Interior Design Ideas|How to Hang Curtains

Interior Design Ideas|How to Hang Curtains

Hello I’m Jennifer with Jennifer
Decorates and in today’s video I’m going to show you how I took some drapery tie
backs and turned them into some beautiful and elegant drapery hardware. So stay
tuned. So for this design, a unique drapey
hardware, I came up with this idea because I was
decorating for a client and they had pretty wide window and I did not want to
see a drapery rod going all the way across the window. So I thought it would
be really unique and different to use drapery medallions up at the top and
hang the curtains from them which I’ll show you later in this video.
What I did was I purchased them online I’ll put a link below. They were gold and
I’m gonna show you how I painted them and distressed them. Take your medallion
apart. There’ll be three parts. I just use simple off white acrylic paint and I
painted all three parts. I gave them two coats to make sure it was pretty thick.
When you’re painting make sure you get into every nook and cranny of these
tie backs. When I was painting the middle piece of the tie-back I didn’t paint
over where it kind of screws into both parts. Now for the fun part once the paint is
dry, you’re just going to take some sandpaper and you’re going to sand off
the paint. You want to sand it off on the areas where would naturally get worn. Do the outside edges as well because you
will be able to see that. Once you’re done painting, you just want
to use some spray polyurethane and give these tiebacks about two coats. You’re
going to need a total of six drapery rings. You want to get the ones that do
not have the clip. They need to either have the eyelet or a small little ring.
I used rust-oleum chalked paint in a spray can and I gave them two coats and
then I applied a coat of the polyurethane. Now you want to follow the
instructions that come with these tie backs on how to mount them into the wall.
They come with screws and they come with an anchor. The top front part of the tie
back unscrews so you can put your drapery ring directly on, screw the top
part back on, and you’re ready to hang the drapes. So while this look and design
is very loose and airy we’re using three tie backs and I wanted to make sure I
had the same amount of fabric gathered on to each medallion. Let me show you
how I gathered it. I marked it and measured it out but I pulled it together
and this is how I kind of created that look in the front but in order to do
that and to make sure I had everything measured out
I took my fabric and I divided it by five. My fabric was 50 inches wide so I
just had 10 inches between each mark and you can see from this diagram you just
mark it all the way across. Now you’ve got everything marked and I’m just
showing you with a scrap piece of fabric. But you’re gonna need some drapery hooks.
This is what they look like. You can find them at your local craft store or a home
improvement store and you start with one side. Mine comes down an inch and a half
and you’re just gonna put your drapery hook in there and come up like so
and hook it in and then you’re gonna go to your next marking and put your next
hook in then you’re gonna pull them together like so and you’re gonna hook
them right into the drapery hook and that’s it.
And then what all your drapes are finished and hung the weight will pull
them down then you just kind of pull this a little bit and make a pleat. It’s
that easy. Thank you for watching this video if you
have any questions please leave them in the comments below. Be sure to subscribe
to my channel because I’m gonna have a lot more videos coming out later, and
make sure you hit that Bell because it’ll notify you when I have a new video
out have a wonderful day.

25 thoughts on “Interior Design Ideas|How to Hang Curtains

  1. Good vid. Have done this with old door knobs (assorted) but would have liked to have watched the anchor system. Thank you so much. Looking forward to your next…

  2. Hi Jennifer! I have some of those brass medallions. I may have to pull them out. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Always love your ideas! Jennifer you could make a paper bag look good! 😂 Love love the way you decorate! Are you going to have some new Christmas videos? I sure hope so. I love them!! ❤️

  4. Thank you for this! It looks so gorgeous! I love the fabric and the medallions. They look so pretty hung. I would to see a home tour of this lady’s house, it’s gorgeous!🌺🌺🌺

  5. What a great look. Loved how you painted the tie backs. I hate heavy drapes but this is so light and just the right finishing touch for the window. You always let us know how you everything and I really appreciate that .Thank you so much.

  6. TFS! I love window treatments! I’ve spent so much $$ on custom valances, cornice boards and blinds, while my friend wraps a piece of fabric (raw edge still raw) over a rod or something she created and looks fabulous! I’ve been doing outside work past few months so I’m taking time for ideas. Love your channel & ideas! 👍👍👍👍👍☮️❤️🇺🇸

  7. I am going to do this – it's a brilliant idea. I don't care about closing the curtains because there is an outside wall with privacy, so I really want the light coming in. It's going to take 18 medallions, but it will be just the ticket!! I'll use the rods I bought upstairs instead. Oh boy, good idea.

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