Interior Design in Bangalore: FURDO DESIGN | Prestige Silver Oak | 3BHK

Interior Design in Bangalore: FURDO DESIGN | Prestige Silver Oak | 3BHK

Hi my name is Amaranth. I live in California. I’ve been there for almost 14 years now. We have gone through a home buying experience
in California, a home designing experience in California. Although I’ve been a resident of Bangalore
and Bangalore is my native, we have not bought a home here. We finally chose to invest in a villa here
in Whitfield and our intent was to make sure that we go through a very professional design experience
and to get the house done with interiors in a way that is extremely customized to our
cultural preferences. We happened to come across Furdo through Facebook Obviously, Facebook is ubiquitous for everyone
to see. To my surprise I think they are fairly active
on social platforms The choice of selecting Furdo for me was not
really a long choice. We encountered Furdo, we happened to meet
with them in Bangalore. I was in Bangalore at that time on a work
related visit and right after my first meeting I pretty much made the choice that I was going
to work with them. I was not going to be constantly here in Bangalore. It was going to be largely a decision that
was going to be done based on remote presence. It was very important for me to work with
someone who had a strong technological platform in terms of 3D rendering, in terms of 3D images
etc., and I am in the software industry but I was
quite surprised at the extent to which Furdo actually has empowered themselves with that
kind of platform. I was going to be there at the beginning of
the project maybe once in the middle and once in the end, at most and yet I have to work with the comfort that
is going to come in the way we had visualized it and that’s where the platforms will make
a difference. They are an online platform they use WhatsApp
they use Facebook They have this technology platform for the
rendition of 3D images and that at least in the current world we
live in, to work on those platforms, to visualize things for your own project when it’s going to come live, makes a big
difference. I think in terms of our favorite rooms, I
think my wife and I ended up spending a lot of time on what we call the living room in
the house but it is actually a study room. We love books and we have a large collection
of books and this is something we wanted to make sure was well defined both as a study
room as well as a mini library. We took a lot of pride in the way our kitchen
came together and I think we came up with a good design where
the bottom panel was of a darker shade, the top panel was of a lighter shade and we had
shelves all the way till the roof to economize the space. The process gave me enough feeling that the
choices that were coming back to me were very aligned with what I was communicating and that is essentially what I’ve liked
in this whole experience with Furdo.

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