of thing. So it has cabinets and
countertops in there. And I decided to have those
cabinets and countertops matching with whatever I
put in the laundry room, ’cause I am gonna have quite
a few cabinets and countertops in the laundry room, obviously, along with the washer and dryer. I’m gonna also have a place
to put an extra refrigerator. So, for those cabinets and countertops, in both of those rooms, I originally chose a more expensive light
gray painted cabinet. But, just due to the price, I
went ahead and brought it down to a cheaper gray wooden cabinet option. It’s a darker gray color, they didn’t have a cheaper lighter color. It’s still gray, I think it still goes with my overall scheme. I was a little worried,
’cause I wanted everything to be so fresh and bright and open, but I think, in the
closed off laundry room and planning center,
it’s okay to do something a little bit different and cheaper. So I’m doing kind of a darker gray cabinet and then the countertop is gonna be, basically, it’s like a whitish color with a little bit of a speckle to it. So those two rooms are gonna be matching. I also had to choose what
kind of sink I wanted in my laundry room, as
well as in my kitchen. So my kitchen is gonna have, you know, the big double sink with the
tall, loop de loop faucet. And I had to choose what kind of finish I wanted on my faucet. I chose a brushed nickel,
’cause I don’t like the really, really, really
shiny chrome silver metal. So I chose more of the brushed, a little bit more matte silver color. And then, also, same
thing in the laundry room. I chose the deep sink with the
little similar faucet on it. Okay, so, bedroom, like I said, is gonna have that nice
little simple gray carpet, the walls are already gonna be white. I mean, after the fact, if
I wanna change the walls in my bedroom, I can do that. I think I will end up
just leaving them white, ’cause I just like the
way that that looks. But, for the master bathroom, my whole vibe is, again,
very crisp, clean, very, like, more glamorous. So I’m gonna have gray,
the light gray cabinets in my bathroom, paired with a white, a very simple white countertop. The flooring is gonna be a really cool marble-looking tile floor,
so it’s a very slick, pure white tile with a light gray marbling vein running through it. So it’s gonna look like
marble floors in the bathroom, as well as, I’m continuing the theme into the shower and onto the bathtub. So that same marble tile is gonna be on the walls of the shower, as well as on the little surrounding thing that surrounds the tub. And then, as an accent wall,
in the back of the shower, I’m gonna be doing white subway tile, it’s a longer rectangular subway tile that I’m gonna put in a
brick-lay offset pattern. So back wall of the shower is the subway, side walls are the marble, and then up the sides of the tub and then on the accent wall of the tub, you know, the front part of the tub, is gonna be the same subway tile. So the tub and the shower
are gonna be matching. And I think it’s gonna
look so fresh and crisp and white and glamorous
with the marble look, and a light gray cabinet,
just to kind of match the gray that’s gonna be
running through the marble, then a nice white, crisp countertop. And then, for the
mirrors, they didn’t have any options that I liked for the mirrors, ’cause you can get framed
mirrors, if you want. The standard mirrors
is just, like, a mirror on the wall, no frame, no nothing. But they did have a few framing options. I didn’t like any of them, so I just went with the standard mirror and I’m gonna take it off after, and buy my own mirrors elsewhere, and install my own mirrors. I’m thinking of doing something with a nice simple frame around it. And then, for the fixtures, you know, the sink fixtures, the one on the bathtub, the shower fixtures, I went ahead and went with the cheapest, standard
silver, plain, whatever. Just put that in there
’cause it’s no extra cost, because I plan on taking all of those out and getting specialty ones later, ’cause I’m either gonna
do a black fixture, I’ve seen this really cool picture of a black shower head. Or I’m gonna do a brass,
gold, metallic one. I’m not sure yet, but definitely not any of the options that they had available. So I just said, put the free one in there, just put the free one, ’cause I’m gonna switch it out later. So I think that’s pretty much it for the master bedroom, master bathroom. Moving on over to the powder room bathroom that’s in the front of the house. I wanted that to be kind of a focal point, ’cause it’s just a little small bathroom, it’s closed off, so I decided to do a little specialty, detailed
tile floor in there, which is actually the same tile floor that’s in the master bathroom. They went all out in the model home and put this really detailed tile floor in the master bathroom. I like that tile but I was like, lemme just put it in the powder room, where it’s smaller and it can be cheaper. So I took that tile and
I’m gonna be putting that in my powder room, and it’s just a fun little
moment for the powder room. It’s gonna have a plain pedestal sink with, you know, some basic
faucet fixtures on there. And it’s gonna come with an oval mirror above the sink, standard toilet,
nothing too crazy in there. For the glam room, which
is technically a guest room but it’s gonna be my glam room, in the front of the house, like I said, there’s carpet
on the bedroom in there. And then, for that bathroom, since it is a full bathroom in there, I wanna do something a
little bit different, like I’m not going all out
like I did in my master, so I’m still sticking with
the gray and white theme. This bathroom’s gonna be
a little bit more gray, because I’m gonna do white cabinets but I’m gonna do a
sparkly gray countertop. It’s a nice, light gray and
it sparkles a little bit when it hits the light, ’cause it is my glam
room, so I kinda wanna do something a little
bit sparkly and girly. The flooring is gonna be a gray tile, has a little bit of a texture to it. And then the shower is
gonna kind of continue with they gray tile, but I
have an accent tile piece that’s kind of got these glass tiles, that’s gonna be a stripe, you know, going around the shower wall. Just to give it a little bit of a bling bling belt moment, the shower’s gonna be wearing
a bling bling belt. (laughs) But it’s gonna be kind of a gray tile and then, like I said, gray and white on the cabinets, again, pretty
standard faucet features. Just a standard mirror. Um, let’s see, going up the stairs into Ziya’s bedroom and the guest bedroom, of course gonna have
that same gray carpet, same carpet throughout the
house, in the bedrooms. They’re gonna start off
with the same white walls. If I wanna change it later, I can. But for those two bathrooms
that are connected to those two bedrooms, I’m gonna make, even though the bathrooms
I decided to cut in half, and put a wall there so that they’re two separate bathrooms, I still wanted the bathroom finishes to match, I mean, there’s no reason to
make them look different. So it’s gonna be the same thing in both. It’s basically going to
be a, I think I’m doing the light gray cabinet, so same cabinets from my master, a light gray color, with a different white countertop. I wanted to do something
kinda fun and sparkly, since it is gonna be for
Ziya’s bathroom, too. So it’s a white background
with a sparkly glass, it almost picks up a
little bit blue-green, kind of a glittery countertop. And then the flooring is gonna be kind of a simple light
grayish, whitish tile, as well as, there’s tile going around the bathtub or the shower, is gonna be the same as the floor. So very simple, neutral, light gray tile, but the countertop is
kind of a sparkly moment. So all of my countertops
for the whole house and all of the bathrooms,
none of them are standard, because the standard countertops
are the standard granite, the very speckly, granite-looking ones, and they really didn’t even have any white or gray, plain white options. So all of my countertops
throughout the house are some type of upgrade, whether it be a level three, level four. In the master is a level seven. And, again, it wasn’t necessarily that I specifically had
to have a level four, had to have this specific material. I’m just thinking of the color, and if they don’t have a white option for a level one, then I
guess I’m getting level four. And then the last things that I had to choose are the lighting fixtures and the appliances for the kitchen. So the lighting fixtures, they give you, it’s a package for the whole house. So you just kinda pick, either you want the standard ones, just
like standard, basic lights, for me it doesn’t really matter, ’cause I am gonna be switching out the main focal point lights. Like, if I want to have a focal light hanging over the dining table, that’s gonna be something I buy and switch out after the fact. Same thing for the pendant lights that are hanging over the kitchen island. That’s gonna be a specialty thing that I buy and switch out later, after the house is done. So I really didn’t care
about the lighting package, I kinda just chose,
whatever, standard one. And I did get, like, it was a special deal discount thing going on right now, where I got some credit to go towards extra lighting
stuff, so I was able to add extra ceiling fans
in all of the bedrooms, ’cause it was just my master bedroom that actually came with the ceiling fan. Master bedroom and living room. But the other bedrooms did not come with ceiling fans, but since I got this little coupon thing, I was able to add those in for
basically no extra charge. So all the bedrooms
will have ceiling fans. Then, for the kitchen appliances, I really didn’t choose anything too crazy. They had pretty good options
for the standard options, you know, no cost, so I did
not get the double ovens, I just have the one oven with the microwave on top,
it’s like a Whirlpool oven. Same thing for the
dishwasher, I think I got a slight upgrade on
that, just so it could be a nice sleek style of a dishwasher. The refrigerator is something that is not included in this, that’s something that I would always have to
buy separate after, anyway. And then, let’s see,
microwave, dishwasher, oven. Oh, the vent hood above the stove, I got the one that’s in the model home. That is not standard, that is an upgrade, so that was the biggest
thing that I upgraded, for $1,200, I wanted to get that same canopy vent hood that they
had in the model home. Washer and dryer and refrigerator is not included in this process. I have to get that afterwards when the house is done, myself. And yeah, that’s pretty much everything that I had to choose. This was within two meetings, so I had one meeting, when
was that, couple days ago, and then I had my second meeting today. And I have one more meeting
just to finalize everything, so I have to sleep on
it, make sure I’m sure, come back, and sign off on everything, just like everything else in this process. But pretty much that’s everything chosen and that means that
that’s everything chosen for my whole entire house, ’cause we got the exterior, we got the basic framing, we got the exterior options, and now we got the interior options. So, after I sign off on
these interior options, they will be able to actually
start building my house. And I thought that I was
gonna be done with this by the end of this month. It’s getting pushed out a
tiny bit to October 1st, so it’s probably gonna
be first week of October that they start building now. I mean, things always get pushed out when you’re building a house, but it’s okay, I wanna be sure, I wanna make sure that
I have everything right. And I’m happy with
everything that I chose, I think it’s gonna be really nice. I also think it’s gonna have
really good resale value in the future, when I do sell it. So I’m really happy, I’m super excited, I feel like my vision is coming together and I’m coming to an end of the process of choosing everything. And they’re gonna actually
start building my house and then we’re gonna actually be able to make progress with that. But I wanted to make this video and give you an idea
of what I’m going for, because it’s not gonna
be until next summer that you guys, or that
anyone is gonna be able to see it in real life,
actually done and built. ‘Cause, you know, my
estimated end finish date is next May, so, next
summer, we’ll be able to see how it all comes together and, hopefully, it all comes together. It’s really hard to imagine, okay, is this gonna look good
with this countertop, is it gonna look good with the floor? ‘Cause you’re just looking
at these little sample pieces and trying to hold them
up next to each other and imagine what it’s gonna
look like in the whole room, and it’s really, really hard to imagine. So hopefully all my stuff
looks good, we gon’ see. But I’m excited and I’m happy with it. I hope you guys are still
enjoying this series. Once again, like I keep saying, I’m gonna have way more videos in this series, because I’m
documenting the whole thing. So I’m not sure what my
next video is gonna be, but you’re definitely gonna
hear more about this house. So give this video a thumbs
up if you are enjoying it and if you’re excited
for Raven’s dream home. Subscribe if you haven’t already, so you don’t miss out
on my future updates. And I’ll see you guys in my next one. Bye.

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